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統計の日付 ( 10月 3 2022 - 10月 9 2022 )
System time: 01/01/2000 00:00:00 Pacific Time Zone


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📣6月 1 2021

概要 :
Based upon one of the most popular memes by search volume in the world, Hide the pain Harold.

Harold Coin is a community driven, fair launched, deflationary, DeFi coin which rewards HAROLDers and carries out charity with every transaction. 1% of our tokenomics are sent to Harolds charity wallet, which will be distributed to community chosen charities.

You will be able to see the transactions made to charities and see your contributions working all around the world. All this complete with a team of fully DOXXED developers, Harold Coin is primed and ready to fly. Come and HARODL until the time we go #Harabolic!

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