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At present, digital collections have become a trendy social way. However, there are thousands of collections with a wide variety, which is dazzling. Today, we will take a stock of 10 common collection types, one of which is suitable for you.

Source: Yuanxin NewMeta

Text: Ye Xiaochai

01 Brand

Major brands are also actively promoting their own digital collections/NFT, including sports brands, auto brands, even luxury brands, tea brands, etc., to join the market.

Representative works: NIKE digital collections

On April 16, 2022, Nike's flagship store of Tmall China has launched a digital collection activity, combining basketball with music, trends, art, hip-hop dance, and video games, and integrating graffiti style to create a "Echo All Star Series" digital collection, which will be launched in limited quantities in China.

02 Artwork

Among the numerous digital collections/NFT products, the art field is the most familiar to the public, which has repeatedly reported high price transactions. Through NFT, works of art, such as paintings, can be digitally linked, which can bring more convenient trading and circulation experience for art creators and fans, and also has great advantages in the identification of the right and authenticity of works.

Representative works: Everydays: The First 5000 Days

The transaction price of Everydays: The First 5000 Days was 69.3 million US dollars (about 450 million yuan). It is a mosaic collection of works by artist Mike Wincolman (stage name Beeple), and it is a giant collage. Since May 2007, he has created and published a new art work on the Internet every day, and finally spliced 5000 pieces of artwork into a 316MB JPG file.

03 PFP head portrait

From facial expression packs to classic avatars, the ownership of Renduo's collections can also be better determined in the form of digital collections/NFTs to protect the infringement problems arising from their actual use.

Representative works: Bored Ape Yacht Club

On April 23, 2021, a collection of 10000 monkeys of different shapes and styles designed by Bored Ape Kennel (Bored Ape Kennel Club), composed of four friends, was born. Basketball superstar Curry, football superstar Neymar, international singer Justin Bieber, and top actress Hilton all took them into their pockets and loved them. The scarce quantity and high price make Boring Ape the top social card in the encryption circle.

04 Cultural relics

The digital collection of cultural relics is a product that the creative works of cultural relics IP confirm their rights based on blockchain technology and realize online sharing and dissemination through digital means. Its characteristics of being tamper proof and permanent preservation enable cultural relics to find a new way of "living", or will become a new way of cultural life experience for the young generation.

Representative works: Goujian Sword, King of Yue

At 12:00 on October 29, 2021, the digital collection of "Yue King Gou Jian sword", the treasure of the town museum of Hubei Province, was officially released to the public. Users can buy, appreciate and share it through the Alipay search fangranule applet. This batch of digital collections totaled 10000 copies, which were sold out when they went online.

05 IP class

Pursuing their favorite IP is one of the important reasons for users to pay attention to the NFT market. Using classic IP through digital collections/NFT can effectively cater to the attention of fans.

Representative works: Journey to the West, Monk Tang, Monkey King, Pig Bajie, Monk Sha

The four images of digital collections are the four people who learned from the scriptures in the Journey to the West, Tang Monk, Monkey King, Pig Bajie and Monk Sha. The number of public offerings is 10000. The creator is CCTV Animation Group Co., Ltd., and the issuer is also CCTV Animation Group Co., Ltd.

06 Games

In the meta universe games and blockchain games, game props, including land, can be very beneficial to ownership confirmation and circulation through NFT, which has also become an important operation mode in GameFi.

Representative works: Decentraland Virtual Land NFT

In November 2021, singer Lin Junjie spent $123000 to buy three virtual properties in Decentraland. This platform is built on a virtual world, providing users with NFT land, virtual image clothing, etc. Users can also embed their own 3D scenes, clothing, etc. into the game and trade.

07 Music and Art

Digital collections will redefine the value of music works of art, make classical music once again full of vitality, and enable those experienced musicians to have more diversified communication channels and expressions when facing fans.

Representative works: Digital vinyl record for the 25th anniversary of Paradise

On March 25, 2022, TME's digital collection, together with Tengger's "Paradise", officially launched its 25th anniversary digital black glue in QQ Music. In just 3 minutes, 8000 copies of digital black glue were quickly sold out.

08 Film/video/photography

Movies and teleplays are also launching works in the form of digital collections/NFT, which is also a beneficial exploration in the protection of intellectual property rights.

Representative works: Wong Kar wai's first NFT film, The Moment of Love

On October 9, 2021, Sotheby's Auction House held an autumn auction, in which Wong Kar wai's first NFT film "In the Mood for Love - A Moment" finally sold for HK $4.284 million, which was higher than the expected HK $3 million.

09 Tourist attractions

Digital collectionsAs a derivative of cultural tourism IP, strong cultural attributes becomescenic spotThe opportunity to quickly enter the meta universe.

Representative works: Impression on West Lake

Impression West Lake series "digital collections, with the theme of" printing ", integrate the reflection of the West Lake into each digital product, blend the landscape and mirror, and retain the impression of Xizi who is always suitable for light makeup.

10 Text

Representative: "just setting up my twitter"

On March 6, 2021, Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, sent his first tweet in 2006, which was "just setting up my twttr". Jack Dorsey created an NFT irreplaceable token for this tweet.

The large number and rich categories of digital collections/NFT products provide a very broad space for fans to explore.

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