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Fecha estadística ( Septiembre 26 2022 - Octubre 2 2022 )
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📣Febrero 9 2022

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Royal Corgi Index is a is a decentralized and community driven project, a digital currency for everyday people representing a major step forward in the adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide.

Royal Corgi Index liquidity has been locked for 5 years with Mudra Locker.

Royal Corgi Index rewards its users by redistributing 4.5% of every transaction to all existing holders and has anti-whale mechanics in place.

Royal Corgi Index smart contract is open-source, permanent and non-modifiable. While the creators do own a GOLD BOND in excess of 300 ML $ that is secured for the sole purpose of this project, Royal Corgi Index token is strictly a utility token in all jurisdictions and is not and cannot be considered to be a “security” or otherwise regulated token of any kind.

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