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📣Julio 15 2022

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STARPARK - A Company with Roots

A team of industry veterans with this shared philosophy of caring for clients, customers and employees was established

and currently operates a system of parking including high-rise garages and surface lots as well as valet services for

hotels, restaurants, offices and special events throughout the whole world.

The company is now passing another milestone in its development history.

We are introducing the payment option with blockchain technology for all our facilities and partners.

You can already register for over 70,000 parking spaces worldwide on our booking page.

Our partner network has existed for more than 20 years and is being strengthened by this new line of business

grow rapidly again.

Trust and Responsibility

Our integrated revenue management system records are audited daily. For lots that generate high volumes in a short period of time,

bonded personnel perform crypto sweeps and deposit funds into the Liquitdy. We provide you with extensive reports customized to your needs,

detailing daily, weekly and monthly activity.


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