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📣Diciembre 23 2021

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The Future of Swapping

We are six dads that have come together with one goal, to create the Pa-paExchange and The Original Papa Token (PAPA) and help those less fortunate than ourselves.

PapaExchange is a decentralized cross-chain swap protocol that provides au-tomatic pricing and liquidity systems.

These simple functions occur during each trade.

Reflection 5% is reflected to all holders for passive income

LP Acquisition 2.5% is added to a liquidity pool

Community donation to the project and charities share 2.5%

Here at PapaExchange we will bridge the gap between different types of cryp-tocurrencies and other products like NFTs. We believe cryptocurrency to still be in its very early stages. The market just in the last 6 months has gone from $2.4 trillion to $3 trillion, we believe that this is nowhere near its peak yet. We will be creating an exchange that will run on our "Pops Automated Payment Assistant (PAPA) token" to make it an easy process to buy and swap altcoins and NFTs across different blockchains, and make it a simpler process than it is currently. We are confident that we have the skills and knowledge to make Pa-pa and PapaExchange the next big thing.

We hope to make the Pops Automated Payment Assistant (PAPA) token more valuable than any other BSC-based token, Papa token’s coding has been de-veloped to give high returns to people who HODL for the long term. Many speculative of PapaExchange compare it to Uniswap, and while we respect this platform, it is different in a few crucial ways. PapaExchange for a start will be BSC-based (We believe it to be far superior to Ether). We also believe our plat-form will be more user friendly. Here ( will become a digi-tal marketplace for swapping digital currencies and NFTs, but it will also be a platform for upcoming projects with the potential to skyrocket to get the word out about their coin. Essentially, coins are allowed to push their projects (no matter how small the scale) and investors are able to view what they have to offer on the PapaExchange marketplace.

Papa is a de-fi exchange token currently running on the Binance Smart chain (BSC). Papa tokens can be stored in secure, BSC-compatible wallets such as Metamask, TrustWallet, etc. to ensure their safety.

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