The first major of "Meta Universe" in China attracted heated discussion: the launch of Nanjing's two first-class universities, and the establishment of AI College three years ago

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A "double first-class" university has renamed the 25 year old "Department of Information Engineering" as the "Department of Metacosmic Engineering"?!

This is still the "first university to eat crabs" since the Yuantiansi fire.

The big news comes fromNanjing University of Information Engineering, formerly the School of Meteorology of Nanjing University, and changed its name to the current name in 2004.

According to the official documents, they are serious about launching the meta universe this time.

In August this year, they also set up the Institute of Metauniverse as one of the research directions.

According to Modern Express, Pan Zhigeng, the dean of the Department of Metacosmic Engineering, said that in the future they would plan to cooperate withHong Kong Polytechnic UniversityJointly cultivate master's, doctoral and postdoctoral students in the direction of meta universe.

At the same time, it will also take the lead in preparing for the "Meta Universe Special Committee" of Jiangsu Artificial Intelligence Society.

As soon as the news came out, it exploded on the Internet.

Some netizens teased about the name change: if the Department of Information Engineering was renamed the Department of Metacosmic Engineering, why not change the "Information Engineering" of Nanjing University of Information Engineering?

Some people also think that this is "doing nothing". After all, the best major of Nanxin University is meteorology.

But some people are more curious about what the Department of Metacosmic Engineering will teach, and "ask for courseware" in advance:

Should we teach something about XR tracking and positioning system, introduction to image recognition, XR optical principle, etc

So, what is the origin of the Department of Metacosmic Engineering set up by Nanxin University?

"Let students have classes in the meta universe"

The opportunity for this change of name will also come from the college where the Department of Metacosmic Engineering is locatedβ€”β€”College of Artificial Intelligence(Future Institute of Technology).

The Artificial Intelligence Institute of Nanxin University was established in 2019, initiallyartificial intelligenceandInformation EngineeringTwo faculties and departments, and then AI became the first batch of 35 approved AI undergraduate majors in China.

(Among them, information engineering was first established in 1997 and later merged into the Institute of Artificial Intelligence)

Since the decision to launch the universe, the School of Artificial Intelligence of Nanxin University has determined three research teams and directions:

Yuanuniverse Research Institute, Smart Meteorology Research Institute, and Smart Medical Research Institute.

Among them,Institute of Metacosmic StudiesIt was founded in August this year.

This is a project signed by Nanxin University and Yalong Intelligent Equipment Group Co., Ltd., with the goal ofWisdom educationDomain.

β–³Source: Guangming Daily

Both parties reached an agreement to jointly tackle key technical problems andEducational metauniverseTo carry out substantive cooperation in industry, university and research in terms of industrial implementation.

Pan Zhigeng, Dean of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence, said that one of the aims of the Institute isβ€œLet students have classes in the universe”。

He believes that the "meta universe training" of AI talents, on the one hand, is the training of grassroots technology, which comprehensively enables students to master the application of underlying chips, networks and operating systems; On the other hand, through the "meta universe training", we can change the conditions of actual teaching.

For example, for some scenes that cannot be operated physically, such as the cockpit of an aircraft, the training efficiency can be improved through technical simulation of the working environment.

In the process of integration of production and teaching, students can be trained and trained in professional technology as soon as possible, participate in the R&D stage of enterprises, and also help them get familiar with the future working environment more quickly.

besides,Smart medicineIt is also another possible landing direction of the meta universe according to President Pan.

Taking virtual rehabilitation and intelligent elderly care as examples, there are multiple repetitive actions in the process of rehabilitation treatment. When people lack patience, they can switch different scenes in the meta universe to improve the effect of rehabilitation treatment.

For families who cannot be reunited, the meta universe can also build a virtual space, allowing families in different places to break through the time and space boundaries, have dinner together in the virtual space, and create an atmosphere of reunion.

β–³Member of Nanxin University Intelligent Medical Research Institute (source: official website of Nanxin University)

Nanxin University's ace specialtyMeteorologyIt is also related to artificial intelligence and the meta universe. For this purpose, the Institute has also set up a smart meteorological research institute to strive to make a difference in atmospheric science and service meteorological industry.

In this way, the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Nanxin University has become the main direction of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence, with smart weather as the guide, smart medicine as the main direction, and exploring smart education. It may also be able to see some reasons why the Department of Information Engineering was renamed "Department of Metacosmic Engineering".

It is worth mentioning that the location of Nanxin Universityβ€”β€”Nanjing CityIn the past two years, many policies related to the universe have also been introduced, including the establishment of a talent pool for the universe based on the platform of Nanjing universities.

