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King Forever

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📣Diciembre 20 2021

Introducción :
King Forever is a full-scale adventure role-playing game on the Binance Smart Chain network.

The game is user-centric and designed to let you have a good time, complete interesting tasks, participate in contests and earn money at the same time, and our token $KFR is the door to this world of entertainment.

Our decetralized entertainment ecosystem includes:

- A full-scale real-time role-playing game on a BSC combined with a Metaverse and working towards P2E;

- A feature-rich app for the Play Store and Apple Store, which will include all of the ecosystems management features;

- Own radio, which will function on many famous radio sites and sources, and you will be able to listen to it around the world, where known Cryptoexperts will perform as well;

- Staking, you will be able to go to passive income earning;

- NFT platform, you will be able to buy, sell and exchange crypto tokens on the blockchain, which are "unique" assets.

We are already listed on the following platforms:

- FibSwap exchange;

- CoinMarketCap;

- CoinGecko;

- Chart on;

- Chart on Feixiaohao.

- Smart Contract Information:






✅ Certificate of conformity

- Total supply:

📈 100,000,000,000,000,000

💰 Holders reward fee 3%

💸 Buyback fee 2%

💵 Automatic liquidity pool 4%

🏫 Wallet marketing 4%

Our team respects and values every member of our community and we are actively working to improve the ecosystem as a whole.

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