Yuan universe raised US $1 billion in recent March, Sequoia and Softbank entered the game, and "old face" still has a leading advantage

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Original title: Yuan universe raised US $1 billion for Sequoia and Softbank in recent March

The end of the meta universe is really not a game.

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Author Wang Shengyu

The fire of yuancosmos not only stays in the circle of friends, but for investment institutions, small steps and fast running are the right way to participate in yuancosmos track.

According to incomplete statistics of chain news, during the three months from October 2021 to January 2022, the global investment in yuancosmic track exceeded US $950 million, of which yuancosmic infrastructure enterprises accounted for the highest financing amount, reaching 46%. Ar giant Niantic obtained US $300 million financing, becoming the largest single meta universe investment at present.

In contrast, the hot meta universe game has 14 enterprises invested, but the financing amount is only US $80.6 million.

"Old face" still has a leading edge

On October 28, 2021, Facebook, a social giant, announced its name change to meta, making every effort to enter the meta universe, completely setting off a meta universe boom in the world. Under the frenzy, the capital circle is also rapidly looking for suitable investment targets.

Chain news has counted 49 open meta universe financing events in the world in the past three months, with a total financing amount of more than 950 million US dollars.

Statistics show that the layout of capital in the meta universe shows polarization. Among them, companies that develop meta universe platform and related basic technologies are obviously more favored by capital. Among the 49 investments, 15 were more than US $10 million, with a total amount of US $839 million, accounting for 88%. Most of them were invested in meta universe platform development and VR / AR and other meta universe infrastructure technologies.

At present, most of the applications directly facing users in the short term, such as metauniverse games or NFT, which are considered to be the entrance of metauniverse, only get millions of dollars of financing. Although it accounts for 70% of the number of financing events, the overall financing amount is only US $120 million.

Perhaps, in the eyes of capital, games and NFT are just appetizers of the meta universe. The real battle field in the future will still take place on the meta universe platform that needs a lot of money.

In terms of the current capital layout, the runners are still in the lead.

The eggs of capital will never be put in the same basket, but to see which basket has more eggs may give a glimpse of the competition pattern of the meta universe.

In the financing events counted by chain news, 8 of the top 10 enterprises with financing amount were established before 2020. Obviously, even if the metauniverse faces the future, capital still chooses to put most of its eggs in a more mature basket.

Among them, the highest amount of financing is niatic, who developed "fairy treasure can dream", and obtained US $300 million financing for the development of meta universe; At present, there are more than 130 million subscribers to the Korean won universe platform zepeto, which has completed the financing of US $150 million led by Softbank vision fund 2, and the third ranked sandbox has obtained the financing of US $93 million.

Among the top ten financing companies, there are 4 yuan universe platforms, 3 yuan universe underlying technologies and 3 yuan universe application enterprises.

The four enterprises involved in the meta universe platform are zepeto, sandbox, gather and mainframe industries. Among them, the products of zepeto, sandbox and gather have been launched and have a large user base. Mainframe industries and sidus heroes are rising stars, and the current products have not been launched yet.

Heavy warehouse blockchain infrastructure

The financing events of chain new in the past three months are divided into four categories: meta universe infrastructure, application, game and platform.

Among them, there are 14 yuan universe games, with a financing amount of USD 80.6 million; 7 yuan universe applications, with a financing amount of US $61.35 million; 14 yuan universe platforms, with a financing amount of USD 369 million; There are 14 yuan universe infrastructure projects, with a financing of US $440 million.

Yuanuniverse infrastructure has become a heavy warehouse of capital, accounting for 46% of the overall financing scale, becoming the yuanuniverse track with the most financing in recent three months. In this category, companies are engaged in VR / AR, virtual world exclusive servers, 3D spatial data tools, AI algorithms, virtual images, decentralized identity protocols, etc., basically covering various underlying technologies required for meta universe development. Domestic capital obviously prefers the infrastructure construction of yuanuniverse. Xiaomi and Mingshi capital lead the investment of 400 million yuan in Weiling era, which is the cloud server partner of the mobile game "original God" in 2021. Shangtang Guoxiang capital led the investment of Mantis Huishi's round a financing of 130 million yuan. According to Mantis Huishi, this round of financing funds will be mainly used for 3D technology software and hardware R & D, 3D Studio landing and yuanuniverse content production.

John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, who obtained the largest investment, previously attacked the metauniverse on social media, saying that "the concept of metaverse is an 'anti Utopian nightmare'.". However, he later explained, "compared with VR, LBS ar metaverse is more ideal. You are welcome to use the Niantic lightship platform to build the future ar metauniverse."

