"1+5+N" industrial layout! Henan sets a goal of 100 billion yuan to develop the meta universe industry

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Source:Henan Government Website

Zhuangzhou's dream of a butterfly has a long history. In the virtual dream, Zhuangzhou does not know whether he has become a butterfly or a butterfly has become himself. Similarly, the distance between reality and virtual is getting closer and closer, and the meta universe has become one of the largest vent industries in the world, attracting attention in every move.

Recently, the General Office of Henan Provincial People's Government issuedThe Action Plan for the Development of Yuanuniverse Industry in Henan Province (2022-2025)(hereinafter referred to as the "Action Plan"), Henan will seize the opportunity to layout the development of the meta universe industry: by 2025, the scale of the province's meta universe core industry will exceed 30 billion yuan, and the scale of related industries will exceed 100 billion yuan, initially forming a meta universe innovation leading area with important influence. What is the bottom line of Henan after setting the goal of 100 billion yuan? How will it be done? Let's have a lookโ€”โ€”

What is the meta universe?

What is the meta universe?

The concept of the meta universe began with the two concepts "Metaverse" and "Avatar" mentioned in the foreign science fiction "Avalanche" in 1992. People can have their own virtual avatars in Metaverse, and this virtual world is called "meta universe".

With regard to the meta universe, the current common formulation is "a virtual world constructed by human using digital technology, which is mapped or transcended by the real world and can interact with the real world, and a digital living space with a new social system".

Wang Jiayao, an academician of the CAE Member, a professor of Henan University and President of Henan Provincial Institute of spatiotemporal big data industry technology, believes that the so-called "meta universe" is essentially a collection of "virtual real time and space integration" technologies.

How to understand the concept of meta universe? According to the relevant person in charge of the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Henan Province, there are three key words: one is the parallel world. The meta universe is a virtual world parallel to the real world built by using digital technology. People can break the rules and restrictions of the real world and achieve things that cannot be done in the real world; The second is the integration of the virtual world and the real world. The virtual world of the meta universe is a mapping interaction relationship with the real world. People's behavior in the virtual world can affect the real world, and vice versa; The third is immersive experience. With the help of scene rendering, immersive sound field, temperature simulation, tactile sensing and other technologies, a realistic virtual scene is created to make the brain feel immersive.

Goal I This layout of Henan's Yuan universe industry in the next three years

On August 26, the seminar on the construction of Henan Yuanuniverse Science and Innovation Industrial Park was held in Zhengzhou. (Picture of Dahe Network)

According to the Action Plan, in the next three years, Henan will build about 10 domestic first-class research and innovation platforms for meta universe technology, and initially establish an open and collaborative meta universe technology innovation system; One core park of the Metauniverse and 3-5 characteristic parks have been built, 10 key enterprises of the Metauniverse with core competitiveness have been cultivated, 200 specialized and innovative enterprises in the sub sector of the Metauniverse and 500 innovative SMEs have been established; Create 100 meta universe demonstration application scenarios in industrial manufacturing, cultural tourism, public services, social governance, social entertainment, education, medical care and other fields, and accelerate the cultivation of the meta universe development ecosystem; The development environment of the meta universe industry is becoming more and more perfect. A number of public service platforms, such as software and hardware R&D, testing and verification, have been built. The industry governance and security assurance system has been initially established.

It is worth noting that on August 26, a news was released from the construction seminar of Henan Yuanuniverse Science and Innovation Industrial Park that the first Yuanuniverse Industrial Park covers an area of about 386 mu, focusing on eight application scenarios, including consumption, entertainment, cultural tourism, education, industry, health, office and residence, as well as six technical scenarios, including blockchain, information interaction, electronic games, artificial intelligence, network and computing, and the Internet of Things A meta cosmic industrial ecology with rich application scenarios, prosperous industrial ecology and sound industrial management.

"At the provincial level, Henan is the second region to print and distribute the special action plan for the meta universe after Shanghai, which will provide a good policy environment for the innovative development of the meta universe industry in our province." The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology believes that the Action Plan provides a top-level design for the development of the meta universe in terms of technology, industry, application, ecology, foundation, etc., establishes a "five in one" promotion pattern, clarifies the key tasks of each aspect during the "Fourteenth Five Year Plan" period, and preempts the development opportunities in subdivided fields and key links. At the same time, the overall layout of "1+5+N" is proposed in terms of industrial agglomeration, that is, to support Zhengzhou to build the core area of the meta universe industry, to support Luoyang, Nanyang, Xinxiang, Jiaozuo and Xuchang to build the characteristic area of the meta universe industry, and to support other cities to build the "multi-point support" industrial pattern in the subdivided fields with the application as the traction; In terms of application scenarios, it is proposed to build the basic platform of the meta universe digital space and establish the underlying architecture of the meta universe application scenarios in various economic and social fields.

Focus on promoting six major areas of key technology research

How will Henan promote the key technology breakthrough in developing the meta universe industry? The Action Plan proposes to build innovation carriers such as the Metacosmic Industry Research Institute, Manufacturing Innovation Center, Key Laboratory, Engineering Research Center and Technology Innovation Center. Give play to the leading role of research and development institutions such as the Songshan Laboratory, the Advanced Technology Research Institute of Xinjiang University, and engineering research centers of key backbone enterprises to carry out collaborative research on key technologies such as extended reality (augmented reality/virtual reality/hybrid reality), digital assets, digital twins, brain computer interface, and 3D modeling, and promote the transformation of innovative achievements.

