Take the AIGC Dongfeng! The scale of the digital virtual human market is expected to exceed 600 billion, and these listed companies are planning related businesses

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Source:Associated Press of Finance and Economics

Edited by Liu Yue

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Recently, there has been constant news about digital people. According to media reports, Baidu AI digital people like Xi Jiajia, Du Xiaoxiao, Lin Kaikai and Ye Youyou released short videos on Kwai accounts. Baidu digital human family settled in Kwai, will open 24-hour AI live broadcast, and will also join the production of the breakthrough game reality show Vowel Adventures. It is reported that the Baidu digital people family has its own "creativity". Through the ability of AIGC's intelligent creation, they can paint, write poetry, write novels, write lyrics, etc.

In addition, the Dialogue AI Xiaobing Company, headed by Shen Xiangyang, a former Microsoft technology giant, completed a new financing totaling 1 billion yuan. The company said that this financing would be used to accelerate the research and development of AI Being Xiaobing framework technology and promote the popularization of digital employees.

Deppon Securities pointed out that the maturity of AIGC is conducive to reducing costs, partly solving the problems of creativity and production in the content industry, and bringing about changes and enrichment in digital people, virtual scenes, digital content, and audio-visual products.

According to incomplete statistics by the Associated Press of Finance and Economics, such listed companies as Jiachuang Video, Wanxing Technology, Jiecheng Shares, Century Huatong, Aotuo Electronics, Zhongke Jincai, Liade, Tianyu Digital Science, Yinsai Group, Guoao Technology, Bluecursor, Softcom Power, Torus, Entrepreneurial Dark Horse, Baotong Technology, Torvi Information, Beijing North, Keran Software, 263, and Golith are currently engaged in interactive and easy to reply digital human related businesses.

Yu Jun, an analyst of China Merchants Securities, pointed out in a research paper released on November 6 that digital people are interactive intermediaries connecting users' emotions with VR, AR and other hardware devices. If AR/VR is regarded as the entrance of the meta universe, digital human can be regarded as the key element of the meta universe. The technical pillar of the meta universe has four levels, the lowest level is holographic construction (the level of digital twins), the second level is holographic simulation (the level of VR), the third level is virtual world and real world integration (the level of AR), and the top level is virtual world and real world interaction (the level of digital human).

Digital human is an important entity and ecology of the meta universe, which can be divided into identity digital human and service digital human. Identity based digital people include two core functions: virtual IP/idol and the second part of the virtual world. The representative applications include virtual idol, VRChat, etc; The service-oriented digital person includes two core functions, namely, replacement of real person service and multimodal AI assistant, and its representative applications include virtual anchor, virtual teacher, etc.

In the trillion yuan market of the universe, digital virtual human has risen first. Yang Sirui, an analyst of BOC Securities, pointed out in a research report released on October 26 that according to Bloomberg industry research and PwC's prediction, the market size of the Metauniverse will reach $800 billion in 2024 and $1.5 trillion in 2030. At present, the universe is in an early stage of development, and digital virtual human is the first to be launched. In 2021, the industrial market scale and core market scale driven by virtual human in China will be 107.49 billion yuan and 6.22 billion yuan respectively, and it is expected to reach 640.27 billion yuan and 480.6 billion yuan respectively in 2025.

Yang Sirui pointed out that the upstream of the virtual human industry chain mainly includes the original image design, modeling and rendering, IP incubation, advertising operation and other links, while the midstream main manufacturers include vertical virtual human manufacturers, integrated Internet technology manufacturers and special AI manufacturers, and the downstream connects with film, culture, tourism, media and other segmentation scenes.

In terms of products, Yang Sirui pointed out that the virtual human industry is not yet mature. In addition to the game engine company Epic serving the engine, more foreign companies focus on the ToC market, while domestic companies focus on the ToBToC field, which is more practical. In terms of model, foreign companies connect NLP's core function pair package to external systems, provide a large number of virtual digital human images, timbres, templates, etc., and let customers conduct training and iteration; While domestic enterprises design virtual digital human images according to user needs, including voice, text, images, etc., most of which are delivered in a customized mode.

Yu Jun pointed out that motion capture is the mainstream motion production mode of digital human at present. Motion capture (also known as motion capture, MotionCapture, or MoCap for short) is a new technology that can accurately measure and record all kinds of motion tracks and attitudes of moving objects in real three-dimensional space in real time, and reconstruct the motion state of this object at each moment in virtual three-dimensional space.

Representatives of domestic manufacturers in the industry include Ling Yunguang, Liade, Liding Optoelectronics, Nokov, Qingtong Vision and Nuoyitang.

It is worth noting that Yu Jun pointed out that the digital human industry faces the risks of product development not meeting expectations, agency business, overseas procurement, tax incentives and government subsidies.

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