NFT weekly: NBA star curry bought NFT avatars and the revv racing tower cup was launched

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Introduction: NFT insider is jointly produced by where community, beepcrypto and It condenses the weekly NFT news and brings you the most comprehensive, fresh and valuable information about NFT. Each weekly report will analyze the current situation of NFT market from five perspectives: NFT market data, art news, game news, virtual world and other dynamic categories. It is enough to understand NFT and read NFT insider weekly report.

Market data

On August 28, the daily trading volume of NFT was $268.8 million, an annual high

According to oklink data of oklink cloud chain, the daily transaction volume of NFT on August 28 was US $268.8 million, an annual high, with a daily transaction number of 8740. The daily transaction volume and daily transaction number of this week decreased slightly.

Lot surpassed axie infinity in trading volume in recent 24 hours and rose to the first place

According to cryptoslam data, the recently popular NFT project lot has surpassed axie infinity in terms of transaction volume in nearly 24 hours, rising to the first place, with a difference of about $32.3 million from axie infinity in the second place. Meanwhile, axie infinity still ranks first in terms of transaction volume in recent 30 days, with a difference of about US $151 million and US $209 million respectively from cryptopunks and art blocks.

Art News

NBA star curry bought the works of bored ape yacht club and replaced them with Twitter avatars

NBA star Stephen curry has replaced the twitter avatar with the work of bored ape yacht club. In addition, Larry cermak, research director of the block, tweeted that Stephen curry bought the NFT for 55 eth (about $180000).

Chinese artist Cai Guoqiang participates in the live broadcast of night talk in whale community

At 10 p.m. on September 2, in the discord live studio, the host whale shark had a live exchange with the famous artist Cai Guoqiang and Audrey ou and Xin Li Cohen of TR lab team. Last month, entrusted by Shanghai Bund art museum to create the NFT project for the 10th anniversary of the museum, the eternity of the moment - the detonation of 101 gunpowder paintings, became Cai Guoqiang's attempt to explore the encrypted space. This unique work was sold for $2.5 million in the 48 hour auction on tr lab online platform, setting the highest transaction record for NFT works by artists in the field of non encryption. Following the successful free auction of his first NFT work and the record of high price auction, Cai Guoqiang will release his second NFT on the TR lab online platform to give back to the NFT community. Specifically, 99 limited edition NFTs named "blow yourself up" will be sold online at 9 a.m. Beijing time on September 3. Each limited edition will be priced at US $999. The sales proceeds will be used to support the education projects of Shanghai Bund Art Museum.

The bored ape yacht club and bored ape Kennel Club will meet Sotheby's in September

Michael Bouhanna, deputy director of Sotheby's, contemporary art expert and co director of digital art, tweeted that bored ape Yacht Club (bayc) and bored ape Kennel Club (bakc) will appear at Sotheby's from September 2 to 9.

NBA top shot officially launched the "moment" NFT of the American women's National Basketball Association

According to official news, NBA top shot, a digital collection platform of dapper labs, announced the launch of the "moment" NFT of the American women's National Basketball Association (WNBA). It is reported that the NFT will initially feature highlights of the top players in the league's history. Caty tedman, partner leader of dapper labs, talked about a series of dunks, flying saves and winning balls 25 years ago.

Portion has reached a strategic partnership with palm NFT studio to integrate palm's scalable infrastructure

Portion, the online market for art and collectibles, recently reached a strategic partnership with palm NFT studio, giving artists the opportunity to create and sell their works in a sustainable way. Palm is an NFT cultural and creative ecosystem based on Ethereum blockchain. By integrating palm's scalable infrastructure, Porton will eliminate many complexities and save costs for creators and collectors, while maintaining the decentralization and technical integrity of distributed protocols.

The white NFT named "invisible rock" on opensea was traded at the price of 4 eth

Mr. whale, a well-known twitter account, said that an NFT called "invisible rock" was traded at the price of four eth on opensea, about $13000. It is called "invisible rock" because the picture behind the NFT is a piece of white paper. At present, there are many such "white paper" NFTs on opensea, with different quotations. The NFT market continues to be hot, but such projects cannot rule out the owner's self-sale and self purchase, and there is the possibility of left-handed and right-handed operation.

