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Note: the original author is tandavas.eth

Lot is different, which has never appeared before. It is a paradigm shift in the field of NFT.

What the hell is lot?

Lot is a chain NFT that contains only text. Yes, it's just text!

This is a list of adventure items in the form of text. When you cast one, you will get a set of items, well, in the form of text.

It's that simple.

How does its publisher @dhof distribute it?

He announced the project on twitter three days ago:

  1. It is free;
  2. The caster only needs to pay gas fee to cast lot;
  3. At first there was no website;
  4. There is no other information except that tweet;
  5. You must directly cast the lot through the contract on @ Etherscan;

At present, the floor price of a lot NFT is 4 eth( Translator's note: it has now risen to 7eth)

You may wonder why an NFT with only white text and black background is worth so much money.

Let's explain why

Generally, NFT projects adopt a top-down approach.

This means that the creator has created some head pictures, game items or art NFTs similar to apes.

Then, the creator expands the ecosystem to bring more value to the NFT, which will add value / price to the collector's collection.

Creators create hodl incentives for collectors - increasing the scarcity of NFT. This may be Airdropping another NFT for the holder, etc.

Basically, creators sell "finished products" like houses. Then, the creator will make the community better or give you extra furniture.

While @ dhof's lot adopts a different approach, which is a bottom-up approach. Compared with the value that creators bring to NFT after it is released, @ dhof is to let the community determine the value of NFT.

This is a new and more decentralized way to build NFT projects.

In this way, the value of NFT is no longer linked to a single entity or individual.

Does that sound familiar?

This is how Ethereum works! You can jump directly into GitHub and write code. You can contribute new ideas to Ethereum by writing a new EIP proposal.

Instead of selling a house, @dhof selling bricks, he lets you decide what to build with these bricks.

You can use it to build a house, you can build a bridge, you can build a stadium, this is your freedom.

DOM created a canvas and collectors painted it.

The future of the lot project depends on collectors. If people buy the lot and no one builds anything, the lot will probably be worthless.

But if people buy a lot and build something on it, the upper limit is the sky.

Well... So what are people building with lot?

  1. -Rarity discovery tool:
  2. -Exclusive community:
  3. -Art:
  4. - PFP:
  5. -Metauniverse: Snow1/status/1432465539281022976
  6. -Games?
  7. -Fiction?

The community has even built an SDK to build things around lot:

Don't believe me?

You can listen to Dylan field, stani.jpg, jstn.eth and John Palmer.

We may enter a new era in the field of NFT.

No leadership, no roadmap, no core developers, no core artists, everything is decentralized.

Of course, this is not financial advice. It is 100% an experimental project.

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