Meta, PICO and Sony show their three VR heads! Tokyo Game Show 2022 Information Summary

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From September 15 to 18, the annual Tokyo Game Show (TGS) was held as scheduled in the Shimbun Exhibition Hall in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, with the slogan "Games never go down". The Tokyo Game Virtual Exhibition (TGSVR), the first attempt to be held in 2021, has also made persistent efforts. This year, it has created a digital underground world for players, which can use PC and VR devices to visit for free.

This TGS has also become the focus of attention in the VR field. One of the reasons is that Sony's "Next Generation VR Head Display" PSVR2 is the first time for the public to provide trial play, and the other is that Meta Quest 2 is the first time to participate in the exhibition. In fact, many VR hardware and software manufacturers also participated in the event.

VR gyroscopes check these important VR related information through this article, and the following text is sorted by the manufacturer's English initials.

Source: TGS 2022


The Korean company brought TactSuit X40, a haptic feedback vest, and TactGlove, a tactile glove scheduled for November, for the audience to experience.

The TactSuit X40 includes 40 separately controllable vibrating tactile motors, located at the front and back of the vest, priced at $499. TactGlove is equipped with 10 linear resonance brakes (LRAs) for fingertips, which are used in conjunction with a camera based hand tracking system and are priced at $299.


An old game factory headquartered in Osaka, Japan, has many well-known IPs. Capcom used to support Sony's PSVR first generation head show with its 3A blockbuster "Biochemical Crisis 7", and the famous work "Biochemical Crisis 8 Villages", whose global sales have exceeded 6 million, is undoubtedly an important weight for PSVR2 to enhance its appeal.

At the exhibition, PSVR2 version of Biochemical Crisis 8 Villages provided a real machine trial, and the process content was the castle of Timitrescu, the female city lord. In addition to a more immersive audio-visual experience, the game also made a number of adjustments to the system:

The dagger is fixed on the player's left forearm. Press R1 key of the right controller to quickly take it out, and it can also be thrown out; The protagonist can hold a gun in one hand and a knife in the other; The bullet loading of the gun needs to be completed manually in a complete interactive way, rather than the one button loading in the original work; There are also handsome moves such as throwing the gun in the air and then changing hands to catch it. Even old players who have played the original version can get many new experiences.

The trial was very popular on the TGS site. Within a few minutes after the first day of the public opening day (September 17), all the trial tickets for that day had been issued.

Source: Capcom


Full name: Computer Entertainment Supplier; S Association (Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association) is also the organizer of TGS, Japanese Game Awards and other activities. This year, CESA held TGSVR 2022 in the virtual space. The main visual design is the cartoonist Ohhara. The ambr company in charge of the development used the evolutionary version of the meta universe infrastructure product "xambr v2".

The entire virtual venue is designed as an underground maze, with the theme of exploring the unknown world and related background stories. After creating their own avatars, users can promote the development of stories and go around the exhibition at the same time. They can also get rewards such as decorations, clothing appearances and other props to change clothes and take photos in the venue.

Traditional Japanese game manufacturers, including Bandai Namco Entertainment, Capcom, Koei Temco Games, Konami, SEGA/Atlus, Square Enix, have set up virtual booths in TGSVR 2022. The Japanese game magazine Fami Tong also opened a video game history museum here.

Source: CESA


The VR game "RUINSMAGUS" developed by CharacterBank, an AR/VR technology supplier in Kyoto, Japan, was launched on the Quest 2 and Steam platforms on July 8. It is a Japanese style action role playing game.

This work is not only shown as one of the trial games of Meta booth, but also announced the development plan of subsequent free updates and paid DLC. Including the new city "Gran Amnis" and the new regional tasks, Alice, the protagonist's adventure partner, will also have a new changeable look. Among them, Gran Amnis is also one of the scenes in TGSVR 2022 for players to visit.


The cluster company in Tokyo, Japan operates a meta universe platform with the same name, and has successfully been responsible for the production and operation of "virtual Shibuya", "Baokemeng virtual celebration" and other activities. In July this year, the number of downloads of cluster has exceeded one million, and users can access it through smart phones, PCs and VR devices.

At the TGS site and in the meta space of the cluster, the company has set up a red tone booth with a unified style. At the exhibition, the cluster also announced that it was linked with the well-known animation IP "Sword Realm". From September 15 to December 18, users can get the clothes, weapons and other props of the original Zhongtong people and Asina, and swim in the virtual space of the SAO theme.