NBA star curry purchased bored ape Kennel Club NFT with 5.7 eth

In the early morning of August 30, Larry cermak, research director of the block, revealed on twitter that in addition to buying bayc apes with 55 eth (about $180000), NBA star Stephen curry also bought another NFT with 5.7 eth (about $18000): the bound ape Kennel Club NFT is a dog with a basketball frame.

Bored ape yacht club plans to launch treasure hunt and release roadmap 2.0

On August 30, the NFT project bored ape Yacht Club (bayc) said that there was only one project treasure hunt left in roadmap 1.0. The event will start after Sotheby's, but before Christie's. Each boring ape and mutant ape holder in bayc preview roadmap 2.0 will receive a free, fully rendered 3D model that can be used in the metauniverse. Bayc will release the complete roadmap 2.0 in the coming weeks. Bayc raised 96 million US dollars worth of eth through the public sale of 10000 mutant apes within one hour yesterday. Bayc also airdropped 10000 bottles of mutant serum to its NFT holders to create variant versions. The serum is divided into M1, m2 or Mega mutant (M3). The mutant apes produced by M1 or M2 serum will retain the characteristics of primitive apes, and M3 serum will create completely different apes, It may be more rare. Airdrop for the holders of bored ape can forge valuable additional tokens while retaining the original NFT.

Christie's, a British auction house, will auction the full set of curio cards NFT collection in 2017 on October 1

On August 31, Christie's, a British auction house, announced that it would auction a unique NFT collection called curio cards on October 1. It is reported that this is one of the oldest Ethereum NFT collections produced in 2017. At present, the market data of curio cards wrapper on opensea shows that the trading volume has reached 22900 eth, about US $75.2 million, with a total of 3700 curio owners.

Du jiabanna's NFT work collezione Genesi will be auctioned on unxd platform on September 9

According to vogue, last weekend in Venice, Dolce & amp; Gabbana) Alta Moda show, Dolce & amp; Gabbana announced the launch of the NFT series collezione Genesi produced in cooperation with unxd in the digital market. It is reported that the five works of collezione Genesi were created by Dolce & amp; The physical works designed by Gabbana, including two dresses, a men's suit and two crowns, have digital versions that can be used in the metauniverse, and the other four projects are fully customized virtual designs. At present, tens of thousands of interested users have registered on unxd website to participate in the auction. The auction will start at 15:00 on September 9 and last for six to nine days. Previously, Dolce & amp; Gabbana) announced the launch of the exclusive NFT Series in cooperation with unxd supported by polygon network. The first NFT series of the fashion brand will be named collezione Genesi or genesis series, all of which will be auctioned exclusively on unxd.

Sun Yuchen purchased tpunk#3442 with 120 million Trxs, worth about US $10.5 million

Game news

The revv racing tower cup will be launched on September 3 and will provide a reward of $150000

According to official news, revv racing, an arcade simulation racing blockchain game developed by animoca brands, announced that the six-day revv racing tower cup will be launched at 8:00 UTC time (16:00 Beijing time) on September 3, and will provide 1000 winners with bonuses with a total value of more than 150000 US dollars. The prize pool includes $50000 worth of tower, $100000 worth of revv and gems of crazy defense Heroes (CDH). The top 3 players will receive the revv motorsport NFT trophy, and all players participating in the tower cup will receive 500 crazy defense heroes gemstones.

Sushiswap launches revv / YGG liquidity pool, and liquidity providers can obtain revv racing NFT with YGG theme

According to official news, revv motorsport and yield guild games (YGG) launched a new liquidity pool for revv / YGG trading pairs on sushiswap. Liquidity providers will be able to obtain a revv racing NFT with YGG as the theme, which can be used to play revv racing. This is a skill based action arcade racing blockchain game, which allows users to fully control the car in real time. It is reported that liquidity providers need to add a minimum liquidity of $100. YGG themed NFT will be airdropped to qualified liquidity providers within 2 days after the final snapshot on September 7.

