NFT Weekly | Magic Eden Royalty Tool Causes Dispute; The National Copyright Administration severely cracked down on unauthorized digital collections; Yuga Labs has recently become a rumor factory of NFT

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Has NFT finally infiltrated the AAA game circle? At the same time, Magic Eden, Solana's largest NFT market, is dealing with community differences, while the most famous company in the coffee industry is launching a new NFT incentive plan.

These are just a few major events in the news last week. We will present them in brief for your convenience.

Let's take a look at the important news in NFT last week.

Magic Eden Royalty Tool Triggered Dispute

A new royalty structure proposal by Magic Eden, the largest NFT market in Solana, has aroused fierce debate in the SOL NFT community, because this royalty tool called "Meta Shield" is aimed at NFT buyers who bypass creator royalties.

This tool allows the creator to set the copyright payment of the work as a watermark, and only the buyer pays the corresponding royalties๏ผŒThe watermark can only be deletedใ€‚ However, some users claim that royalty is not the problem, but Magic Eden is.

The National Copyright Administration severely cracked down on unauthorized digital collections

Recently, the National Copyright Administration, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security and the National Internet Information Office jointly launched the "Jianwang 2022" special action to combat online piracy, and the "Jianwang 2022" special action carried out four aspects of key rectification.

everythingDevelop literature databaseใ€Special rectification in key areas such as short video and online literatureWe will focus on the remediation of unauthorized and unauthorized use of the literature database to disseminate other people's works, unauthorized deletion and cutting of audio-visual works, adaptation of short videos, and unauthorized dissemination of online literary works through websites, social platforms, browsers, search engines and other infringements.

SecondStrengthen the copyright supervision of network platformsWe will investigate and punish the sale of infringing products through short video platforms, live broadcast platforms, and e-commerce platforms in accordance with the law, and resolutely punish infringements that abuse the "safe harbor" rule.

ThirdStrengthen NFT digital collectionsใ€Copyright supervision of new online businesses such as "script killing"We will severely crack down on unauthorized use of other people's works of art, music, animation, games, films and television to forge NFT and make digital collections.

FourthContinue to strengthen the focus on cinematic filmsใ€Webcastใ€Sports Eventsใ€Online educationใ€Copyright protection of news worksใ€‚

Epic Games Launcher supports the first NFT based game

Few large game developers and publishers are willing to participate in NFT or blockchain game development and design. This was not the case with Epic Games last week.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, opened the door to this field,No matter the developer participates in the development of any game project๏ผŒFinished products should be fair and playableใ€‚

So far, Sweeney's view represents the idea that if developers want to develop around NFT, Epic Games will not limit it.

Blackos Block Party, the first NFT game in Epic Games, is now available in the store. Obviously, this is the message Sweeney wanted to convey to Epic Games last week.

Yuga Labs has recently become a rumor factory of NFT

As the founder of BAYC, is Yuga Labs planning their next generation version?

Last week, a speculative report introduced a game, Mecha Apes, which is said to be about to be released. It is said that it is the latest derivative project of Yuga Labs.

It is reported that the project is planned to go public before the end of this year, with the goal of raising 50 million US dollars.

Yuga's co-founder Garga quickly refuted it. He quoted the report on Twitter and said it was a fake news.

Doodles completes large-scale financing

Alex Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit, and the long-term owner of Doodles led the latest round of equity financing of the NFT project. Finally, Doodles completed the financing of 54 million dollars, which was led by Seven Seven Six, a company led by Ohanian.

Ohanian is very willing to share his views on NFT,It can be seen from the fact that Doodles' financing has made its valuation exceed 700 million dollars๏ผŒOhanian is optimistic about NFTใ€‚

Given the mediocre performance of Doodles in the past, many NFT community members were surprised to see that the project has such a high valuation.

The current floor price of 10000 min is 8 ETH, which is not large compared with the peak price of 35 ETH three months ago.

EU proposes to use blockchain and NFT to combat counterfeit goods

The EU recently announced that it is developing a system designed by the EU Intellectual Property Office,The system will use blockchain and NFT as part of its fight against counterfeit physical goodsใ€‚

A document released this month explains that the organization has selected a high-level architecture for this task and details how the system will work.

Intellectual Property (IP) holders will create digital tokens (dual NFT) to prove that a group of goods produced is real.

These IP holders must be listed as approved signatories in advance๏ผŒTo create these products on the tracking blockchainใ€‚ When products are transported through different checkpoints, the solution will allow supply chain tracking, so that IP holders can determine that the products arriving at the store are real.

Starbucks takes NFT as a new reward mechanism

Starbucks is integrating a new mechanism to use NFT as a reward. This project has been in progress, but it seems that it has finally found some way out.

About six months ago, Howard Schultz, the former CEO, first announced the project. Although Schultz resigned after the announcement, Laxman Narasimhan, the new CEO, seems to be witnessing the start of the project.

Last week, as Starbucks announced that they had reached the latest partnership with the Polygon blockchain, the launch of the NFT incentive program was given hope.

Starbucks calls the program "Odyssey" and expects to add an NFT market on the basis of the existing incentive program.

What will that be?Although there are still many places to explore๏ผŒBut as stated in the previous in-depth report๏ผŒUsers are expected to obtain digital assets called "journey stamps"ใ€‚

Brady Brewer, chief marketing officer of Starbucks, said that the company hoped that the NFT award would be super easy to get.

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