Yuancosmos is the era of great navigation in the new era. It is the only choice to embrace or open the second session of the seminar under the yuancosmos line after the festival

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"I've been under too much pressure recently. The field of encryption has changed too fast."

The person who said this was Bao Ge. In April 2021, he bought the first encrypted asset of his life. After that, he experienced the craziest half year in this field, and the world seemed to have pressed the "fast forward key".

First, the investment market rose rapidly after an "extremely terrible" slump. Secondly, NFT, metauniverse, gamefi, Dao, layer2, modular blockchain and other hot spots "appear in turn", not only in the encryption asset industry, but also in Facebook, Microsoft, Sequoia Capital, Christie's auction house... Enterprises and celebrities from all walks of life "voluntarily" invest in this global wave of technological change and capital.

For brother Bao, life may be different from now on. "There are always new things coming out. How to say, one day in the circle, one year in the world."

He said he likes the free atmosphere in the field of encryption, but he does not deny that he wants to pursue wealth opportunities in this industry. "This industry is obviously low threshold and high cognition. The money earned by luck will certainly lose back."

Therefore, Baoge is a very hard-working investor. He knows very well that he wants to build his own cognition and logic. He believes that although there are many hot spots in the industry and change rapidly, there is always a "priority" for the development of the whole industry.

He signed up for an English class, practiced English hard, and spoke in English in his circle of friends.
He printed out MESARI's 2022 annual report, made it into a bound version and looked it over and over again.
He praised Jianing's new book "Yuan universe" and read it twice in a row.

Even so, brother Bao will still feel that he is not from a professional background. He is very ignorant and has no systematic cognition. It will feel very chaotic if the knowledge points are connected in series.

In 2021, the word "meta universe" is in a mess. The British economist listed it as one of the 22 most noteworthy emerging technologies in 2022, and the Securities Daily said it was one of the top ten Internet terms in 2021. In the spread of social media, the meta universe is described as a "paradise", a "dream world", a "treasure hole" full of opportunities and gold.

Baoge also hopes to better understand the meta universe and understand the evolution of the meta universe from multiple perspectives such as historical development, user perspective and technological trend, so as to grasp the opportunities of the times.

Last weekend, he signed up for the seminar under the meta cosmic ray organized by Babbitt college. "If there are 100 questions, then I asked all 40 questions." He said in a telephone interview.

After two days of study, he said that he knew a lot of knowledge. When asked about his harvest, he said that he was impressed by two things: one was "big brain hole" and the other was "be careful".

Baoge's story is undoubtedly the epitome of the encryption era and a very typical member of thousands of practitioners. For metauniverse, many people want to be the first batch of builders and enjoy the earliest industrial dividends. The question is: how?

According to Zhang Yuxin, the course leader, there are five tutors in the seminar under the yuan cosmic ray, Hu Jie, Professor of Shanghai Institute of advanced finance, Zhang Feng, partner of Wanshang tianqin law firm, Wu Xiao, CEO of Nanjing pure white matrix, long clip, founder of Babbitt, and a & amp; Liam, chief analyst at t capital.

After the training, he hopes that the students can establish a more comprehensive understanding of the meta universe and have a clearer understanding of how to implement, practice and promote a large but not extensive "meta universe" in technology, commerce and law. Of course, from the perspective of technology and philosophy, students can also stand in the future and see how to pursue an ideal ultimate "meta universe".

For the first time, 34 students came to Hangzhou from all over the country to participate in the training. According to the questionnaire survey, more than 80% of the students were satisfied with the course.

"Although the concept of meta universe is complex, as the teachers said in the course, there are different perspectives of understanding, such as Quanzhen school, Yuanzhen school, infinite game, etc. The purpose is not to let everyone do theoretical research, but to let everyone find opportunities to cut in from the perspective that they are familiar with and can get started. Bowing into the game is always better than commenting, and the resource integration between course students and teachers is always better than self We fight alone. There is reason to believe that learning is the key to a quick step. " Zhang Yuxin said.

It is reported that after the Spring Festival in 2022, the yuan universe course will usher in the second session. After the first teaching, the team will continue to polish the teaching content with expert teachers in combination with the feedback of the first batch of students, which will also better improve the learning and participation experience of students. In addition, in the next course, teacher Xi will also lead the students to "close combat" with the meta universe world, and make up for the theoretical cognitive gap with practical experience.

In the course, Hu Jie said: "the new era of the meta universe is like the era of great navigation. Challenges and opportunities coexist, but embracing is the only choice." Wu Xiao said: "the meta universe will be the intersection of a centralized and decentralized world. The blockchain is an accelerator. The periodic opportunity window is narrowed. Practitioners need to embrace change, learn, think and improve their cognition. But all the past is a preface. The greatest opportunity of our century will be born in the meta universe."

If you are interested in the second "seminar under the meta cosmic ray", you can add a little assistant wechat to learn more about the course.

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