Gabby dizon, co-founder of YGG: we are excited to bring a large-scale user base to the blockchain

On September 2, at the first daily NFT online encryption forum of N-power, Gabby dizon, co-founder of YGG, participated in the round table discussion on the theme of "NFT's" number one player: chain game at the right time ". When talking about why we bet on the chain tour track, Gabby believes that, not as a game developer, but as a game guild dealing with all these games, what is really exciting for us is that we can bring a large-scale user base to the blockchain through these games. Usually, due to the problem of scale, people need to buy NFT to participate, so there is an entry threshold. We are the people who invest in these NFTs and let anyone really access the game. That's what I'm excited about. I hope to get 1 billion players to join Web 3.0 games through what we are doing.

Axie infinity Android client users exceeded 1 million

On August 28, axie infinity officially tweeted that its Android client users had exceeded 1 million, and the number of other client users were 380500 (Windows), 230200 (MAC) and 154200 (IOS).

NFT stars announces blockchain games

According to daily hodl. NFT market NFT stars announced the launch of the blockchain game: NFT hero city, a brand-new product in the NFT market, which adds the blockchain philosophy and is packaged in the form of 7500 NFT heroes. NFT heroes is a collection of 7500 unique NFT avatars created by nftstars in cooperation with more than 200 modern artists from the international modern artist group nft256. The series includes 6000 original NFT heroes, 1000 rare heroes and 500 legendary NFT heroes. Only original heroes can be purchased, 0.055eth each. Rare and legendary heroes were created by using the upgrade card of Galaxy modifier, an upgrade mechanism supported by chainlink's verifiable random function (VRF).

NFT card game dragon hunters will be launched on polygon

On August 30, polygon news tweeted that the NFT card game dragon hunters would be launched on polygon. Polygon will enable its players to benefit from low-cost and high-speed transactions.

Virtual world news

The sandbox completes the second wave of land sales of walking dead

According to official sources, the second land sale of the walking dead is scheduled for 9 p.m. Beijing time on September 2. In this wave of activities, 502 pieces of land and 95 pieces of high-quality land will be sold in the security zone of Alexandria. In this round, there are 5 estates s (3x3), 4 estates m (6x6) and 2 estates L (12x12), which will be auctioned on opensea. One of the estates L is linked to the main estate of the walking dead 24x24, which gives them additional value. At the end of the 24-hour auction, the highest bidder will win estate. Two new partners have joined the sales, namely tools of rock and tier zero NFT.

Coder Dan, founder of aavegotchi project: there will be several key milestones to be achieved before the end of the year

In the AMA activity of AAVE Chinese community and NFT popularity project aavegotchi on August 31, coderdan, founder of aavegotchi project, mentioned that in the remaining months of 2021, we have several key milestones to achieve - 1. Let ghst be listed in the AAVE polygon market; 2. Start aavegotchi lending; 3. Launch aavegotchi aarcade - โ€Š a playtoearn mini game ecosystem created by the community; 4. Launch more comprehensive aavegotchidao and put forward suggestions on the chain.

Metauniverse project netvrk cooperates with decentralized artificial intelligence project oraichain

According to official news, netvrk, a meta universe project combining NFT and VR, announced a cooperation with oraichain. Oraichain is a decentralized artificial intelligence project using blockchain technology; Netvrk is a meta universe based on blockchain, allowing users to monetize their creations and assets. Netvrk's blockchain based ecosystem will use oraichain's multiple AI Oracle solutions for authenticity authentication and traceability verification. This will help create a more transparent and tamper proof token process for assets from the netvrk metauniverse, such as virtual land, vehicles and buildings. Netvrk will also use the royalty protocol to be released by oraichain to realize the distribution of royalties from the resale in the netvrk market and provide more reasonable monetization for users of various platforms. In addition, netvrk will integrate oraichain's price feeding Oracle into its smart contract.

