V God asked for his "craziest" criticism, and comments poured in

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Vitalik buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, requested and received a large number of tweets and other places for him & quot; The craziest and most out of control Criticism & quot; Examples.

Buterin made this relaxed request in his twitter on January 14. He shared some of his favorite criticisms on twitter, revealing the relaxed side of the Ethereum founder. In the first 15 minutes, more than 500 people responded, although most supported buterin. At the time of writing, his tweet had received more than 1200 comments.

One of buterin's four comments was that a user said he "looked like an alien addict".

What is the craziest and most out of control criticism you see on Twitter or elsewhere? Here are some good examples. I want to know what others have seen that I haven't seen!ย 
โ€” vitalik. Eth (@ vitalikbuterin) January 13, 2022

Vitalik's father Dmitry recalled a rather crazy conspiracy theory, saying that vitalik was actually a Russian agent, and Russian President Vladimir Putin was the driving force behind the creation of Ethereum.

As early as 2017, vitalik himself mentioned the "two different reddit jets" that compared him with Hitler, And shared a screenshot in a tweet.

Ethereum is an early example and one of the most successful examples of first token issuance (ICO) in the field of encryption, with an increase of more than 778000% since 2015. A user quoted a crazy idea "spider vitalik Ponzi scheme" that often appeared during the ICO boom in 2017, and described vitalik as a spider responsible for Ethereum Ponzi scheme network.

Not everything is critical. Some users took the opportunity to share their favorite expression packs, including this joke that relies heavily on puns.

Other users revisited classics, including an expression pack shared in a comment, showing the old buterin and the title of a hypothetical news program "major news: Ethereum 2.0 has finally been released." Given how old the expression pack is, it's hard to say that the criticism of the long time it takes for eth2 to be released is unreasonable.

Although this twitter post is about the crazy criticism buterin has received over the years, most of the users who responded were joking. John lilic of consensys points out that although the criticism of buterin is both true and joking, he "has been trying to make this field better almost from the first day."

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