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Bear Billionaire belongs to that rare breed of meme token projects: with a noble charity cause whilst still rewarding its holders. Admittedly charity tokens are nothing new in the altcoin space. However, most of them lack an integral function that piques investors interest - generating profitable returns. While many of those meme coins come and go, Bear Billionaire’s consistent performance and rewards for holders mean it has become firmly rooted in the community, and it is here to stay.

Bear Billionaire is the first charity token that serves a dual purpose of providing a financial benefit to its holders and seeks to serve its noble purpose. This is also why crypto enthusiasts eagerly add Bear Billionaire to their watch lists, forecasting it to be a cryptomoonshot.

Bear Billionaire Rewards

Bear Billionaire is a frictionless yield token that gives attractive $BAIR rewards on an hourly basis. By holding $BAIR in their wallet, investors can earn generous passive income paid out in $BAIR.

It is also a community-driven project, reflecting the $BAIR rewards and the ethics and charitable cause as its long-term goals. Its developers have worked tirelessly to build a community focused on its bright future. They have created a community that is not only interested in earning a passive income from holding this token but also involved in the development of their web presence, advertising strategies, merchandising store, future NFT marketplace, and other future endeavours.

How does it work?

The tokenomics of Bear Billionaire are very simple, and it works by taking a tax fee on every transaction occurring on its network. After this, a part of its fee is redistributed to every wallet that holds $BAIR in a given percentage. With this, each holder will be able to secure a generous passive income in the form of $BAIR. These rewards will be automatically sent to their wallet every 60 minutes.

Strong Community

Bear Billionaire is creating a community of influential investors who wish to impact positively. The developers state that they want to expand Bear Billionaire operations to the point where they are positively impacting the lives of people who dont even have the luxury of knowing what crypto is. Whats unique about their initiative is that they want to do this while giving back to their community and supporters.

About the Team

The Bear Billionaire team is filled with members having extensive experience in the crypto world, and each brings a unique quality to ensure the projects success. The Bear Billionaire Developers are committed to the project and maintain a daily presence on Telegram channels.

The marketing team has had massive success on other very well-known projects and aims to inject the same passion and relentless aggressive marketing techniques into this project. This project is genuine, the team is accurate, and they are here to stay for the long run.

Ambitious Marketing Campaign

Bear Billionaire’s marketing team has succeeded with it’s initial pre-launch marketing campaign, and is now planning on continuing with aggressive marketing techniques for longterm success. Some of the future campaigns include significant partnerships with celebrities and influencers and a big Chinese marketing push including Weibo/Btok planned for February. It also consists of the constant trending on Poocoin and then trending regularly on CoinMarketCap, alongside other marketing campaigns targeting numerous Crypto websites.

Bear Billionaire’s Future Plans

Bear Billionaire will continue to push with more regular marketing in all areas. The team wont be settled until it reaches at least a 9 figure market cap. Once this milestone is achieved Bear Billionaire will push further by introducing different forms of marketing to try and break 10 figures. The team are hoping to eventually reach multiple major centralised exchanges. Most may say the sky is the limit, but Bear Billionaire plans on exceeding this.

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