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📣6月 19 2021

概要 :
Sober ($CHIPS) is the BEP-20 smart contract that forms the foundational component for Sober Social, a social network under development that will be deployed on the BNB blockchain. The purpose Sober serves is creating smart contracts to fight substance abuse. The project is partnering with substance rehabilitation groups around the globe and distributing tokens to the members of these groups. With $CHIPS, gas fees can be paid on Sober Social.

This cryptoassest is entirely about supporting Sober Social. Sober Social will feature a system in which user data and platform control are entirely decentralized. This offers the user privacy and safety while interacting with the platform, as well as the freedom to choose their own experience. Since this platform targets those actively pursuing substance rehabilitation, entry is permissioned by active participation in a rehabilitation group. This ensures that members attend their meetings, and that the network is inclusive exclusively to those struggling with substance abuse.

In terms of the cryptoasset, each transaction merits a 10% tax. For each transaction, 5% goes towards auto-liquidity, 3% is reflected back to token holders, and 2% enters a donation wallet. This offers the investor incentive for long term holding and safety when moving in and out of positions. The investor will never be locked out. By donating $CHIPS, free participation in Sober Social is granted to those actively fighting addiction.

The purpose of this project, as a whole, is four-fold. First, we would like to bring awareness to the substance abuse community. Our project maintains 7 social media platforms and community-outreach is a large component of this project. Second, we would like to create a system in which investors are rewarded. We believe that our project holds novelty in its design, and by attracting a strong investor base, we can increase the reach we have in fighting substance abuse. Third, we hope to increase the efficacy of substance rehabilitation treatments. All of the scientific literature points in the direction of community-as-methods being the highest efficacy approach to treating addiction. Similarly, the scientific literature is a proponent of after-care treatments decreasing the likelihood of relapse. Sober Social offers an additional platform to combat addiction, and it will serve as an after-care treatment. We are partnering with professionals to ensure that the platform is well-designed around its purpose. And, lastly, we wish to digitize the recovery community. This means NFTs and an online accessibility that makes recovery as easy as possible.

This project was launched June 19, 2021 out of California, USA.

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