Mask network purchases cryptopunk and deposits it into maskdao as an asset

The Web 3.0 project mask network announced the purchase of cryptopunk #6128 and deposited it in maskdao as an NFT asset. Suji Yan, founder of mask, said on Twitter: Mask adheres to the same spirit as Web 3.0, that is, it returns technology and data to the user cryptopunk, and will eventually become a part of Dao; Meanwhile, mask network invests in NFT creation and distribution platform cent, NFT synthesis platform alchemy NFT, decentralized social and content protocol RSS3 and Web 3.0 bandwidth trading market Mason network, hoping to promote the development of Web 3.0 ecology in many aspects. It is reported that NFT, as a new asset in the Web 3.0 era, mask network is the first blockchain project to publicly announce cryptopunk as a public asset.

Mask network announced that it had purchased two lot NFTs, bag #7405 and bag #3870

On September 3, mask network announced that it had purchased two lot NFTs, bag #7405 and bag #3870, which will become part of maskdao's assets together with cryptopunk #6128. According to opensea, the lowest price in all hanging order locations is approaching 17eth.

NFT project boring ape (bayc) will push 3D ape NFT supporting metauniverse

On August 30, Justin Taylor, head of twitter consumer product marketing, said that bored ape yacht club will launch 3D ape NFT. Each mutant ape and bored ape will get a fully rendered and assembled 3D model, which can be used in the metauniverse (it is unclear whether it supports making their own content). In addition, Justin Taylor also showed a 3D ape NFT prototype being carried out by bored ape yacht club.

Mirror launched the meta universe identity generator heroes, which can be used by voters participating in write race to generate a unique identity NFT

On September 3, the decentralized content publishing platform mirror launched the meta universe identity generator heroes, which is similar to lot, but only generates prefixes or suffixes related to identity description. Voters who previously participated in write race can copy the address, certificate and other contents, and randomly generate a unique identity NFT using the heroes contract on Etherscan.

Other news

Sean Dudley, vice president of revv products: the key point of the game economic model is the dynamic balance of inflow and outflow

On September 2, Sean Dudley, vice president of revv products, participated in the round table discussion on the theme of "NFT's" number one player: chain game at the right time "at the first daily NFT online encryption forum of N-power. When talking about the topic of game economic model, Sean believes that only when the inflow and outflow of funds are in dynamic balance, the economy itself can be truly maintained, which is very important. Moreover, the problem is that many economic models do not take shape until the game runs for a long time. If some game players are ambitious, they will find that they are the people who get the greatest return from some games, because the larger economy has not been fully established, including some infrastructure and functions and content they can consume, rather than putting it alone. So there is a saying here that maybe you can make some money here, you can also spend some money here. Maybe it will eventually become a content experience to improve the overall level of players and games, or there is another chance to make money. I think this is the key part of the token economic cycle in the game balance.

Lucie joined Jenny Dao as CMO

According to twitter, Lucie joined Jenny Dao as CMO. Jenny metaverse Dao is a community controlled metaverse Dao that will launch an NFT collection through unicly. Unicly is a platform that can fragment NFT and solve the liquidity problem of matching a single NFT buyer and seller. Ujenny is a dual-purpose erc-20 token, fragment token and governance token, which will be cast on the unicly protocol.

The 2021 emerging technology hype cycle curve released by Gartner puts NFT in the expected expansion period

It was reported on August 27 that the 2021 emerging technology hype cycle curve released by information technology research and analysis company put NFT in the expected expansion period. Gartner will release 25 breakthrough technologies that may have a significant impact on business and society in the next 2 to 10 years every year. New technologies this year include NFT, digital human (virtual image using AI to perform human like behavior), and physical AI. The adorable period of emerging technology usually means a serious bubble, and DeFi is still in the embryonic stage of technology.

Alipay's online "love donation platform", donors can get NFT digital paintings.

Alipay's online "imagination Gallery" charity activities page, users in Alipay built NFT platform "fans grain", can spend 9.9 yuan to participate in love donation, grants will be used for three public welfare projects, mainly in the direction of autism and other mental retardation children and left behind children to provide aesthetic education courses. As a gift of love, donors can get NFT digital works, which are paintings created by helped children or designers supporting the project. 200000 copies in total, on a first come, first served basis.

