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📣Diciembre 10 2021

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✨With Feliz Finance, we want to build a platform people can use daily. You can do anything on it: from discovering tokens, voting, getting more info about new projects, watching their chart to buying, and tracking your portfolio.

Hold FELIZ to get premium features on the Fancynomics platform, and you will receive passive income due to reflections. Your holdings will grow even if the price stays the same.

We want to simplify the way people interact in a crypto world by eliminating the need to use different services to track their portfolio, discover new tokens, watch the chart, trade, and vote.




Liquidity locked for one year!

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https://www.linkedin.com/company/felizfinance https://discord.gg/bMAxVXFAuR https://github.com/FelizFinance

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