What are the opportunities and challenges for Web2 to transform into Web3?

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On September 15, the offline salon of "No Questions West East, Web3 Buidler" jointly held by Maze, Web3GO and Hangzhou Timestamp Microblue Information Consulting Co., Ltd. was held in China (Hangzhou) Future Blockchain Innovation Center.

At the round table forum segment of "Opportunities and Challenges for Web2 Transforming Web3", the moderator Lily had a wonderful conversation with Web3GO Labs Co Founder Elsa, Chainbase GTM Lead Island Owner, Avault core Contributor Ericsson, Qbit Business Director Peach and FaTpay Business Lead Kimi. The following is a summary of the content of the Jiabin dialogue (with deletion):

What are the biggest attractions and challenges from Web2 to Web3?


I think the industry can subvert a lot of things we see in the Web 2.0 world from the bottom. For example, Bitcoin has been around for 10 years now, and a large number of people still stay in the industry, because people are very familiar with its underlying logic. A large number of institutions and talents can generate great potential energy in the process of entering this industry.

The challenge is that the industry is developing very fast, and new things come out every month. Builders entering this industry need very strong learning ability, otherwise they may be eliminated in the next cycle. In addition, the mobile Internet has a lot of traffic channels, and you just need to do a good job of getting traffic through the traffic channels. Web3 is open. Early projects should not only do a good job in products, but also maintain the community. Bilateral needs should be done.

Island owner:

First, let's talk about what attracts us. The first point is opportunity. A few years ago, in the era of mobile Internet, everyone opened good applications in the App Store on various tracks. Maybe many tracks were blank, and there were no good products. This opportunity also exists in Web3. Let's pull 10 public chains and sort the user numbers in the head. You can see DeFi, GameFi and NFT. Basically, these projects are the only ones that can do better. The second attraction is our understanding of Web3. What we think Web3 really changes is the creation, use and interaction of data. Data is the core of Web3. This open world-class database is the most attractive place for us to build.

For challenges, most of the users in the current circle are profit oriented. They don't care about the quality of the project, and making money may be their greater driving force. How can this inherent mentality of seeking wealth and wealth freedom be diluted? It is a challenge for all practitioners to truly realize the value of the blockchain network after its landing.


Opportunity is the biggest attraction. From the public chain, DeFi, NFT and GameFi, new things are constantly emerging in the industry, which also brings new opportunities.

The biggest challenge is how to find a set of mechanisms or a path suitable for you in the changeable blockchain industry.


The biggest attraction is open source and decentralization. The biggest challenge is that Web3 is full of uncertainty. The future Web3 projects may not be what they are now. In this uncertain industry, there will be fraud, gambling and other evil acts. Therefore, entrepreneurs should have a good psychological construction and think clearly before doing it.


We are mainly engaged in the payment track, which is a 5-year or 10-year long-term business for us, because the top application of blockchain or digital currency is also in the payment area. In the future, more and more people will enter Web3. For the Southeast Asian market, it may be a ten million level increment, which will generate a lot of demand for Web3, such as how to purchase digital currency, how to register an exchange, and how to withdraw cash. This is a relatively heavy education cost. If we provide a product that can directly connect with the platform, so that users can enter the world of Web3 in a fool's way without perception, This is our value.

To challenge this, we need to spend a lot of time to connect with the policies of various countries. I will open up more payment channels to make our products more perfect.

When ordinary people enter the industry of Web3, which track will be more competitive?


To determine what to do based on their own background, most of the teams we met were from Web 2.0 to 3.0, and we found that a very interesting phenomenon is that people are basically grafted onto the chain based on the track they are engaged in in 2.0.

At present, the overall speed of this industry is very fast. For entrepreneurs and practitioners, they should start from their previous experience or their own advantages, and then optimize according to the overall market situation and project attributes of the industry.

Island owner:

Let me add that the work in the Web2 factory is a clear division of labor. You may be deep in some fields, but you may not know too much about the surrounding things or practice too much. But when you go to Web3, you will find that everyone is a special soldier. They should know a little about everything. A technologist should also understand the market, ecology and user scenarios. Therefore, in addition to the relatively solid competitiveness left in Web2, Web3 also requires a high learning ability and strong self drive.

On the other hand, whether we choose to start a business or continue to work after entering Web3 is also a question to consider.

In my opinion, if you have never started a business in Web2, you should be cautious when starting a business in Web3, because all businesses are faced with the same things as Web2, how to recruit talents, and how to talk about capital. You have to know a lot of laws, and some international things may be more complex than Web2. Especially when you first enter Web3, you also need to spend time to learn about technology, track, ecology, and networking. I think it will be difficult. At this time, joining an entrepreneurial team may be the fastest and more stable way to learn, which is a transition.


The first two people basically said what I thought, and they should also choose the track they like according to their own skills, depending on their own interests.


First of all, you should understand yourself. Do you like uncertain things? Can you accept the price of coming to Web3? If you like stability, I think you should not come to Web3. You can also work in Web2 or state-owned enterprises.

If you want to accept some new things and get better opportunities to realize your own value through Web3, I think you should figure out what value you can achieve in the Web2 industry, and then think about what you like to do, whether it is for entrepreneurship/investment to obtain high returns, whether it is for multiple part-time jobs, or whether you like the free atmosphere of Web3.

Web3 is a very early stage. If you are a senior expert in the Web2 industry, you will not be too bad to come to Web3. Of course, if you are an expert in the Web2 industry, you do not have to come to Web3, because the current work is very good both in terms of material and resume. It mainly depends on what you think. You can also do the work of Web2.5. You can connect Web2 and Web3 through your own technology. If you don't understand the technology, you can also do the work of "Pinduoduo" and "Xiaoxiaole" for Web3.


I am optimistic about the game track. In contrast, the major Web2 factories will add more multi game elements to their product design, because games will constantly interact with users and increase the viscosity between users and the platform. The games on Web3 do not have much gaming experience at present. They are purely for making money. However, as time goes on, more large games will come in and bring more users. These users will have better interaction with the game and make money at the same time. Therefore, I think this track must be very suitable for young people, and it can also bring more opportunities to young people.

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