As the main force of the yuan universe track, the yuan universe platform is still the focus of the current capital bet. Of the 14 companies financed, 6 have a financing amount of more than US $10 million. The admission capital also comes from the world's top venture capital. Sequoia, Softbank, cornerstone, FBG and other institutions appear in the list of investors of such platforms.

Among them, zepeto raised US $150 million, Sandbox raised US $93 million and gather raised US $50 million. Obviously, mature platforms are more competitive in the eyes of capital.

Zepeto is a 3D virtual image app launched by South Korean snow company. Previously, its domestic attention was not as high as that of sandbox, dcentraland and other platforms, but it received heavy financial support this time. Obviously, the strength of the company can not be underestimated.

According to its official data, since its launch in August 2018, zepeto has more than 130 million subscribers worldwide in about one year and six months. In particular, the proportion of overseas users and young users has reached 90% and 80% respectively, which is forming a new trend focusing on global young users. Due to this popularity, the number of new users in 2019 increased by 94% compared with 2018. In addition to the virtual image, the platform has launched a variety of social application scenarios such as classrooms, schools and famous scenic spots. In February 2021, the fashion brand Gucci released a virtual "Gucci villa" imitating the Italian headquarters on zepeto.

The game of meta universe has been rampant and is considered to be the initial entrance to the meta universe. But in fact, because the definition of the meta universe is not clear, the final form has not been determined. Many blockchain games or sandbox games are classified as meta universe games.

However, from the perspective of capital investment, most of the blockchain games based on the "play earn" model are in Angel round or seed round investment, with a financing amount of millions of dollars. In the past three months of yuanuniverse financing, the total amount accounted for only 9%.

At present, the application of meta universe is mainly based on meta universe social networking and meta universe real estate trading platform in the statistics of chain new. Although there are not many financing events in this part, the expectation space of capital is obviously not small.

Among them, admix, an advertising platform in the meta universe game, received an investment of US $25 million, while upland, a digital real estate trading platform, received a financing of US $18 million.

From the perspective of development, the derivative application of meta universe is still in its infancy, and the competition pattern has not been formed. With the further maturity of meta universe platform, its related industries will gradually expand.

New projects attract more "new capital"

Traditional capital such as Softbank and Sequoia have frequently appeared in the investment list in the field of encryption recently. As the biggest winner in the Internet era, we will not miss the layout of the new era.

Sequoia and soft silver collar invested three of the five largest yuan universe investments in the past three months, with an overall amount of US $290 million.

But in terms of investment volume, the basket of emerging capital in the meta universe world looks more.

Au21 capital and animoca brands are the outstanding representatives. In the 49 investment events counted by chain news, these two enterprises participated in 9 of them.

Au21 capital, founded in 2017, is an investment institution focusing on the blockchain track, mainly engaged in early venture capital, initial token issuance and seed round investment.

According to CrunchBase, au21 capital has invested in 104 projects, including the number one project of chain tour, axie infinity, blockchain audit company certik and other well-known companies.

Animoca brands, the parent company of metauniverse platform sandbox, has also participated in many well-known projects in the industry, such as axie infinity, opensea, dapper labs, etc.

At present, au21 capital and animoca brands focus more on angel round or seed round investment, and their tracks are also mostly concentrated in the blockchain game category with meta universe theme.

Xiao Yi, founder of animoca brands, once revealed in a media interview that the reason why he is optimistic about chain games is that "in the decentralized chain world, all programs are executed by smart contracts and are not transferred by the will of the platform. When blockchain technology becomes an infrastructure in the future, the popularity of chain games will constantly refresh the public's cognition."

Xiao Yi believes that "in investment, seizing the opportunity is very important, but the opportunity is difficult to judge, especially for things with infinite potential in the future, but they do not fully show their value at present, so we must enter the game as soon as possible, and the cost will be higher if we come late."

However, the relationship between new and old institutions is not limited to the competition of the track, and sometimes its relationship is more like the cooperation and division of labor in different stages.

On October 20, 2021, animoca brands announced that it had completed the financing of USD 65 million, and Sequoia China, dragonfly capital and other institutions became the main participants in this round of financing.

In the second quarter of 2021, Softbank suffered a loss of US $3.506 billion. Softbank, which delivered the worst performance, should be much more cautious. On October 28, 2021, the CEO of Softbank group said: Softbank group is investing in blockchain infrastructure, but not in volatile cryptocurrencies.

From the current investment pattern, traditional capital is more inclined to add fuel to the existing mature team. The high risk and high return of participating in new projects have been gradually transferred to emerging capital that focuses more on metauniverse or blockchain. Just like when they ventured into the Internet more than a decade ago.

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