A piece of white paper sells for 200000, and 24 words sell for 1.1 million. Only when the pattern is opened can we play NFT

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A white JPG sold for more than 200000 yuan. Do you believe it?

The author of the white paper said that a stone was actually painted on it, but it was invisible. And the total number is 100, which can be stored permanently.

The picture looks like this, don't you see? That's right:)

(picture source: https://t.co/jHpe5akmgW ๏ผ‰
(picture source: https://t.co/jHpe5akmgW ๏ผ‰

You can find this picture on opensea. It's etherinvisible rock numbered #1. This painting was bought three days ago. It cost 10 eth, worth 34000 US dollars, equivalent to 220000 yuan.

I believe that most people's mood at this time can apply a classic film review of a well-known director: I can't understand, but I'm shocked.

The shock is more than that

Have you seen crazy stone? It's not a movie, but a real scene on NFT.

From August 8 to August 28, the highest selling price rose from $100000 to $3.1 million. Etherrock tells you: what is surprise and what is accident.

Etherrock is one of the 22 known "prehistoric" NFTs. It was launched in December 2017, 6 months later than cryptopunk, but the number is only 100, which may be one of the reasons for the speculation.

If you just set foot on the train of JPG summer, you're a little late, because TXT summer is coming.

(picture source: https://opensea.io/collection/lootproject ๏ผ‰
(picture source: https://opensea.io/collection/lootproject ๏ผ‰

The first picture, with 24 words in total, is worth nearly 50eth (more than 1.1 million yuan). A word of gold!

A few lines sell a million. Is that ridiculous? Shocking? Hard to understand? Maybe the pattern is not open.

This is not a general word, but a generated equipment package for a game project called lot. The game hasn't come out yet, but the community has begun to compete for research. Investors of blockchain investment institutions a16z and paradox have paid attention to it, and it must have its own excellence.

Opensea data shows that in the past 24 hours, the trading volume of lot has exceeded 8100 eth, almost twice that of the second art blocks!

The biggest winner

In the past August, the NFT market continued to be hot, old records were broken one after another, and new records were born.

The most striking is the NFT trading platform opensea. In the past August, the single day trading volume has reached a new high, with us $100 million, US $200 million and US $300 million, becoming history one after another. Opensea has been established for more than three years, with a total transaction volume of US $4.3 billion, of which US $3.3 billion was completed in August this year.

In this wave, opensea made a lot of money, and the commission income in August was close to $200 million.

(picture source: https://dune.xyz/bitereum/Opensea ๏ผ‰
(picture source: https://dune.xyz/bitereum/Opensea ๏ผ‰

If it weren't for the recruitment requirements released by the person in charge of opensea products yesterday, few people would realize that behind all this, only a 37 person team was operating.

Last year's defi Unicorn uniswap made a project of over $10 billion with a team of 11 people. This year's NFT star opensea supported 98% of NFT's trading volume with 37 people.

What is innovation? Innovation is to make products that cannot be made by a team of hundreds or even thousands of people with very few people.

Undercurrent surge

Remember the public chain boom in 2017? At that time, he would write a ten thousand word white paper to fool investors. Now the process is omitted. He can make money directly. Do you like it or not. For example, the "invisible stone" painting at the beginning of the article makes it difficult not to doubt that it isIQ taxใ€‚ The following art work shows a cow eating grass. Don't you see it? That's because the cow ate up all the grass and ran away:)

Watching the floor price of NFT project rise ten times and a hundred times, few people are not excited. Although most JPG avatars are limited edition, new projects emerge one after another,If the old project does not have lasting operation capacity, it will be eliminated soon, the JPG avatar bought at a high price may be difficult to sell. Planet daily combed the popular JPG avatars in an article. The data showed that the transaction volume of the statistical project was halved within 2-3 days after reaching the peak record. The average trading volume and average number of buyers in the past week have shrunk by 80% compared with the peak.

NFT fragmentationIt is also a hot topic discussed recently. Feisty Doge was valued at $100 million after fragmentation, once becoming the most expensive NFT in history and a landmark event to promote the popularity of NFT fragmentation. After seeing feisty Doge's great success, the twitter users @0x650d who cleaned up 104 cryptopunks at the end of July decided to fragment these cryptopunks last week and call them "helping more people share these collections". In this regard, insiders pointed out that this can be regarded as the behind the scenes operator of cryptopunk, who should take advantage of this wave of fragmented ultimate operation to pull up the punk floor price and accelerate the rush shipment. Moreover, such a large-scale NFT fragmentation operation faces potential regulatory risks, which is easy to cause securitization risk prompt regulated by SEC and other regulators. Although fragmentation improves the liquidity of NFT, it is easy to transfer the risk to retail investors with general financial strength. In particular, the motivation to sell NFT in fragmentation after speculation is high is debatable.

When you're snapping up JPG,The project side gets your real gold and silver to smash the plate, how would you feel? On August 29, bored ape Yacht Club sold 10000 mutant ape Yacht Club (mayc) through Dutch auction. The final transaction price of each monkey was 2.7 Ethereum. The boring monkey team earned 28000 eth (worth about US $90 million) and smashed the market, resulting in a short decline in Ethereum on the same day.

The NFT market is still very new. In the early stage, it is bound to experience the disorderly development stage of regulatory gap. If you join it, you need to stay awake at all times.

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