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📣Mayo 29 2022

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SVANSY (ASA 388502764) is the exclusive payment token from the world’s first Cryptographic Label, OrganizovanýXaoc and the first ASA used to buy Music, Music NFT’s, Audio-Visual NFT’s and Music Video NFT’s with.

SVANSY is verified by Pera and AlgoExplorer.

SVANSY is the exclusive payment token from the label, available for purchases of all items made through OrganizovanýXaoc. All digital and physical items, as well as services are available for SVANSY, which functions as a cog within the machinery of OrganizovanýXaoc, to power the Web3 implementation and development, through tokenomics and a business model, which are adapted to the ever evolving markets.

SVANSY and OrganizovanýXaoc intend to become incorruptible by both inside- and outside forces. OrganizovanýXaoc will through smart contracts redistribute proceeds and royalties among contributing artists and label in a decentralized and fair manner, removing the human from the equation, as well as making music profitable for the artists releasing through OrganizovanýXaoc.

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