Cum Inu

Cum Inu

Ethereum Smart Contract :


所有者: 4,000

総ひょう :


今週の票 :
統計の日付 ( 9月 19 2022 - 9月 25 2022 )
System time: 01/01/2000 00:00:00 Pacific Time Zone


起動日 :

📣5月 12 2021

概要 :
Cum Inu token is an ERC20 token that has 10Bn fixed supply, with 90% locked in the Uniswap liquidity pool for 2 years. The token will be used as the native currency throughout the Cum Inu platform. The Cum Inu platform will host Cum Inu Cams, Content and AMA with the stars whereby exclusive adult social content (photos, videos, NFTS) will be unlockable and purchasable in $CUMINU tokens.

The token does not have any transaction fees. The admin keys have been burnt and it is non-mintable.

The developers behind Cum Inu have 15 years experience in Corporate Finance and Marketing, with 5 years in Cryptocurrency.

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