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πŸ“£Aug 29 2021

About :
$DARA is the token of the Immutable project - A token built for decentralized storage, product incubation, and building a decentralized governance protecting the ecosystem around it.

The Team is fully Doxxed also got some Big Advisor as Zheng "Bruce" Li Co-Founder of NKN & Chris Co-Founder of CR !!


πŸ“ˆ General Info

πŸ”₯ NO TAX!!!

βœ”οΈ Total Supply 42,000,000

βœ”οΈ 24h Volume 543K

βœ”οΈ LP ~260K

βœ”οΈ ~2300 Holders


πŸ’° The Potential

πŸ’Ž Angel Investor Bruce Li (Co-Founder & CEO of NKN Top 200 Token)

πŸš€ CG & CMC Listed + Bilaxy & 1 Inch more to come!!

πŸš€ FileCoin current marketcap is $6B. That gives us a price target of $150!

πŸš€ FileCoin ATH mcap was $21B That gives $DARA a +$450 Range!!!!

πŸ’Ž MVP Product launching in the next Weeks

πŸ’Ž Big Use Case read below

πŸ’Ž Partners with V Systems & NKNx

🌐 The Team & Advisors / Partnerships

Main Team

Gigamesh - Well connected Crypto Journalist

Icewave - Development Team

Christian Busch - Creative Director

BGNLouie - Project Director


Zheng "Bruce" Li - Co-Founder & CEO of NKN

Chris Charles - Co-Founder of CR


Sunny King & V Systems - the inventor of Proof of Stake

"Single most Original Altcoin Developer" by Vitalik

πŸ”₯ What $DARA has

Immediate utility - 99% of crypto projects (even the ones in top 50) have fancy whitepapers and roadmaps but their usecases wont come to fruition for years, if at all. DARA is getting ready to onboard 100s of thousands of journalists and bloggers.

Multiple usecases and adoption- Two usescases already being built out, more discussions on the way.

Legit Tokenomics and CEX potential - no tax, no burn, no funneling of your funds to random marketing wallets; eligible to be listed on CEX like Binance. With advisers like Bruce, Sunny King, this is bound to happen sooner rather than later. If it takes a year to get onto likes of Binance, DARA can make it probably in half the time.

Partnership with Sunny King & V Systems - the inventor of Proof of Stake, "single most original altcoin developer" by Vitalik

πŸ“‹ Usecase/Tech

Under the hood, FileCoin uses IPFS.

The way we ($DARA / Immutable DAO) are built, we provide decentralized storage (similar to filecoin) but we are not married or hardcoded to ipfs.

When a better tech comes along, we can move from ipfs to something better.

Something Filecoin cant easily do.

Decentralized storage - our first usecase is creating a decentralized wiki/journalism/blogging platform like Medium.

But imagine articles can never be censored.

Never be taken down. Never be tampered with.

They get stored in blockchain along with proof of ownership/copyright!!!!!

This is just the first application of our tech. We’re gonna have more usecases and applications as time goes on. This is just day#1

⏰ Timeline

Well, honestly, a lot depends on overall crypto market sentiment. Lets use Bitcoin as a proxy for market sentiment. So, when Bitcoin is crossing $60K, well be making new ATH records. When Bitcoin is crossing $100k+, we should be getting closer to our target range too.

Social :

Website Twitter Telegram Youtube

Cg: Check out Immutable CMC: Bilaxy : 1INCH : DXTOOLS : BSCSCAN:

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