"Many people are talking about these technical terms, but there are still many problems that need to be solved in order to make many technologies practical and industrialized." Wang Jiayao said, for example, using data helmets, data gloves, and data joysticks to interact in a virtual (battlefield) geographic environment, many people feel dizzy, tired, dazed, or even nauseated soon after wearing data helmets, which should not be used for a long time. This may hinder the commercialization of technology and people's acceptance of the "meta universe".

How can Henan take the lead in the new track of the universe? The Action Plan proposes that Henan will focus on six key areas of industry, energy, culture and tourism, education, virtual digital people and smart cities to promote economic and social integration and innovation.

Henan has made some explorations in the development of the culture, tourism and meta universe. Kaifeng implemented the "Song ยท Yuan Universe" cultural tourism scene development project, established the first Yuan Universe company in the province, and the Yuntai Mountain Yuan Universe interactive game was officially launched... The Action Plan proposed to promote the scenic spots, museums, cultural centers, theme parks, art centers, etc. to use the technology of expanding reality in depth, and build digital twins in the virtual world. Establish a new form of cultural tourism that combines offline theme scenes with online open world, give full play to the advantages of immersive experience of the meta universe, and create colorful offline live cultural tourism projects in combination with the virtual world.

Sesame Street Park, the Henan branch venue of the National "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" Week, where the experiencers wear equipment to carry out industrial design. (Picture of Dahe Network)

Develop industrial digital twins and create an industrial meta universe. In terms of process design optimization, operation and maintenance fault prediction, operation and maintenance work simulation and other fields, give full play to the advantages of digital twin virtual debugging, real-time linkage, simulation and simulation, reduce the cost of trial and error in research and development, and promote industrial digital, networked, intelligent transformation.

Develop educational meta universe, build educational meta universe application scenarios, establish digital identities for teachers, students and managers, conduct virtual simulation on teaching equipment, introduce virtual digital human teachers, and build a virtual education base.

Analysis: Henan has four advantages on the new track of the meta universe

Wang Jiayao believes that the Yuan Universe is an emerging industry. Its industrial pattern has not been formed yet, the gap between domestic and foreign industries is small, and there is a huge space for industrial innovation.

What advantages does Henan have in developing the meta universe industry?

The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology said that Henan has four advantages in developing the meta universe:

First, the advantages of infrastructure. The 5G network has achieved full coverage of villages and towns and rural hot spots, Zhengzhou's national level Internet backbone direct connection points have continued to expand, and the construction of network facilities ranks first in the country; China Mobile (Henan) Data Center, China Unicom Zhongyuan Data Base, National Supercomputing Zhengzhou Center and other computing infrastructure have been continuously consolidated.

Second, the industrial foundation advantage. The province's advanced computing, intelligent sensors, integrated circuits, new displays and intelligent terminals and other electronic core industries, as well as emerging digital industries such as big data, blockchain, and information security, enjoy a good momentum of development. Key enterprises such as hyperfusion, Kunpeng on the Yellow River, China Zhengzhou Smart Sensor Valley, Nanyang Photoelectric Industrial Park and other key parks are accelerating. Zhengzhou has been approved as a national network security industrial base National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Development Pilot Zone and National Blockchain Pilot Zone.

Third, the market space advantage. The total economic output of our province is nearly 6 trillion yuan, the population is nearly 100 million, there are more than 20000 industrial enterprises above designated size, 150000 industrial enterprises, and 550000 small and medium-sized enterprises, all of which provide massive data resources, rich application scenarios, and broad market space for the development of the meta universe.

Fourth, the advantages of human resources. In 2021, there will be 17000 graduate students, 678000 graduates of general higher education, including nearly 50000 graduates of software and computer related majors, which will provide strong talent support and intellectual security for the development of the universe.

Guarantee to play a good "combination boxing" to welcome the Yuan universe era in Henan

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the development goals and main tasks, the Action Plan emphasizes the importance of "combination boxing".

The Action Plan proposes to build a good development environment by improving the financial service system, improving the network security guarantee system, building a meta universe governance system, strengthening the research on policies and regulations of the meta universe, and building a meta universe industrial ecology.

At the same time, strengthen organizational guarantee and project support. Relying on the leading group of Henan Province for building a strong manufacturing province to study the major planning layout and important policies and measures of the meta universe, strengthen the research on forward-looking and strategic issues. Adhere to the principle of "project as the king", regularly sign, start and put into production a number of major projects of the universe, carry out in-depth activities of "ten thousand people help ten thousand enterprises", and strengthen factor guarantee.

2022 Henan Smart Tourism Conference online virtual conference, which proposed a new concept of the meta universe conference. (Picture of Dahe Network)

Wang Jiayao suggested that the application field of "meta universe" is very wide, and a good entry point and innovation mode should be found. At the same time, we will strengthen technology research and development, enrich technology systems, enhance technology integration capabilities, form technological competitiveness, promote the simultaneous development and effective integration of technologies, funds, talents, applications and other supporting elements, and form a sound industrial ecosystem. At the same time, relevant policies and regulations need to be formulated and gradually improved to ensure the long-term healthy and sustainable development of the "meta universe" industry. (Guo Xuru, Cui Xiaoti)

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