Many Yuanuniverse enterprises have also flocked to Nanjing. According to the China Jiangsu Network, there are about 130 Yuanuniverse industry related enterprises in Nanjing.

Dig up a lot of AI professors

When it comes to the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Institute of the Department of Metacosmic Engineering, we must mention the DeanPan Zhigeng。

According to reports, Pan Zhigeng has been paying attention to the meta universe since 2016, and has also reported on the meta universe at several domestic and international conferences.

He joined Nanjing University of Information Engineering on October 15, 2021 and became the dean of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence (the Institute of Future Technology).

Pan Zhigeng graduated from the Computer Department of Nanjing University with a master's degree and Zhejiang University with a doctor's degree. He has published many papers at virtual reality conferences such as ACM Multimedia and IEEE VR, and AI conferences such as PAMI and CVPR.

β–³Google Academic

Before he came to Nanjing University of Information Engineering, he once worked in Zhejiang University CAD& CG National Key Laboratory serves as doctoral supervisor and researcher, and is also a professor of Alibaba Business School of Hangzhou Normal University.

At present, he is also the Chief Scientist of the National Key R&D Program, the Deputy Director of the National Virtual Simulation Experiment Center, and the Vice Chairman of the China Virtual Reality Technology and Innovation Platform.

In fact, Pan Zhigeng has always been very positive about the meta universe.

When he returned to Huai'an Middle School in Jiangsu Province, his alma mater, to give a lecture, one of the themes of the speech was "Let's explore the meta universe together", including the concept of meta universe, virtual reality and meta universe.

β–³Source: Huai'an Middle School in Jiangsu Province Source: Huai'an Middle School in Jiangsu Province

Therefore, some netizens believe that Nanxin University is qualified to open this major just because of the strength of President Pan Zhigeng.

Honorary DeanSu KaileHe is a doctoral student of Nanjing University and a postdoctoral fellow of the National University of Defense Technology. He once won the AiML 2002 Best Paper Award of the International Summit, the National Natural Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars Fund in 2007, and the ARC Future Fellowship of Australia in 2009.

In addition, according to the official website of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Nanxin University, the Institute currently has more than 40 full-time teachers, including 9 professors and 8 associate professors, 98% of whom have doctoral degrees and 90% have overseas academic experience.

Among these teachers, there are 1 foreign academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering, 2 national outstanding young people, 1 talent support plan of the Ministry of Education, 1 chair professor of the Ministry of Education, 1 national overseas talent introduction plan, 3 IEEE Fellows, 2 training objects of the "333 Project" of Jiangsu Province, 3 outstanding young backbone teachers of the "Qinglan Project", and 1 doctoral project of the Jiangsu Key Talent Plan.

In addition, Nanxin University has also made great efforts in the field of artificial intelligence in the past two years.

For example, Nanxin University's AI Industry College, which focuses on industry research, has become one of the first 50 national modern industry colleges of the Ministry of Education in China.

For another example, in the field of artificial intelligence, Nanjing University of Information EngineeringDeclared 20 NSFC projectsThere are 9 general items, one of which is a key item.

According to last year's ranking, this number ranked 13th in the country, even surpassing 985 universities such as Western Polytechnic University, Peking University and Zhejiang University.

β–³Tuyuan Zhihu @ newwinds

The National People's Congress, China University of Science and Technology also engaged in the meta universe

In fact, Nanjing University of Information Engineering is not the only university concerned about the meta universe.

For example, in April this year,Renmin University of ChinaThe Academy of Interdisciplinary Sciences has established the first research center of the meta universe in domestic universities.

The Metauniverse Research Center will carry out a series of academic activities and research related to the Metauniverse, such as launching research reports, publishing books in Chinese and English, publishing high-quality papers, setting up courses related to talent cultivation for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students, and holding summits.

With the help of the Meta Universe Research Center, the University will promote the development of the national meta universe technology, industry, supervision and law, cultural communication and other fields, and build a national platform for cooperation and exchange between government, industry, university and research in the field of the meta universe.

Also this year,China University of Science and TechnologyThe course "Introduction to the Metauniverse" is also offered to enable students to experience the immersion experience brought by the meta universe through VR head display, and complete collaboration and creation in the virtual world.

In addition, colleges and universities including Nanning Vocational and Technical College and Yibin Vocational and Technical College have also established the College of Metacosmic Industry.

What do you think about the renaming of the Department of Space Engineering of Nanxin University?

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