Babbitt | The Metauniverse Daily Must Read: What is the Industrial Metauniverse, and why is it worth pursuing?

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Abstract: What is the industrial meta universe of "sudden rise"? What stage has it reached now? With the development of technology, what scenarios will it be applied in? Which enterprises are paying attention to the industrial meta universe?

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Hotspot information:

Adidas launches NFT wearable series Virtual Gear

DeFi News, on November 17, adidas Originals launched NFT wearable series Virtual Gear, which includes 8 styles out of 16 variants, aiming to connect the past and future, virtual and physical, community and creator, culture and identity.

The BAYC NFT purchased by Justin Bieber with 1.31 million dollars has dropped to 74000 dollars

According to Watcher According to Guru Twitter, the value of BAYC # 3001 purchased by famous artist Justin Bieber in January with 500 ETH (then worth about 1.31 million dollars) has dropped to 74000 dollars.

NFT production platform briq will be launched on Starknet main network, and blind boxes will be sold in three batches

On November 16, the NFT production platform briq announced that it would launch the Starknet main network on November 22, and planned to sell 615 "Starknet Planet" series blind boxes at 19:00 on November 22, 24 and 26. It is reported that briq is an NFT production and composable system composed of basic elements of briq, which allows users to use multiple briq to build NFT on Starknet main network, and its storage, 3D NFTs storage and construction verification are executed on the chain. In April this year, briq won the StarkWare Hacksong contest.

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What is the industrial meta universe that Microsoft, Lenovo and other giants are competing to layout, and why is it worth pursuing

As a smart industrial Internet system of Industrial Internet 2.0, the industrial meta universe is becoming a hot spot for the industry to think and practice about the development of new science and technology and the new development direction of the industry. So, what is the industrial meta universe of "sudden rise"? With the development of technology, what scenarios will it be applied in? Is the industrial meta universe that people will face an opportunity or a challenge?

Good news frequently appears in the VR industry, but the pioneers are struggling. Where is the future of the industry

Recently, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, announced an unprecedented layoff plan. 13% of employees will be affected by layoffs. The meta universe, which can connect all people in the world, has not yet officially appeared. It seems that 11000 core staff will disappear from the grand blueprint first. And Pico, which was incorporated into bytes in a high-profile way last year, failed to realize the great wish of selling 1.8 million VR helmets annually. In the face of achieving performance indicators, internal employees feel great pressure. Once the radical goal is compared with the worrying reality, Zhang Yiming may hold the trigger of layoff at any time. Pioneers who invested heavily in VR are experiencing a difficult time. Just like the entrepreneurs who were caught in the quagmire of this industry earlier. Paradoxically, at this time, the VR industry is also releasing good news.

Why are all the virtual people whose names you can call women? The universe also prefers beautiful women

Virtual human always seems to be injected with "femininity"? For example, intelligent assistants that are increasingly closely related to daily life, from Siri, Microsoft Xiaobing to "Little Love Students", use female voices; The fashionable virtual idols, from Chuyin Future to Luotianyi to A-SOUL, are all beautiful girls; The popular virtual bloggers on various social platforms, such as Liu Yexi and AYAYI, a "ID photo" with a small red book, are still women. Why are the virtual people whose names you can call almost all women? Does Yuanuniverse also prefer beautiful women?

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