The State Council issued the "14th five year" digital economy development plan, and the blockchain has become one of the seven key industries

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Source:Financial associated press blockchain daily

Editor Li Honghui

Recently, the State Council issued the 14th five year plan for the development of digital economy (hereinafter referred to as the plan), which defined the guiding ideology, basic principles, development objectives, key tasks and safeguard measures for promoting the healthy development of digital economy during the 14th Five Year Plan period.

As one of the important underlying supporting technologies in the digital economy era, blockchain technology is included in the ranks of strategic forward-looking technologies by the plan, and emphasizes its important role in promoting digital industrialization, improving the digital economy governance system and strengthening the digital economy security system.

One of the seven key industries

Everbright Securities said in the research report that the plan proposed seven key digital economy industries, including cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, industrial Internet, blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality.

Specifically, in promoting digital industrialization, the plan mentions that it aims at strategic and forward-looking fields such as sensors, quantum information, network communication, integrated circuits, key software, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and new materials, so as to give full play to the advantages of China's socialist system, new national system and super large-scale market, Improve the basic R & D capacity of digital technology.

Secondly, in terms of improving the digital economy governance system and enhancing the government's digital governance capacity, the plan mentioned that it is necessary to establish and improve the statistical monitoring and decision-making analysis system based on new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain, so as to improve the accuracy, coordination and effectiveness of digital economy governance.

In fact, the landing scenario of blockchain + government affairs is gradually advancing. In November 2021, Shenzhen Futian established the country's first blockchain based vaccine safety one network supervision platform, which uses blockchain technology to link and code the data of the whole process from vaccine production to vaccination. In September 2021, Sichuan Province built a government data open and shared blockchain pilot platform, and Zhejiang established the country's first public certificate storage platform for intellectual property blockchain.

In addition, in terms of expanding international cooperation in the digital economy and promoting the in-depth development of the "digital silk road", blockchain technology is also mentioned again in the plan. The plan emphasizes the need to build a trusted service network and application support platform based on blockchain to provide basic guarantee for extensive digital economic cooperation. Promote the global development of emerging service capabilities such as data storage and intelligent computing. Increase the innovation of cooperation modes in the fields of finance, logistics and e-commerce, support China's digital economy enterprises to "go global" and actively participate in international cooperation.

In the white paper on the development of China's blockchain industry (hereinafter referred to as the white paper) released in 2021, CCID pointed out that since 2020, the national level has attached great importance to the development of the blockchain industry, actively issued relevant policies, emphasized the combination of various fields and blockchain technology, and accelerated the innovation and development of blockchain technology and industry. At the same time, many provinces and cities have issued special support policies for blockchain to explore the development path of blockchain industry, including building blockchain industrial parks and creating a highland for the development of blockchain industry.

Expert: meta universe plays an important role in digital economy

In 2020, the added value of China's digital economy core industries will account for 7.8% of GDP. In this year's plan, a new important indicator is to increase the proportion of core industries of digital economy in GDP to 10% by 2025.

Yu Jianing, executive director of meta universe Industry Committee of China Mobile Communications Federation, told blockchain daily that data dividend will be the second wave of factor dividend after demographic dividend. Accelerating the cultivation of data factor market and realizing the efficient allocation of data factors is a key link to promote the development of digital economy. In the process of data utilization, blockchain is the most key technology and infrastructure, playing a cornerstone role.

Yu Jianing further explained that this is because data right confirmation is an important prerequisite for the circulation and transaction of data elements and the realization of market-oriented allocation. The blockchain can be understood as a "right confirmation machine", which provides very low-cost right confirmation services for data resources. After the right confirmation is realized, the transaction is opened and the market fair price is formed, so that data can truly become an asset. Digital asset is a new asset form formed after the right confirmation of data element resources, and it is also the blood of realizing the transformation of intelligent business. Therefore, data chaining will be a key step in improving the value of social data resources and improving the market-oriented allocation of data elements, and will also be a key step in building a "data power" in China.

Yu Jianing also interpreted the concerned concept of "meta universe". He said that by developing meta universe related industries, promoting technology integration, promoting the deep integration of digital economy and real economy, and effectively enabling the comprehensive upgrading of real economy, it is expected to further promote the high-quality development of digital economy.

He further analyzed that, first of all, meta universe will carry out integrated innovation and integrated application through cutting-edge digital technology, which will be applied to various scenarios of the whole society, including not only remote office, new cultural innovation, digital social networking, online education, online medical treatment, financial technology and other fields, but also in smart city, intelligent manufacturing, industrial interconnection It plays an important role in supply chain management and other fields.

Secondly, the plan clearly proposes to accelerate the construction of information network infrastructure, promote the development of cloud network collaboration and computing network integration, and orderly promote the intelligent upgrading of infrastructure. The construction and upgrading of digital infrastructure is expected to further promote the development of yuancosmos and provide a key driving force for China's yuancosmos industry to change lanes and overtake.

Finally, the plan also requires accelerating the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises, comprehensively deepening the digital transformation of key industries, promoting the digital transformation of industrial parks and industrial clusters, cultivating transformation support service ecology, etc.

Yu Jianing finally said that the most critical application scenario of metauniverse is the industrial scenario, which meets the requirements for digital ecological application scenarios in the planning.

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