What is gamefi? What items deserve attention

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In the summer of 2021, the rise of blockchain games and the success of p2e (play to earth) mode made gamefi the most popular track at present.

Since this year, NFT game projects have developed rapidly. The trading volume of several popular games represented by axie infinity ushered in explosive growth in June and July. At the same time, many game projects have also won the favor of capital. According to the statistics of blockchain game investment list of blockchainamer.biz, as of August 2021, the investment in blockchain game has reached US $1.1 billion, far exceeding the total investment of US $72 million in 2020.

The current grand occasion seems to be developing as predicted by Andre cronje (founder of year. Finance) last September, "& nbsp; Defi monetary policy has become a game, and your funds have become a tool used in the defi game. Next, we will enter "gamefi".

So what exactly is gamefi? What events deserve attention in this track? How do users participate? This article will answer for you one by one.

1. What is gamefi?

Gamefi is not actually a newly created concept. According to the data, Mary Ma, Chief Strategic Officer of mixmarvel, first proposed gamefi, namely game finance, in her speech at Wuzhen summit in the second half of 2019. In short,Gamefi refers to presenting decentralized financial products in the form of games, playing the rules of defi and NFT derivatives of game props.One of the most significant features is that users' assets become equipment or tools in the defi game. In turn, users can obtain benefits or rewards in the process of participating in the game.

Nftfi is similar to gamefi. At that time, many mobile mining projects represented by meme introduced NFT, pushing up a new wave of defi boom. However, the playing method of "drawing cards" is inevitably a little monotonous, without too high technical content and sense of experience, so that the popularity of nftfi does not last long. In the current gamefi = defi + NFT + game, defi is still the core of gamefi, NFT is a necessary means of decentralization, and the game is the shell of gamefi.

At present, most of the defi game playing methods mainly include role-playing, virtual space, cultivation combat and multiplayer architecture.Compared with the previous mobile mining mode, gamefi project has stronger interaction, experience and immersion with users, and is also more interesting,For example, many games will use NFT pets to breed, use NFT equipment to improve skills, pledge NFT to obtain benefits, or introduce PK combat mode to participate in combat and complete tasks, so that users can make money while playing games.

P2e is the biggest highlight of gamefi project at present, that is, making money while playing.Compared with the "deposit to play" or "free to play" of traditional games, this difference is revolutionary. Players can cultivate incubation, upgrade and fight monsters in the game, which can not only obtain the pleasure of playing the game, but also sell the obtained tokens, equipment, props and other NFTs in the trading market to obtain income.

2. Head of gamefi track

At present, there are many kinds of gamefi projects, but they can be roughly divided into two modes. One is to give the game function based on the traditional mobile mining mode. This kind of game usually requires users to pledge tokens or NFT before starting the game; The other is to directly build the whole game process into a mining mode, so that users can immerse themselves in playing the game, and the game props or NFT equipment obtained in the process can be sold for profit.

According to the data of dappraddar (August 18), the top 5 games in the past 30 days are alien worlds, cryptoblades, axie infinity, upland and and my defi pet.

Ouyi okex has sorted out some gamefi projects, which are summarized as follows:

Some games have a certain capital threshold, such as alien worlds and axie infinity. You need to buy props or game pets (NFT) before you can start the game. If you consider the cost, players can also pay attention to some blockchain games that do not need tokens.

3. How do ordinary users participate?

Gamefi has not only changed the traditional game world, but also provided more new playing methods and opportunities for defi, which has not been innovative for a long time. On the basis of integrating the fun of the game, gamefi provides methods such as liquidity mining, and brings the heat of the secondary trading market, which brings more benefits to ordinary users.

So what are the ways for ordinary users to participate in gamefi?

1) Participate in gamefi games

First, users can experience and participate in these gamefi projects. These NFT games can give players the opportunity to obtain corresponding token rewards, pledge rewards or props NFT in different design mechanisms.

2) Invest in gamefi tokens

Different projects usually issue tokens that they need to use in the game. They can choose tokens of some projects for investment according to their own value judgment and interest preferences.

In addition to the blockchain game project itself, you can also pay attention to whether some institutions or teams serving gamefi have investment value in distributing tokens according to their development scale and prospects.

At present, the popularity of gamefi may be the inevitable product of the mature development of defi and NFT products. It is making the next generation of encrypted assets integrate financial attributes and interest at the same time, and making it a trend, bringing a new imagination space for blockchain games and even the blockchain world.

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