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📣5月 24 2021

概要 :
Fairly stealth launched. 100% Safu. Liquidity is locked for 5 years.

Join us as we introduce cryptocurrency to gaming, for easy, fast, hassle free & secure payments.

Just imagine paying for subscriptions/ content at your own convenience. This project will be the first of its kind, with our own GAME in development.

We will aim for the galaxy and come out on top.

Here at Space Alien we aim to bring together the gaming community where gaming is life and life is all about gaming! We have big plans for this project and see this being something enormous! This will be the best Gaming/Crypto match yet!

Join us on our journey as we taking gaming to whole another level! NFT Tokens, Gaming Marketplace, Exclusive content, sooner rather then later we will all be using crypto in connection to purchase/ hire in the gaming industry!

This project will be one like no other! We will be looking to partner up with some of the top YouTube gaming streamers to promote our project and take off like never

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