Half moon Talk: The Metauniverse Should "Surpass" Online Games

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Half moon talk reporter Ding Jing

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Liu Cixin, a science fiction writer, believes that there are two roads ahead of mankind. One goes out to the sea of stars; An inward direction leads to virtual reality.

From Nvidia's announcement of the launch of a simulation and collaboration platform that provides the basis for the establishment of the metauniverse, to Facebook's renaming of Metaverse as Meta; From many enterprises in our country to rush to register the trademark of the universe, to some places to incorporate the universe into the government planning... For some time, the universe has become a hot word.

What is the meta universe? Its concept comes from a science fiction. Although there is no unified definition at present, most people agree that it is a new Internet form that integrates multiple cutting-edge technologies and is characterized by human-computer interaction and integration of reality and fiction. Of course, although the name of the meta universe has "universe", it is different from the formation and evolution of the real universe.

The meta universe, gestating a new era?

There are two representative views on the future of the meta universe: first, the meta universe may be the next generation of Internet after the mobile Internet, which will bring an industrial revolution and even promote the reshaping of human civilization; Second, some meta universe projects are more like "old wine" of online games and virtual reality in "new bottles". The meta universe should not stop at a highly realistic and attractive virtual world.

Why does the meta universe cause so much attention and debate? Because it is not only a noun, but also represents a new force and breeds a new era. On the one hand, the meta universe has brought opportunities for further innovation in Internet content carriers, communication methods, interaction methods, etc. Technology, capital and users are eager to seize this new opportunity. On the other hand, in the digital parallel world created by the meta universe, physical computing, scientific experiments, and modern warfare can be simulated and verified with low cost and high efficiency, helping mankind better benefit the real world.

Therefore, the meta universe should "surpass" online games and undertake a greater historical mission.

The meta universe may bring changes beyond human imagination. For example, when the time limit is broken, people can let history repeat itself and let the dead "revive"; The space structure is reshaped. While seeing the physical space, people can also create new space according to imagination; Identity restrictions have been broken, and people can create digital avatars with completely different appearances, nationalities, and genders... Of course, these "superpowers" are not without costs. While the universe is changing the world, there are also a series of challenges such as "decentralization", virtual asset hype, privacy disclosure and addiction.

Digital technology determines the development prospect

The meta universe presents the latest achievements of digital technology, and the digital civilization represented by it will develop for a long time. The meta universe is based on a new generation of information technology with rapid development, including new computer technology, blockchain technology, algorithm technology, virtual reality, augmented reality and hybrid reality.

For example, Beijing Guocheng Wantong Information Technology Co., Ltd. has built the "Metauniverse Entry" and the ultra-thin VR head display, which can enable the experiencers to respond to their vision, hearing, touch, smell and vestibular sense, and move freely in a universal motion system. Tianxiaxiu Digital Technology Group is building a platform to help residents become virtual hairdressers and experience virtual decoration, so as to create economic value for the universe.

Yan Yang, Deputy Secretary General of Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance, believes that the meta universe is the reconstruction and innovation of stock technology, which has generated a new kind of productivity. Zhao Guodong, secretary-general of Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance, and Yi Huanhuan, chairman of E-Share World Group and executive director of the Universe 30 Forum, believe that this new productivity may build a new production relationship, and then reshape the real world. Lin Zuoming, Chairman of the Chinese Academy of Aeronautics, believes that digital civilization will become a new stage in the development of human civilization. It can be imagined that digital civilization will develop for a long time and have a significant impact on human development, national competition and individual choice.

The development of digital technology and digital economy is the key to the competition among large countries in the information age. In modern war, even if a country has an advantage in physical space, it is at a disadvantage in cyberspace, and the trend of war will also have great changes. The development of digital technology and the digital economy has become a major event related to national development and national security, and all countries are actively deploying.

Visitors learn about the technological achievements of the universe at the 2022 Service Trade Fair. Photographed by Han Xu

In recent years, China has issued the Outline for the Implementation of the Network Power Strategy and the Outline for the Development Strategy of the Digital Economy to promote the development of the digital economy at the national level. According to the data of the 2021 Global Digital Economy Conference, China's digital economy has ranked second in the world for many consecutive years, but the problem of large but not strong has not been fundamentally solved. When it comes to the meta universe, there is still a long way to go. We need to develop better sensor technology, more efficient and secure data storage technology, more advanced naked eye virtual space technology, lower carbon power supply technology, etc.

The development of digital technology and digital economy requires a certain tolerance mentality and fault-tolerant mechanism, and handle the relationship between "letting go" and "managing". At the same time, we should strengthen the research on "management", so that we can manage well when we need "management".

The future of the meta universe is unclear

Will digital technology promote a more civilized human society? Time to answer. But it is certain that the development of digital technology will have a great impact on the future of mankind. Therefore, it is necessary to study and figure out under which conditions it can serve the progress of human civilization and under which conditions it will become a "monster". The technology itself has no black and white good and evil, just the people who use it give it "color". In the stage of the "breeding" of the meta universe, we should not just rush into the "track", but also find out the "way" and keep the "retreat", so that the development of technology can benefit mankind.

For example, we should strengthen the research and construction of the digital governance system, improve the market access system of the digital economy, and improve the supervision technology and means. In an era of high-speed digital flow, it is necessary to match the digital supervision means and rely on the whole society to form a joint force of supervision. In terms of security, we should improve the national security system, strengthen the security risk early warning, prevention and control mechanism and capacity building.

The development of the meta universe should not be ignored, nor should we be too nervous. Han Song, a science fiction writer, believes that when the meta universe was born, the things that ended it were already brewing. This is an interesting point of view. The pomp and glamour of the virtual world will eventually fade. In the long river of human history, there are always climbers who bravely move forward to push the wheels of history forward. (Selected by Peng Xiangyu and Fu Huanran)

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