Wal Mart "broke into" the meta universe, Roblox is only the first stop

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Author | Zhou Zhou

Wal Mart has taken the first step towards the meta universe.

On September 27, 2022, Wal Mart announced that it would land in Roblox (the first share of the global meta universe) and create two new experience products for young users: "Wal Mart Paradise" and "Wal Mart Game World".

This is another large enterprise "settling in" Roblox after Nike, Samsung, VF, Gucci, Spotify and other giants. Wal Mart chose Robox as its first stop in the meta universe for no complicated reason. Robox has a large number of users, and the number is growing rapidly.

With the outbreak of the epidemic, the daily active users of online game platform Roblox have increased from 32.6 million in 2020 to more than 52 million, most of whom are children and adolescents, aged 25 or younger. They can create their own games on Roblox, play other users' games, and communicate with each other. "Roblox is one of the fastest growing and largest platforms in the virtual world, and we know our customers are spending a lot of time there." Wal Mart's US chief marketing officer, William White, said in a statement. In addition to Roblox, Wal Mart also actively participated in TikTok and Twitter, and held live shopping activities.

In Walmart Land, Wal Mart has set up music, clothing, cosmetics and other theme areas for users to explore. For example, the "Electric Island" of Wal Mart Paradise has a walkway and DJ stage made of piano, while the "House of Style" has a virtual fitting room and skating rink.

Walmart Land (source: Wal Mart)

In Wal Mart Paradise, Roblox users can purchase goods such as clothing, accessories and electronic products with tokens obtained in virtual stores.

On the other hand, Wal Mart's universe of play is a toy themed area. Users can get virtual toys and travel in the "virtual adventure" area by means of floating skateboards.

Wal Mart's Metauniverse

These two products can be accessed on various devices, such as PC (Windows and macOS), smartphone (Android and iOS), Xbox, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Wal Mart hopes to attract more young people in the Z era through this action, and Roblox is a good choice from now on. It is reported that Nike's virtual world Nikeland has 21 million visitors, while VF's Vans World has about 81 million visitors. Roblox has become a good channel for large brands to contact the younger generation.

"The move to Roblox is our first major move in the meta universe," Wal Mart Chief Marketing Officer William White said in an interview. "This is another step in our approach to customers in unexpected ways."ย 

At present, several American retailers have joined Roblox, including Nike, American Eagle Outfitters and Ralph Lauren. The emergence of the epidemic has changed people's shopping habits. On Roblox, players can socialize, play games and have fun in the virtual space built by the brand, which attracts retailers to join.

However, although Roblox has a large number of users, many Roblox players said to Hu Xiang that almost all of the current head meta universe products are still rough."Similar to playing Decentraland and Sandbox before, Roblox has a poor sense of experience and a low degree of craftsmanship. At present, the leading meta universe products in this industry are still at an early stage in modeling, rendering, game design and other aspects. The main reason for doing so is to rely on new concepts and asset hype, but the market will fall silent after the difference."Ning Wentao, investment director of Glock Ventures, said to Hu Xiang.

"There is still a long way to go from the mainstream, but similar meta universe projects may rise in the next cycle. Like gamefi, they will certainly make advanced evolution in the direction of workmanship, design, gameplay and even decentralization. We have seen many similar early projects emerge in this cycle, and then we will work hard to wait for the next outbreak." Ning Wentao said.

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