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Sanshu Finance

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値上がり幅 -9.32% 流通量 $14,846.73

所有者: 43,404

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今週の票 :
統計の日付 ( 9月 26 2022 - 10月 2 2022 )
System time: 01/01/2000 00:00:00 Pacific Time Zone


起動日 :

📣4月 19 2021

概要 :
The case for SANSHU (ERC20)

1. First, let us compare the token to other dog-tokens. One could argue that there are generations to these tokens.

- Generation one: DOGE. The most popular dog token, loved by mr Musk and featured on the news worldwide.

- --> However, SANSHUs biggest selling point will be the dog park feature that is to be implemented soon (potentially in the month of may). The dog park is a yield farming protocol where individuals can "stake selected meme coins for a reward token that will be pegged to the total market capitalization of meme coins. In a way, dog park will result in an index fund-like product for all meme coins." So, SANSHU will also provide actual utility for the meme coin market. One might expect exposure and demand for SANSHU to grow once this project goes live.

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