Wikipedia editors voted against classifying NFT as art

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In 2022, NFT has become a household name, and these so-called "digital collections" have experienced a rapid rise in 2021.

In short, NFT has occupied a place in the world. Through NFT, digital artists get the recognition they deserve. However, when it comes to seeing it as an "art", people seem to have differences.

Wikipedia seems to want to classify NFT as "non art". This may be a tragedy for NFT, which is booming in the current art field。 However, this is indeed a recent event on social media platforms.

According to the debate on Wikipedia, there seems to be a growing trend for officials to classify NFT as "non art". User generated Wikipedia is currently voting against classifying NFT as an art form, and most of the discussion is about whether NFT can represent art.

Some communities believe that NFT is just a mark separated from the underlying art, and some people believe that there is a lack of reliable information to define NFT as art。

Among the community members participating in this debate, six editors opposed the inclusion of NFT in the scope of art, while no one was in favor of NFT sales as art. Needless to say, considering the global impact of Wikipedia, this may cause some confusion.

All this will begin at the end of December 2021. In fact, some NFT sales exceeded $90 million. Nevertheless, the NFT community seems to have reached a consensus to remove famous works from the list of top art sales.

For example, the NFT series sold by Pak for $91 million and beeple's $69 million NFT were deleted and discussed later.

"Duncan cock foster" of gemmi's Guan Peisheng said on twitterβ€œAs a world recognized as truth, Wikipedia breaks the precedent. If some NFTs are classified as "non art", the rest can easily be identified as "non art", which is too expensive for people all over the world。”

Griffin cock foster, a supporter of NFT and co-founder of nifty gateway, reiterated the same view and asserted, "this is a mess. Wikipedia editors believe that NFT is not art. In fact, not all NFT is art. NFT is a flexible medium, but many are 100% art."

According to NFT collector Duncan cock foster, the NFT community needs to unite to show its great potential.

Duncan cock foster believes thatβ€œThe best way to define this is to educate experienced Wikipedia editors。 You can edit web pages, but Wikipedia's reputation should not be affected. We need experienced editors to join us. "

In addition, decentralized web 3 0 Encyclopedia everipedia helps to improve this situation. He believes that the platform should compare NFT with art.

Everipedia saidβ€œThe everipedia editor is a Web 3.0 that supports art and innovation Encyclopedia of 0。”

Nevertheless, this is not the first discussion on crypto in Wikipedia. David Gerard, an anti crypto activist and senior editor of Wikipedia, occupies a very important position. He deleted the entries related to power ledger, an Australian blockchain software company.

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