Little Red Book R-SPACE X Disney Artists' exclusive global debut - Fairyspell fairy girl's digital avatar

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The year 2020 is known as the "critical point of virtualization of human society". Countless young people are exploring the virtual world in an open way, seeking to connect with the real world through creative play. The digital head of the R-SPACE Fairyspell fairy girl once again opens the door of Web3.

On September 21, Little Red Book R-SPACE exclusively cooperated with Disney artist Whitney Pollett and ACC Super Artists Alliance AniLEAGUE to launch the world's first digital avatar of Fairyspell Girl, which is Little Red Book's new exploration of digital avatar women on the track.

Web3.0 and Metauniverse, as the two most important digital civilization narratives, correspond to the social structure and social practice of the digital future. The industry scholars then put forward the conjecture that "digital communication will indeed dominate the future human life", and digital avatars came into being.

Digital head portrait, in the popular sense, is a unique, social and generative digital collection, which is widely welcomed by collectors. In this era, digital avatars do not only represent visual images. In a deeper sense, digital avatars are symbolic representatives of culture and social members, and are endowed with different cultural symbols in the creation process of artists.

The "Fairyspell Fairy Girl" project of the R-SPACE laboratory hopes to use a series of unique fairy characters to appeal to the young people who are in anxiety and are being held hostage by reality to break away from the complicated life and explore their own shining point. This theme is the unique cultural symbol given to them by the artist Whitney Pollett.

It is reported that the public lottery of this digital avatar project was launched at 12:00 p.m. on September 21, and it was open to lottery winning users at 12:00 p.m. on September 28. This time, only 2000 digital avatars were sold to the public at a price of 129 yuan, attracting millions of users.

Yi Nengjing, known as "the mother who knows the most about the meta universe", showed her R-SPACE Fairyspell through her small red book account on September 22.

It is also the first digital avatar held by IMMA, the first virtual person in Asia who detonated the whole network upon its birth.

At the same time, KOL heads in various fields, such as knowledge trend, art, fashion, beauty and cute pet, have become a member of Fairyspell's fairy social circle!

Not only that, Tony Bancroft, the director of Disney Animation Mulan, Tom Bancroft, the famous female hero cartoonist of Marvel DC, Juan Cuadra, the creative animation director of Apple, John Pomeroy, the animator of Cat and Mouse, and Luo Qimei, an international public expert, all expressed their full support for this project.

What is more noteworthy is that Fairyspell Fairy Girls even set off a small disturbance among overseas blue chip project communities. Mimic Shhans (Black Cat), Crypto Coven (Crypto Witch), Mfers and other projects took the initiative to initiate community linkage. Experts in the field of Web 3.0 spontaneously promote and support on social platforms.

(Illustration Liz, a blockchain investor; Yang Shuo, director of venture capital of Geqin Capital and investor of Yuanuniverse; Li Yuechun, founder of the Program Kayuan Cosmic Laboratory; Liu Ge, editor in chief of WEB3 Notes We Media; Chen Butear, the principal of the "strxgers" project; Crypto Coven Chinese Community Operation Responsible Personality Bureau

The great success of R-SPACE Fairyspell's digital avatar of fairy girls in Little Red Book can not be separated from its targeting at the "her economy" market. With the cute shape, witty expression and bright color of fairy characters, it shows the creativity and artistry that contemporary women pay attention to, subtly satisfies the consumption psychology of Web3 women, and feels the existence of self in the fairy characters. Accompanied by the design blessing of Disney artists, it opened the female consumer market with artistic aesthetics.

"I always think that modern women are not perfect, perfect is unrealistic, and perfect is too boring! Modern women will constantly make changes in order to adapt to the environment. I like the struggling, clumsy, creative and constantly overcome obstacles in life!" Whitney Pollett, the principal of Fairyspell Fairy Girls and the artist, said in the interview.

Compared with ordinary digital avatar projects, Whitney Pollett, an artist, pays more attention to cultural transmission and user resonance, suppresses the atmosphere of speculation in the community as much as possible, and focuses on the construction of an atmosphere around culture. This has also laid a good foundation for the domestic digital avatar project to develop in a more benign direction.

What is more noteworthy is that the project of Xiaohongshu R-SPACE is not only a traditional one-way distribution and sale, but also realizes the infinite creativity and commercial value behind digital art based on the community's diversified creation ecology under the digital mode.

On the one hand, this digital avatar project has high public welfare value. 10% of the total income of the project will be donated to the women's [education+medical] public welfare security project - "Come on Mulan".

"Come on Mulan" is initiated by the China Women's Development Foundation, which is committed to helping women in underdeveloped areas to drop out of school due to poverty and become poor due to illness. The holder of the Fairyspell fairy girl's digital avatar will become the glorious supporter of the "Come on Mulan" public welfare project, and will do his part.

On the other hand, all the winners will be granted the "commercial use right" of Fairyspell Fairy Girl, which means that the holders are eligible to launch the Fairyspell Fairy Girl IP co branding cooperation plan to the project party, which is an excellent opportunity to cooperate with Disney artists!

With the continuous development and expansion of the digital economy, the infrastructure related to digital art is booming today. Digital avatars have gradually become a new mode of social networking in the digital world. Little Red Book R-SPACE's attempt at this track is earlier than you think.

In the first half of this year, Little Red Book R-SPACE, together with the North American Shoe King and the famous fashion expert Xia Jiahuan, launched the first original fashion digital avatar project "GREEN FRIENDS". The first 1000 avatars sold out immediately, becoming Ma Siwei, Wang Linkai, and PSY P. Knowledge, BK and other major opinion leaders and fashion icon jointly choose; Later, the company linked with the high-quality illustrators and artists in the station, and successively released the "Inner Child" series of Tanabata couples' digital avatars, and the "Fox Laughing" series of digital avatars. At the same time, it also extended its tentacles to the field of cultural media. The cross-border variety show IP "Talk Show Season 5" launched the digital avatar of a new pop treasure star, which is currently on sale.

The digital works sold by Xiaohongshu R-SPACE continue the characteristics of the platform, deeply cultivate high-quality content in the community, and provide high-quality soil for creators. It conveys the original intention of embodying collection and life enjoyment in the digital world through personalized aesthetic expression, while constantly strengthening dialogue with real life scenes. From the first few digital collections, it has transformed into a diversified digital space.

For example, together with XINTIANDI x Shanghai Fashion Week, 18 limited virtual fashions were successively released, realizing the wall breaking reorganization of the meta universe and fashion; The first Yuanuniverse Temple Fair was held in Xiaohongshu with virtual idol AYAYI, and offline art galleries and exhibitions were combined to enhance immersive interactive experience through the injection of 3D and AR elements, further realizing the connection between virtual world and real world. R-SPACE's exploration in the field of digital art has never stopped.

Since its establishment in 2013, Little Red Book has been very popular among young users. Many young people use Little Red Book as a content platform to exchange avant-garde and trendy culture, and show their aesthetic and identity through pictures and videos. This is closely related to the aesthetic consensus and cultural consensus behind the digital avatar. The future is based on digital works; The experience and sharing of virtual personal space will become a new form to undertake their social expression of "identity". And Xiaohongshu R-SPACE will continue to explore businesses in the creator economy 4.0, Web 3.0 and other related directions, work hard on the construction of digital art platforms, and combine with community ecological innovation to provide users with richer and more innovative play methods and experiences.

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