The visa white paper describes NFT as a promising medium

According to cointegraph, according to the white paper recently released by visa, a global payment giant, the driving force for visa to enter the NFT market is the basic technology and its role as & quot; Promising fans participate in the media & quot; Ability. The white paper was released at the same time that visa announced the purchase of its first NFT cryptopunk 7610 for $150000. Cryptopunks is a collection of 10000 unique NFTs, with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum network. According to industry insiders, 2519 cryptopunk collections have been sold in the past 30 days, with a total net profit of $467.4 million. During this period, the highest sales revenue was cryptopunk 7252, which was sold with 1600 eth ($4.5 million).

Cardaswap, a decentralized exchange based on Cardano, plans to launch AMM and NFT markets

It was reported on August 29 that cardaswap, a decentralized exchange, plans to launch AMM by the end of the third quarter of 2021. If AMM is successfully launched, cardaswap will become the first DEX on Cardano blockchain. The team also plans to launch the cardaswap NFT market in December. The cardaswap NFT market will enable digital content creators to cast and trade their collections to earn passive income. It is reported that cardaswap, a decentralized exchange, is a blockchain market maker based on Cardano agreement. Cardaswap's monetization and trading capabilities are developed based on the AMM protocol, which allows liquidity providers to pool funds and Cardano blockchain assets so that others can easily exchange their tokens.

The ninth city will launch NFT platform nftstar, and the former vice president of dapper labs will serve as coo

On August 30, Internet enterprise No. 9 City (NASDAQ: NCTY) announced that it has officially entered the NFT business field and launched NFT trading and community platform nftstar (www.nftstar. Com) by its wholly-owned subsidiary nftstar Singapore PTE. Ltd. in Singapore, which is expected to be officially put into operation in the fourth quarter of this year. Nine cities also announced that Gagan pallecha, former vice president of dapper labs operations, has been invited to join nftstar as chief operating officer (COO). It is reported that nftstar is an NFT community platform that provides users with purchase, transaction and interactive activities. The platform will mainly deal with NFT collections developed and cast by global star authorized IP.

Rakuten, the Japanese e-commerce platform, will launch the NFT platform Rakuten NFT in 2022

On August 30, Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce platform, announced its entry into the field of NFT. Rakuten NFT, an NFT platform, is expected to go online in the spring of 2022. Users can use their existing Rakuten account and Rakuten points in the account to purchase and trade NFT on Rakuten NFT platform. IP holders can use the platform for NFT issuance and distribution without mastering blockchain related technologies. Rakuten NFT platform can also be linked with relevant services of Lotte. For example, when users meet several consumption and use tasks, they can get NFT as a reward. It is reported that Lotte established a blockchain laboratory in August 2016 and began to provide encrypted wallet service in August 2019.

Sanjian capital launched NFT fund starry night and plans to launch NFT education portal before the end of the year

On August 30, Kyle Davis, co-founder of Sanjian capital, and Zhu Su, CEO, forwarded Vincent van dough's tweets. The tweet said, "I'm glad to cooperate with Zhu Su and Kyle Davis of Sanjian capital to launch NFT fund StarryNight. We believe that the best way to get the cultural paradigm shift brought about by NFTs is to have the top products in the most popular series. Many people are worried about the fund's entry into this field, and we will always seek to do the right thing for the community. Before the end of the year, our goal is to launch an NFT education portal, explore ways to bring more exposure opportunities to new artists, launch physical galleries in a major city, ensure that the collected works are open to the public through virtual galleries, and try various community construction initiatives. The NFT field is not a zero sum game. It is driven by a powerful flywheel effect. When the cake is growing for everyone, its efficiency is the best. "

The NFT pricing platform pawnhouse completed the first round of financing, and kernel ventures and others participated in the investment

On August 31, pawnhouse, the NFT pricing platform, announced the completion of the first round of financing, including Huobi ventures, kernel ventures and a & amp; T capital and others participated in the investment, and the financing amount was not disclosed. Pawnhouse said that its NFT mortgage lending platform has been launched in January, with a transaction volume of more than US $100 million. It is about to launch a synchronous multi round auction (smra) system to help NFT market participants better obtain pricing services and encourage bidders to provide price information. Pawnhouse provides NFT mortgage lending and public value discovery through synchronous multi round auction (smra) system, and is committed to price discovery and improving liquidity in NFT market.

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