Coatue, the king of TMT who has cast meituan and Didi, is entering the NFT and the yuan universe

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Source:Financial associated press blockchain daily

Author: Zhang Yangyang

Original title: This TMT king who invested in meituan and didi is entering NFT and metauniverse

There is no doubt that NFT andYuan universeContracted almost all hot spots in the blockchain field in the first and second half of the year.

Behind the two hot tracks, a strong capital institution is quietly emergingβ€”β€”Coat management, an American hedge fund that has invested almost all the shares in TMT.

On November 23, nintic, the developer of baokemeng go, announced that it had obtained a new financing of US $300 million, which will be used to invest in existing games and new applications, expand the lightship Developer Platform and build a metauniverse. This round of financing is all from coatue.

Water test NFT and Yuanzhou

Dapper labs is a big player in NFT collection market. With the star card NBA top shot, dapper labs is now firmly in the top position of NFT sports collection. After the latest round of financing, it is now valued at $7.6 billion.

According to tianyancha, dapper labs has completed three rounds of financing this year,Behind it, the main management began to change ownership, and all became coatue's independent investment or leading investment。 The latter is also generous: US $250 million, US $305 million and US $250 million (leading investment). Compared with the previous six rounds of financing of dapper labs, this amount directly exceeds one order of magnitude.

Since September, yuancosmos has been standing in the center of Chinese and foreign capital markets and has become one of the largest outlets. With the well-known ar game developer, coatue is knocking on the wealth gate of the new universe world.

On November 23, Niantic, the developer of baokemeng go, received $300 million in new financing - all of which came from coatue. The funds will be used to invest in existing games and new applications, expand the lightship Developer Platform and build a metauniverse.

Matt MAZZEO, general partner of coatue, said: "Niantic is building an AR platform based on 3D world map. We believe that the platform will play a key role in the next computer transformation."

Only invest in the first king of TMT in the industry

In 1999, Philippe Laffont, who studied with Julian Robertson, left the Tiger Fund and founded coatue, focusing on the fields of technology, media and Telecommunications (TMT). At present, it has nine funds and is now one of the largest technology track investment institutions in the world.

According to the latest "13F" report released by the US SEC (investment institutions with asset management scale of more than US $100 million need to submit quarterly position details to the SEC). In the third quarter of 2021, Internet technology companies accounted for 9 of coatue's top 10 positions. (see figure below)

Coatue's investment style may also be described as "people don't talk much".

Referring to its official website, it is so cold that there are only three office locations and one email address. Coatue partners and members, including Philip LAFONT, rarely accept external interviews and speak out.

However, this does not hide its edge - since its establishment, the asset scale has jumped from US $45 million to more than US $20 billion. At present, the captured listed companies include meituan, Didi, snap, rivian, etc.

It is coatue's consistent investment style to only invest in the first company in the industry and focus on the unlisted Head Companies in the TMT field: sell well, or invest alone, at least lead the investment, and follow the investment continuously.

According to tianyancha data, abroad, since 2013, coat has successively participated in the financing of super unicorns such as snap, grab and reddit in rounds C, D, e and even f; In China, along the development track of Internet economy, from platform giants to new consumption upstarts, there are coats behind, hornet's nest, meituan, Didi, byte beating, tea loving, dingdong shopping, etc.

Classical investment circle bet on NFT and chain Tour

"Classical investment circle" can be broadly understood as traditional investment institutions such as PE / VC and family office, which is actually a relative concept. Because after the blockchain concept moves towards a wider vision, a number of investment institutions focusing on the blockchain field have emerged.

At present, one signal is:As the blockchain gradually goes out of the reckless stage of the early stage of industry development and becomes the mainstream, the classical investment circle also begins to smell the wealth breath burst out in this field.

According to the data of tianyancha, in 2021, the blockchain is divided intofinancial technologyIn addition, coatue has the highest proportion of all investments, with a total of 11. Specific businesses include NFT and blockchain games, encrypted payment service providers, encryption audit and security institutions, exchanges, etc. Before this year, coatue's investment had never been involved in the blockchain.

Coatue's blockchain investment began in the NFT and dapper labs in the chain tour track, which is also the most popular track for blockchain financing at present.

Previously, in July, blue pool capital, a family wealth management fund of Ma Yun and Cai Chongxin, invested in animoca brands, a blockchain game company, which was the first time that blue pool capital invested in a blockchain project.

According to the reporter of blockchain daily from an industry investor, an investor in the "classical investment circle" once said, "we start to invest in NFT projects, and there is no big opportunity for the traditional Internet".

However, people in the industry have different views on the crazy influx of funds for a time.

Yu Jianing, the rotating chairman of the blockchain special committee of China Communications Industry Association, believes that the next decade will be the golden decade for the development of the meta universe, and the transformation window period has quietly opened. NFT projects and development teams highly associated with the meta universe are usually in the early stage. Investment institutions make layout in the early stage and have the opportunity to get more dividends.

Some insiders also told the blockchain daily that "there are more funds in the market now, which does not mean that they really understand and understand". In addition, it is still doubtful whether the relevant NFT and chain games can be legally tried. If they are overseas, it also depends on the local policy binding force.

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