The first meta cosmic trial is coming! Is government affairs far from the meta universe?

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"Hello, please show me your health code." This is probably the most commonly heard phrase since the COVID-19 epidemic. Before the introduction of health codes, epidemic prevention checkpoints across the country were registered by "human flesh".

This is just a microcosm of digital government.

With the coming of the wave of the meta universe, digital government, a public service product, has begun to be implanted with the concept of the meta universe. What kind of world will the future government meta universe present?

01China's first Yuan Universe trial

Court investigation, evidence raising and cross examination, court debate... All court proceedings were carried out smoothly and clearly in the "meta universe". A few days ago, a special court hearing by the Siming District People's Court of Xiamen (hereinafter referred to as Siming Court) - the "Yuan Universe" court hearing was held. It is reported that this is also the first trial of "Metauniverse" in China.

Unlike two-dimensional online litigation, each participant in the meta universe trial enters a three-dimensional virtual court space, which can more intuitively and figuratively feel the real trial atmosphere, and synchronously enter, stand up, sit down in the virtual space... Each trial detail can be immersed in experience and restoration.

Figure | Quanzhou: The trial scene of the universe

Entering the virtual trial scene of the Yuan Universe, you can select the trial perspective to watch by simply moving your finger, and you can also zoom in on the large screen of the trial scene to clearly watch the trial transcripts and evidence materials being displayed on the screen. In order to maintain the court order and court trial security, the identity verification method of password entry is adopted in the Yuan Universe court trial. At the same time, the court background uniformly manages the speaking authority and voting authority.

In today's complex epidemic situation, the Yuan Universe trial has solved the concerns and confusion of many judges, lawyers and parties.

Not only that, the government meta universe also ushered in spring. How to manage life and industry in a virtual and real city, and how to formulate rules and achieve co governance, has become the focus of the industry.

02Yuanuniverse promotes the efficiency of "urban fine governance"

City is an important carrier of people's life and production. In the process of urban rudiment to digitalization and intelligence, the number of large cities is increasing, and China's urbanization rate has also increased from about 25% in the 1980s to 65% today. The government's expenditure on public transport and public safety has continued to increase. With the improvement of the complexity of urban space, the management mode and efficiency of urban space are becoming increasingly refined, modular and scene based.

With the rich data sets provided by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things and digital twins and a high understanding of human behavior, the meta universe is redefining urban design activities and service supply, thus improving urban operation efficiency.

"The digital twin in the transportation industry is an important achievement of continuous exploration and practice. Our first step is to achieve the" mapping between the virtual and the real ", and then gradually promote it according to the goals of" virtual and real analysis "," virtual and real optimal control "," virtual and real symbiosis "and so on." Liu Bin, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Transport, said at the "Connect โ€ข Future" Shanghai Transport Digital Twin Governance Sharing Conference a few days ago that nowadays, many "meta universe" application scenarios have been integrated into people's daily life. In Shanghai, the port, airport, construction site, road network and other scenes have improved the fine governance efficiency of the city in the digital twin "virtual reality combination".

Figure | Digital Twin Operation Interface of Shanghai Yangpu Bridge

Digital twin can simulate the meteorological environment, which can model the impact of production process under different meteorological environments and design corresponding production plans.

In case of rainstorm and typhoon, the platform can switch to the emergency mode of flood and typhoon prevention sub scene by one button. For 136 construction sites under the supervision of the platform, there are 250 cameras in total, and one button is used to issue the personnel evacuation algorithm task to ensure the safety of construction site personnel during the typhoon season. Since the platform was officially put into operation, more than 3600 risks have been eliminated, and the closed-loop rate of disposal has reached 97%.

In addition, the construction of "smart construction site" is also progressing steadily. In August 2022, the Shanghai Traffic Construction Project Comprehensive Supervision Platform 1.0 will be officially launched. The platform has now covered six major traffic construction sites under construction in Shanghai, including rail transit, highway, municipal, water transport, railway and hub.

According to Shanghai Urban Transport Center, the center has now accessed 220 systems from 72 departments (units) and a number of digital twin application scenarios, actively promoted the application of digital twins in infrastructure, historical buildings, communities, cultural tourism, education, medical care, emergency, fire protection and other fields, and created a number of unique digital twin application scenarios in urban safety, urban operation, innovation and leadership.

03The coexistence of virtual and real places puts forward new requirements for urban management

The universe provides a highly reliable platform for urban governance: on the platform, urban services and urban virtualization assets will be established. This kind of "virtual city" can improve the efficiency of urban operation, reduce operating costs, and the various factors that have been observed to hinder urban services.

Figure | Logic Diagram of the City Governance of the Metauniverse

Seoul, South Korea, provided a case on the successful impact of the meta universe on urban governance. The city proposes to introduce the concept of meta universe into urban public services and cultural activities in a digital environment. By using VR or AR devices, people will get an immersive experience. For example, they can browse urban assets in digital space, including virtual social halls, museums, parks, and experience some government services, such as filing civil complaints.

Figure | "Metacosmic Seoul" Plan

In addition, Seoul's Meta Universe project also includes virtual avatars of government employees who will provide advice, complete transactions and complete civil procedures. These services are usually only available through the Civil Service Center located in the Seoul Central Government Building. In order to improve the working efficiency of employees, the local government is making efforts to expand the scope of application of laws and regulations to all areas of municipal management.

There is a view in the industry that in the future, the government will be able to manage urban residents on a virtual platform without physical existence, while the meta universe will make virtual scenes more realistic through technology empowerment.

Although the potential of urban governance in the meta universe is huge, with the continuous development of its concept, it still requires a lot of investment and patience.

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