Why don't you create your own NFT? How does a 12-year-old boy earn 80 eth in a day?

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Original title: why not create your own NFT? 12-year-old boy earns 80 eth in one day

Weird whales is the second one released by 12-year-old programmer Benyamin Ahmed in July this year Β  NFT Β  The collection sold out 3350 pixel whales in less than a day, with an average price of 0.025 eth. As of press time, the total value of 80 eth was about 248000 US dollars. Considering that the cost of the NFT collection is $300 (mainly used to pay gas fees), Ahmed's project is profitable, but this is not all its revenue.

Ahmed told CNBC that there was 30 eth in the secondary market sales commission. Ahmed earns a 2.5% royalty from each secondary sale, which is worth $93000 at current prices. at present Β  Ahmed earned about $350000 from the project, and the total revenue is expected to exceed $400000 by the end of August.

Ahmed said, "I first learned about NFT earlier this year. I'm fascinated by NFT because you can easily transfer ownership of NFT through blockchain. "

In an interview with loop news, he introduced his first contact with NFTβ€œ My father explained NFT to me, and his friend bought some rare Pepe. " He mentioned this Β  NFT Β  Gu Zao project to prove his old school style.

Benyamin Ahmed's first NFT collection project: minecraft Yee HAA

At first, he tried to create all the works of art and code alone. According to CNBC, Ahmed said that his first NFT collection project minecraft Yee HAA was launched earlier this summer and consists of 40 color pixel avatars. These avatars were created after he played the sandbox game minecraft (my world) for a long time.

Minecraft Yee HAA NFT did not sell out immediately. However, with Benyamin Ahmed becoming more and more famous in the field of NFT, these NFTs are becoming popular.

Ahmed told loop news, "I'm here Β  OpenSea Β  The first collection was created just for fun, and then when bayc and other avatar projects began to appear, I became more interested in them. I also play a lot of games, so I can see NFT become useful as custom skins and decorations. For whales, I just want to play with Python scripts that generate images. I didn't expect them to look so fresh and beautiful when they came out. "

Benyamin Ahmed's second NFT collection project: Weird whales

For weird whales, a python script completes the randomization and creates these NFTs. To learn how to do this, he found expert guidance in the discipline group. The NFT community shines in this story. According to loop news, it is worth mentioning that the boring banana team helped Benyamin write Python scripts to combine features. Vee helped Benyamin when he established the whale project and supported him until the project was released.

3350 whales were sold in nine hours. This NFT collection project has just begun to rise in this field.

What is Benyamin Ahmed going to do with the money?

The little boy seems to know what he is doing. He told CNBC, "when people buy weird whales, they are investing in me and my future".

In addition, Ahmed said he would hold the obtained cryptocurrency. So far, he has no traditional bank account, only a cryptocurrency walletβ€œ I plan to keep all my Ethereum and not convert it into legal tender. This may be early evidence that in the future, everyone may not need a bank account, just an Ethereum address and a wallet. " However, he said he might soon create a bank account for tax purposes.

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