The end of the Internet is the beginning of the meta universe? Explore the meta universe with the long clip

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In 2022, the book meta universe, the road to infinite games, written by Babbitt founder Chang clip and Bytom chief researcher Liu Qiushan and published by CITIC publishing house, landed in the book market.

This is the first book to interpret "meta universe" from the perspective of blockchain technology. Through seven chapters, it brilliantly expounds the definition, development history and industrial status of meta universe, summarizes the six basic characteristics and seven technical infrastructure of meta universe, and creatively puts forward the three laws of constructing meta universe. Perhaps the core of this book is that it quotes the idea of "infinite game" and proposes that the meta universe is a paradigm shift from finite game to infinite game. Yuancosmos will bring new changes in organizational form, governance structure, business model, means of production, game rules, economics and many other aspects.

What exactly does metauniverse, the road to infinite games say? We plan to walk into the meta universe based on "blockchain" with readers in the form of one topic and multiple articles to see the future of the meta universe.

The following content comes from the second chapter of metauniverse, the road to infinite games, centralization, classical metauniverse, which has been edited and sorted out.

What is the meta universe? In metauniverse, the road to infinite games, two chapters are used to explain the two concepts of centralized classical metauniverse and decentralized encrypted metauniverse.

To some extent, what Internet companies are trying to build is a classical metauniverse, which tries to build a virtual world with more immersive experience as the core with the help of VR, 5g, chip, artificial intelligence, digital twin and other technologies.

Today, we will look at the meta universe of Internet enterprises through the second chapter of the meta universe, the road to infinite games, and why it is not the end of the meta universe in the author's eyes.

The book mentioned that on the Internet meta universe, two games are inseparable, one is roblox and the other is fortress night.

These two games are very different from traditional games. The former not only provides the paradigm of user created content (UGC), but also has great creativity in the construction of economic system. It constructs a basic platform virtual token robux that can open up the real monetary system around virtual creation and virtual consumption. Excellent content creators get robux by paying for games, selling props and fans, so as to earn money for real life.

On Fortress night, players can not only experience this map competitive game with excellent picture, but also meet, entertain and make friends in the virtual world built by it. In 2020, Travis Scott held a gorgeous concert for 28 million people in Fortress night.

Human beings have been exploring the virtual world of games for decades. However, with the development of virtual reality technology, artificial intelligence, 5g, general technology platform, graphics rendering engine technology and digital twin technology, it has finally contributed to the success of roblox and fortress night. These popular games also repose the endless imagination of Internet people and ordinary users on the meta universe.

β€œA history of game development is a history of the early development of the meta universe. They have too many commonalities and missions both in terms of technical form and spiritual guidance.”The author said in the book meta universe, the road to infinite games.

Does this mean that a better game is the meta universe of the future? The answer is No.

The author believes that,The network topology of the traditional Internet grows in a central radiation type, and there is generally only one layer of small nodes around a large center. This kind of central radiation network is common in various Internet giant platforms. These platforms have their own independent ecosystem network and are generally difficult to connect with each other, which is called "fence garden". Today's seemingly interconnected Internet is actually composed of many "fence garden" subnetworks.

"The existence of this network topology has its inevitability - it is simple, low-cost, efficient, in line with the traditional business structure, the bottom layer is not unified, and in line with the initial development needs. It represents the primary stage in the evolution process.Its final form is also gradually emerging: the strong are stronger, the winners take all, more closed, too much power, innovation stagnation。”

β€œIt seems that users can obtain all their daily needs in this super large network, but it also makes them lose their connectivity with other ecological networks, and their rights and interests can not be transferred to other cyberspace. Even the ownership (including data and assets) is firmly controlled by the central node of the super large network. The larger the network scale, the stronger the closeness, which is the essence of Internet commercial monopoly.”

The author believes that scale-free network or decentralized network is the next generation network topology, which will be a garden without walls. Scale free networks have a powerful feature - emergence, that is, compared with the previous dependence on a single central node, a group of key nodes that can produce exponential creativity or solve problems will emerge. This new network has higher value. The author believes that scale-free networks are more suitable for the meta universe with infinite openness.

Today, although the Internet is developing the meta universe, it is obvious that the author believes that this is not true,The ideal meta universe, the end of the Internet, is the beginning of the meta universe.

What is the author's view of the true form of the meta universe? We will announce it in the next article, but he obviously believes that blockchain will be the soul of the meta universe.

The author advocates the encrypted metauniverse that blockchain entrepreneurs try to build, but the author does not deny the classical metauniverse created by the Internet camp. He believes that,Both camps have begun to explore and practice. The Internet camp focuses on building virtual experiences such as games, social networking and entertainment, and begins to slowly infiltrate the meta universe idea into more "serious" scenes such as work, consumption and industry. The encryption camp is unswervingly building a decentralized virtual asset system and technology platform, and relying on smart contracts to realize the programmability of the meta universe, pointing out the direction for the meta universe economy and governance structure.

Yuan universe: the road to infinite games (written by Chang Chui and Liu Qiushan, preface by Li Daokui and Xiao Feng), will be pre sold in LianZuo mall and micro stores from January 4 to January 11:

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