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Statistics date ( May 23 2022 - May 29 2022 )
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πŸ“£Sept 8 2021

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Moon Rabbit is a Substrate-based distributed infrastructure that enables any type of data or digital asset transfer between any blockchains, offering full interoperability and scalability. It permits anyone to launch their own Jurisdictions with unique capabilities (blockchains, DeFi protocols, NFTs, eSports, Web3 dApps, cryptocurrencies, etc.).

Jurisdictions are able to communicate with each other and to develop their own specialisations and business models, permitting cross-chain communications and process distribution. Jurisdictions may either be transparent and permissionless, or private and permissioned, making Moon Rabbit suitable both for community and enterprise applications.

Thus, Moon Rabbit is a System of Systems, uniting all distributed ledgers and becoming the ultimate protocol to unite various chains at an abstract level β€” a Metachain.

Moon Rabbit has built the world’s first Metachain, a system connecting all blockchains and distributed protocols, permitting seamless transfers of any digital assets or data.

Moon Rabbit’s mother chain is powered by Temples that secure and validate multiple Jurisdictions, unique distributed ledgers and protocols in parallel, allowing specialisation and massive scalability.

Public SDKs, open-source toolkits, APIs and documentation permit launching of own blockchain and cryptocurrency within minutes. Temples assure interoperability and security from launch.

Moon Rabbit’s Jurisdictions are launched by enthusiastic web3 entrepreneurs and builders. Our backers offer them investment and hyperacceleration, boosting our use-cases and adoption.

Moon Rabbit’s eco-friendly Distributed Proof of Stake model uses game-theoretic models of financial security, rewards and punishments, protecting both the Mother Chain and individual Jurisdictions.

Moon Rabbit is Polkadot-like infrastructure to launch parachains and to seek immortality through crypto. We are a Binance Smart Chain of Polkadot.

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