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Statistics date ( Dec 5 2022 - Dec 11 2022 )
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πŸ“£Jun 20 2021

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Deflationary token with Positive Rebase on BSC


There are a total of 156 cycles, each cycle has a TAX amount on buy/sell. The TAX starts at 5% and scales to 12% per cycle. The fee gradually increases as 1.275M tokens are burnt. Cycle comes to an end when we reach total 1.275M tokens burnt, 50% of the burn amount is distributed to holders, and 50% goes to permanent burn. Each new cycle starts at 5% tax.

Smart Contract: Audit:

White Paper βœ…

First Usecase βœ…

How it works: By holding Pluton X β€œ$PLX” token through deflationary cycles, there will be a dramatic increment in holdings and value, rewarding early adopters the most value. The cycle life depends on the volume of buy/sell and sends transactions. In the early stages, we will go through cycles rapidly. The more cycles Pluton X finishes, the more volume it will take to finish new cycles. For Pluton X holders this implies that early reception and holding get compensated exceptionally, as Pluton X Rebases continue compounding and Total Supply continues to get diminished. The entirety of this is done to guarantee a drawn-out store of significant worth which will be coordinated into the DeFi system. There will be a dashboard with detailed statistics available to view live cycle stats, we will also have a bot on telegram broadcasting live stats.

πŸ”₯First use-case focusing on rising of PLX value πŸ”₯

The community members will be able to stake their PLX tokens in a smart contract platform where they will earn 1% of the staking capital DAILY. The capital will be locked up until it reaches 150% of the staking capital. The community members will be able to speed this up by referring a peer to the system and earn the commission generation method down to the 10th level!

How are this works?

1st level: 3%

2nd level: 1%

3rd level: 1%

4th level: 1%

5th level: 1%

6th level: 1%

7th level: 0.5%

8th level: 0.5%

9th level: 0.5%

10th level: 0.5%

If the person you referred also refers another person, you can also get commissions out of it!

Why could this be the project all of us want to go all-in?

Pluton X backers & holders are going to benefit from a whole lot of things :

βœ… Rewards from token redistribution on every cycle

πŸ” Verified token launches on the platform

πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘Guaranteed Proportional Airdrop on the launch of Pluton X

βœ…70% or raised Liquidity and has been locked πŸ”

βœ… COINGECKO Listing application will be done

βœ…CMC Listing application will be done

βœ… 5% Total Supply allocation for the staking platform

βœ… NFT concept launching soon!

​Moving ahead from the same boring meme tokens, Pluton X is a community-backed highly immersive, rewarding, and exciting protocol that guarantees innovative rewards and activities for its holders. Join the Movement πŸš€

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