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📣Mayo 5 2022

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StepNike App turns fitness goals into | Income, Social Joy, Friendly competition | Hold, Move to Earn | Launch now

🔹 StepNike App Re-Imagine YOUR Fitness

StepNike App turns fitness goals into:

* Income

* Social Joy

* Friendly competition

Powered by the leading technology in metaverse, augmented reality, and blockchain.

🔹 StepNike token economy includes staking, locks, liquidity incentives, buy backs, and burns. These are driven by demand drawn by both gameplay perks and value drawn from the game economy.

🔹 StepNike tokens are the governance token. These benefit from ecosystem fees. KCAL tokens are the in-game token. KCAL tokens are used to buy SNEAKs and are earned from running while staking a SNEAK.

🔹 Game Economy

1.Play Income

1.1 Micro-transaction: non-Sneak purchases such as map styles, character skins, Sneak skins, skins, etc. Purchase in credit cards or crypto from the shop.

1.2 Staked Play: Players can run against friends or match up against others. These competition runs can be done with staked governance tokens. 2.5% fee applies on the winning pool.

2. NFT Income

2.1 NFT Marketplace: A 2.5% fee applies on all NFT trades on the in-app NFT marketplace.

2.2 NFT Sales: Limited edition Sneaks are issued once a month.

🔹 StepNike Token Value from Game Economy

1. Buy-backs: 50% of play income is used to buy tokens on the market.

2. Burns: governance can vote to burn up to 50% of bought back tokens.

3. Staking Rewards: up to 50% of market bought tokens are distributed to stakers.

4. Locks: Staked tokens require a 10-day cooldown for exiting, and bypassing this cooldown carries a 12% fee on the principal stake.

5. Liquidity Incentives: LP tokens get a 50% higher weight in staking rewards.

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