How to treat the six expected differences of the meta universe?

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Original title: Six expected differences in the meta universe

Since the fourth quarter of last year, yuanuniverse station has been ranked C in the theme of TMT. As a team focusing on the track in the capital market, Guosheng blockchain Research Institute has recently had a lot of communication with the capital market and industrial circle. When we present this "Utopia" of the digital world to you, investors have many differences, and most of the questions focus on: 1) how long do you think the theme of the meta universe can last? 2) The popularity of AR and VR will take some time, so how long will it take for the meta universe to land? 3) The current metauniverse games are all squares. They look very young. How can they be broken? 4) Metauniverse involves blockchain. What about supervision?...

I think these are the expectations of the theme of the meta universe.

Expected difference 1: is AR / VR the premise of metauniverse?

We don't think so. If the meta universe is regarded as a digital network parallel to the real world, people will find a "sense of immersion", where does the "sense of immersion" come from? Although it is important for VR to bring visual experience, the more core is the immersive experience brought by social, creative, sharing and economic activities, which needs the protection of a series of mechanisms. From this perspective, tiktok and Roblox belong to one category - providing short video and game creation and sharing platform, and giving timely economic returns to content creators. In recent years, VR terminals have indeed made progress, including high-definition, integrated terminals and richer content, but we think that AR / VR is only a way of presentation, which is difficult to equate with the meta universe.

Expectation difference 2: is the "square" world of the meta universe very young?

Minecraft and roblox are "voxel modeling" based on blocks. When I first came into contact, I couldn't accept such a young painting style. Why did I insist on building blocks at the expense of visual effects regardless of the mainstream trend? However, voxel has its unique advantages in the law of independently constructing the world. Although 3D modeling is realistic, it requires expensive software and professional training to build the model, which is not suitable for UGC (user creative content). It must be outsourced by the technical team, which virtually reduces the sense of participation in creation; Voxel modeling is easier to use, and each box can be given different attributes, so as to build a more realistic world, which seems to be more in line with "rough reality is better than false delicacy". Isn't that how the game console we played since childhood developed? Perhaps minecraft can be popular again in the domestic yuan universe market.

Expected difference 3: what value does NFT have besides trading?

The market has recognized the value of NFT as a digital copyright carrier. Since it is an IP asset, it must support transactions. Overseas opensea and superrare are examples of NFT trading platforms, and the valuation has risen all the way. Due to regulatory requirements, although China cannot directly support NFT transactions, it is also seeking to realize circulation through cultural exchange, auction house and other channels. What we need to think about is, is NFT useful in addition to trading? In fact, from crypto punk, bored ape to Jay bear, NFT gradually has the function of social credentials. In September, twitter announced the addition of NFT authentication function, which means that Twitter users will be able to bind their NFT under their account and authenticate their ownership. By binding their wallet, they will add a blue mark to the confirmed NFT, so as to distinguish the authenticity.

We believe that the current popularity of NFT in the domestic market is mostly caused by public curiosity. It is difficult to say that consumers really understand and like the works of artists. In addition to the transaction attribute, NFT's social attribute may be a breakthrough this year, especially in the fields of clothing, food and beverage, automobile, fashion play, outdoor sports and so on.

Poor expectation 4: the more realistic the virtual human is, the better?

Recently, the frequent exposure of "Teng Lijun", Luo Tianyi and Liu Yexi made the concept of virtual human go crazy. Everyone lamented that "Teng Lijun" at Jiangsu Satellite TV's new year concert was enough to confuse the real with the false, and many A-share companies also began to set foot in this track. In our previous in-depth report "what is the" soul "of virtual people", we classified virtual people. Different virtual people correspond to different scenes, and their technical requirements and business models are different. For example, CCTV virtual people and Japan chuyin future are completely different models.

The service-oriented virtual human used for anchor and display has fixed content, can be modeled and rendered in advance, and has low requirements for real-time, so it can be done relatively fine. Once real-time interaction, UGC and multi person complex actions are involved, the production difficulty and cost of virtual human will rise exponentially, and the display effect will be rough, but it can not be said that the latter is poor. We expect that in 2022, the combination of virtual human and AI will have more interesting scenes and diversified business models.

Expectation difference 5: regulatory exploration of the meta universe

Some people in the industry say that the meta universe without blockchain is a virtual social game with VR. Although this statement is absolute, it is not unreasonable. From a global perspective, NFT, Dao, defi, Web3 0 and others, as new things, are in the gray area of regulation. We expect that this round of meta universe innovation will also promote the progress of regulatory science and technology in the world. In the previous article "Web 3.0: openness, privacy and co construction", we made the following judgment:

1) For communication Web3 0 and web2 0 the channel / business of the two worlds will bear the brunt, especially the stable currency. Can the central bank's digital currency act as a bridge?

2) In terms of privacy and anonymity, it is possible to implement KYC at the bottom layer and moderate anonymity at the application layer, so as to strike a balance between privacy and supervision;

3) How to introduce supervision in the process of Dao governance? Dao is web 3 0 is an important governance mechanism in the world, but the ideal Dao scheme does not seem to solve all problems at present. After the problems such as arbitration and recovery of stolen assets occur, government agencies and regulators often play a very realistic role in real society.

The "Republic" of the meta universe can grow arbitrarily in the digital world, but the boundary between reality and ideal will become increasingly clear.

Expected difference 6: scene extension of meta universe under compliance

When the following changes are brought to the meta universe, the market has seen its applications in games, marketing, digital IP, virtual human and other tracks, but this is only the beginning. It can be predicted that in 2022, overseas giants will accelerate the transformation of the meta universe, domestic Internet giants will follow up, and the topics discussed by entrepreneurs will also focus on this. Yuancosmos is a master of games, blockchain, semiconductors, communications, display, Internet of things, cloud computing and other technologies. Without considering the compliance of crypto in China, scenes with social, display and economic activities will be more suitable to try, such as e-commerce, exhibition, knowledge sharing community, etc. More imagination space for the digital economy will be opened. Optical communication, IDC, RF devices, optical devices, encryption algorithms, etc. have become a brick by brick of the meta universe world. The market may pay attention to more than EPS. We will wait and see the highlights of 2022!

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