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📣Septiembre 12 2022

Introducción :
DentiCalc was developed for dentists, who...

...are overworked in their practices and want more free time.

...would like to drastically increase their plan acceptance rate.

...are looking to sell high value prosthetic works.

...want patients who are less problematic and easy to treat.

With DentiCalc you can quickly and efficiently build the BEST DEAL offer into the patients mind to have more quality treatment with less stress and more free time.

Be more profitable & have more free time

DentiCalc directly impacts your clinics productivity and profitability, as well as your patients’ health. It’s easy to use, and you don’t have to upend your clinic‘s established and proven workflow.

✔️ Makes your practice more profitable through increased case acceptance.

✔️ Makes more free time for you and your patients through enhanced communication.

✔️ Improves patient satisfaction through improved communication and understanding. Increase patient retention while keeping your appointment calendar full.

The most effective way to explain treatments to your patients, at your fingertips

DentiCalc offers you 1000+ photos and 100+ state-of-the-art videos to help dentists explain treatments patients can easily understand. Tailored to your patients needs, they are clear and focused to help make complex topics digestible. Use them and bridge the knowledge gap between your patients and you, their dentist.

A worldwide sensation - Animated treatment plans in seconds

With our industry-leading SMART dental treatment plan tool, it’s never been easier to show your patients everything they need to know about their dental issues, and demonstrate exactly how youll treat them. With DentiCalc, you can effortlessly create and animate treatment plans in seconds. Use it to enlighten and visually guide your patients, clarify different treatment options and consult prices chairside.

Benefit from all of DentiCalc’s features

Communication and patient education are the hallmark of all great practices, and DentiCalc is here to help you. Start using it now.

Features of DentiCalc:

✔️ 1000+ dental photos and videos - regularly updated

✔️ Dental treatment calculator for simple and complex cases

✔️ Personalized dental 3D animations

✔️ Customizable price list

✔️ Further treatments can be added

✔️ Available in 30 languages and 162 currencies

✔️ FDI / ISO and Universal numbering system

✔️ Professional support services

✔️ Continuous updates

All services will also be able to be paid for with cryptocurreny in the future.

In addition, we have introduced a reward system for all holders who will also benefit from the DENTAL token.

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