Cower Turley, co-founder of FWB, was dismissed because of his previous radical remarks

Published on 1/15/2022   563 views   0 Comments  

Babbitt news, on January 15, FWB tweeted that its community members and leader Cooper Turley repeatedly made extreme remarks, which violated the relevant provisions of the community policy. According to the management procedure, an anonymous committee composed of FWB community members met with the member on January 13 and evaluated the incident. At present, the code of conduct Committee has made a formal recommendation to remove it from the leadership of FWB Dao, and the member has accepted it. The member's community membership will be suspended for at least two seasons, after which he can reapply for Dao membership according to the restorative method.

In addition, the code of conduct Committee proposes to add an appendix to the code of conduct detailing the formal rejoining procedure, which will be discussed by the community at a series of public meetings, finally put to a vote, and implemented before June 1, 2022.

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