Small and medium-sized digital collection platforms are now out of fashion, and half of the companies were established within half a year

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Source:Blue Whale Finance

Author: Shi Yuning

According to the statistics of Blue Whale Finance and Economics, since October, nearly 20 small and medium-sized digital collection platforms, such as Yiduo Chain, Juxiang Cultural Innovation, Minjie Cultural Innovation, Yuanjing Meta, and Yuanhu Art, have issued clearance and liquidation announcements, most of which mention "industry risk", "low ebb and cold wave", "platform development stagnation" and other reasons.

Most of the clearing and returning amounts on the Databank platform vary from 10% to 50%, and some platforms do not mention the refund amount. Take Daniel Digital Innovation as an example. In its announcement, it said that the company had lost about 360000 yuan in total and would liquidate and refund 10% of the sales amount for the collections held by users.

Blue Whale Finance and Economics counted the companies behind the retirement platform and found that at least ten companies were established within half a year, and other companies made administrative changes within half a year.

Recently, official documents have been issued to supervise the qualification of the digital collection industry and financial risks.

On September 9, the National Copyright Administration officially released the National Copyright Administration and other four departments launched the "Jianwang 2022" Special Action. The article mentioned that the copyright supervision of new online formats such as NFT digital collections and "screenplay killing" should be strengthened, and the unauthorized use of other people's art, music, animation, games, movies and other works to forge NFT should be severely punished.

On November 10, Henan Provincial Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau issued the "Henan Provincial Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau's Risk Tips on Digital Collection Investment", suggesting that we should be highly alert to the investment risks of NFT (Non homogenous Token) represented by digital collections.

The recently released Compliance Operation Guidelines for Issuing NFT Digital Collections mentioned that the enterprises and platforms that cast and distribute NFT digital collections need to have the Trans regional Value added Telecommunications Business Operation License, Value added Telecommunications Business Operation License, Network Culture Operation License, Network Publishing Service License, etc. The enterprises have no relevant qualifications or are subject to a fine of more than three times of their revenue.

Small and medium-sized Tibetan platforms have been removed one after another, and water testing in large factories has also been "heroic". In August, Tencent's Fantasy Core digital collection was officially closed. On November 16, according to the news on the interface, Tencent Music has stopped the business of "TME digital collections", and some members of the original team have been working internally (employees of the company are free to apply for internal job transfer).

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