Source: cluster


Diver-X, with the vision of "achieving perfect VR experience", hoped to launch a HalfDive VR head display suitable for lying down play through crowdfunding, but it ended in failure.

In September this year, they also released a glove VR controller with tactile feedback, Contact Glove, which is compatible with SteamVR. The product is equipped with a pressure tactile feedback module made of shape memory alloy at the finger, allowing users to experience the feeling of touching things in the VR world. Through the use of SDK, you can also design the feeling of holding magic or fire in your hands, which has a great prospect and attraction in the game field.

On the scene of TGS, the audience can experience the charm of this glove. Contact Glove will soon start crowdfunding on the Kickstarter platform later this month, which is divided into four gears, with the lowest standard priced at 65000 yen and the highest professional priced at 200000 yen.

Source: Diver-X


The music game "Kizuna AI - Touch the Beat!" with the theme of phenomenal virtual idol "Kizuna AI", New elements will be added to the PS4 and PS5 platforms at the beginning of 2023, corresponding to PSVR and PSVR2.

The player is an audience under the stage. The playing method is to follow the rhythm of the music and hit the flying notes with a call stick. The trial game provided by TGS on site is the original version of PSVR. It is more appropriate to use the Move controller to simulate the call stick in the game.

Source: Gemprops


The VR universal walking platform KAT Walk mini S of Hangzhou Xuxian Technology Co., Ltd. also appeared at TGS. Last Resort, which is used to display this product, is an interactive game produced by students of Vantan Game Academy Tokyo Branch. Players can use the treadmill to shoot while moving to knock down monsters rampaging in the city.

Source: Vantan Game Academy


Meta Quest 2, a globally popular VR all-in-one machine, is the first time that an official booth has been set up on TGS (Oculus Rift once exhibited in 2014). The whole booth is made up of colorful neon light box style areas, which is very eye-catching, and the focus VR game "Among Us VR" at the end of the year also appears everywhere in the form of decoration.

The booth provides trials of 7 games, including:

  • Beat Saber, a world-famous masterpiece in VR field
  • Sports Scramble, a collection of sports games developed by Armature Studio
  • RUINSMAGUS, an action role-playing game just released this summer
  • The first chapter of DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate will be released in late September
  • Altair BREAKER, a high-speed halberd action game developed for Thirdverse, and X8, a multiplayer tactical shooting game
  • Played with Fire is making the fantasy action game Mixture

In addition, Sanshang Hangren, chairman of CharacterBank, a VR game developer, Ono Kisheng, director and CBO of Thirdverse, and Chi Tian, market manager of Japan and South Korea in charge of strategic content distribution of Meta Reality Labs, all attended the on-site round table discussion.

Source: Network


The first venture company of Hiroshima Municipal University in Japan, which produces and sells various VR peripherals. Mover showed the movable seat "Swing Demo Device Lumbus" on the TGS, as well as the supporting game "On the Palm", "VR" (Restore) "(the game was logged in to Steam for free on September 15).

This game is an asymmetric confrontation game for two people. The stage is the palm of a giant Buddha. In reality, players hold the VIVE tracker and control the Buddha's big hand to tilt back and forth; VR players sit on the seat of Lumbus and try to keep their balance so as not to let themselves fall from the palm of their hands, which corresponds to the title of the game "Dancing on the palm of your hand". The Lumbus will move in the same way as the VIVE tracker, with the strong wind from fans around it. Under the combined action of the two, VR players will have the illusion of falling.

The price range of the Lumbus device is 390000 to 780000 yen (excluding seats), and the price of the recommended seat package is 470000 to 860000 yen. Compared with VR sports seats in the Japanese market, which are frequently more than 1 million yen, it has a certain price advantage.

Source: 4Gamer


With TOKYO CHRONOS and ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos, MyDearest has created the VR visual novel brand "Chronos Series". Their latest work DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate also belongs to the same universe.

The first chapter of DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate will be released on September 23 (the whole episode is divided into three chapters). As the main character, the inspector Hal has the super ability of "visiting past memories" in his left hand, and players will use this power to find out the truth of outstanding cases.

TGS provides two different versions of demo on the spot, while in TGSVR, there is a virtual space designed with the theme of "Dr. Lambfard's Laboratory" in the game, which is the joint booth of MyDearest and Izanagi Games.


PICO, a Chinese manufacturer, also has a place in this TGS. The booth is next to Meta, which is quite tit for tat.

The exhibition equipment is PICO Neo3 Link for overseas sales, which can be used to experience two games "All In One Sports VR" and "RUINSMAGUS", fitness application "LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT", and 3D animated movie "Spider Man Parallel Universe".

Sanshang, the chairman of CharacterBank, a Japanese VR developer, and Shore Jianren, the chairman and CEO of MyDearest, attended PICO's booth activities as guests, and held on-site talks based on the theme "The future of VR games, and possibilities". The VR game "TOKYO CHRONOS" of MyDearest has just been released on PICO on September 8, and the work "RUINSMAGUS" of CharacterBank has also announced that it is scheduled to enter PICO this autumn.

It is worth mentioning that PICO also invited the famous Japanese Coser "Enako" (えなここここえなこここえなこここえなここここえ.

Source: PICO

▋Played With Fire

This Polish studio once launched the VR puzzle solving game Stargazein 2020, and their latest work MIXTURE is an action game with fantastic themes.

As the protagonist, Sora is an exiled moth knight. In order to achieve self salvation, she wants to go through a dangerous world full of live metals, minerals and crystals. During the game, players should operate the knight in a third person perspective to engage in fierce fighting, and play the role of alchemist in a first person perspective to collect materials and make potions from ores and crystals.

This work can be played in advance in the Meta exhibition area of the TGS site, and the trial version ends with a BOSS battle against the giant snake. The release time of the game has not been determined, but it has been made clear that the game will log on to Quest 2 and PSVR2 platforms.


The tactile feedback glove SenseGlove Nova, a product of Dutch start-ups, was exhibited at the booth of Japanese company Too for enterprise users.

SenseGlove Nova combines the finger tracking algorithm based on sensors with the hand tracking algorithm based on computer vision. It is equipped with a special passive power feedback module, which can generate a resistance of 20 N, and a voice coil actuator to simulate the texture of the virtual object surface. The product is priced at 5000 US dollars and is mainly used in VR training.

▋Skydance Interactive

The Walking Dead: Saints&Sinners - Chapter 2: Distribution, the sequel of the "Walking Dead and Sinners" series, is scheduled to go on sale at the end of 2022. This film is only available for internal trial on TGS media day.

According to the trial report of the experimenter, the game is the continuation and evolution of the first generation, and the outstanding quality and reputation of the previous generation have laid a good foundation for the second generation. Demo has new area and night maps to explore, and new weapons to deal with zombies. Players can still take the lives of NPCs in the town, which will not lead to Gamer Over, but will affect the final outcome of the game.

It is worth mentioning that one of the experiencers is a novice with little VR experience, but he said that there is almost no vertigo during the game, which undoubtedly makes people look forward to the early release of the Walking Dead Saints and Sinners 2 Punishment.

Source: Skydance Interactive


The representative work of the Japanese developer Thirdverse is SWORDS of GARGANTUA, which was originally scheduled to stop serving on September 30 this year. As a result, the news received a lot of bad comments. At the end of August, the production team announced that after the server relocation and related technical transformation were completed, the game would be reopened in early 2023, and the offline mode was planned to be introduced, which only calmed the players.

Altair BREAKER, a high-speed sword halberd action game launched on August 19, is the main work of Thirdverse at present. In the middle of September, it just launched a free update of the first bullet, which includes support for complex/simple Chinese language. The DLC and update plan for this project has been scheduled to 2023.

In addition, their studio in the United States is also developing a multiplayer tactical shooting game, X8, which is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2023 and can be played on the TGS site. This work focuses on the 5v5 team attack and defense. One of the features of this play is that the special abilities of the characters can be activated through gesture operation.

Source: Thirdverse

▋ULTRANOVA Entertainment

The Love Story VR released by ULTRANOVA is a simulated love game that landed in Steam on July 28. It was developed by Apricot Heart and is still in the stage of preemptive experience (EA). A free demo was just launched this week.

TGS set up a unique booth based on the main scene of the game, "Five Right Guard Gate Bathing Beach". Cosplayer presented herself as the heroine Wan Ye Xinmei and Wan Ye Yingai, greeted the players in the "bathtub" and distributed handwritten postcards.

The final update is scheduled for September 16, and the full version will be released in mid October.

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