Metacosmic Weekly | Google and NASA jointly launch AR universe experience; Disney hopes to bring users to experience its amusement facilities in VR; In the first half year of the game industry, Yuanuniverse's revenue accounted for 94%

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Recently, Google, a technology company, has reached a cooperation with NASA to introduce the 3D models of 60 planets, satellites and NASA spacecraft into Google search. Users don't need any applications, just click the "3D View" button to open a variety of interesting experiences.

In addition, these 3D annotations will also be used in cells, biological concepts and other educational models in the future. AR experience will stimulate students' curiosity about science and train them to become the next generation of explorers in a new perspective.Compared with Meta and Microsoft, Google seems to be more inclined to AR。

Google CEO Sundar Pichai once said that he was optimistic about the future of immersive computing, environmental computing and AR. He also believes that Google's future positioning is still an extension of its core search technology.

Although Google didn't mention the meta universe at all, in fact, in the "Google 2022 I/O Developers Conference" held on May 12 this year, immersive maps, barrier free AR glasses, and more accurate translations became the technological highlights of the conference. It can be said that Google is still keeping up with the wave of development in the meta universe era.

Meanwhile, this week,According to the Mobile Game Market Insight under the Metauniverse Concept released by the game industry analysis organization Sensor Tower, in the first half of 2022, the revenue of the Metauniverse applications will be 650 million dollars, of which the revenue from game applications will account for 94%。

The meta universe is not a game, but games are one of the entrances to the meta universe. Using games to build meta universe scenes has become an important development direction of the game industry.

However, at present, the meta universe game is still in the initial stage of development. In the future, our social, entertainment and work may be integrated, which requires strong technology to build the order of the meta universe world.

The era of the meta universe is coming, and we are full of expectations. The following is the detailed content of this weekly, which is divided intoImportant news, news of the week at a glancePlease enjoy:

Important news

[Disney hopes to bring users to experience its amusement facilities in VR]

At Disney's recent D23 meeting, Disney CEO Bob Chapek said Disney+would transform from a movie streaming media service to an "experiential lifestyle platform", which could be a part of the service for "90% of people who can never enter Disney Park" Recently, Disney cooperated with The Void to develop location-based VR experience, providing multi sensory (and expensive) experience through VR head displays, and providing heavy but impressive stories in Star Wars and Marvel Universe. The company has even begun to explore the prospect of launching a residential community "managed by Disney actors" with "story life", and requires community members to pay membership fees to participate in local Disney programs.

[Google and NASA jointly launch AR universe experience]

Google and NASA have recently jointly launched a series of new learning tools, aiming to bring Google users a variety of interesting experiences through website forms and new AR models. In general, this cooperation brings the new 3D models of 60 planets, satellites and NASA spacecraft directly into Google search, and users do not need any applications to browse.

[Indonesia is developing blockchain game ecosystem]

Recently, at the NXC Summit in Bali, Ivan Chen, CEO of Anantrupa, said that Indonesia is using blockchain technology to build a game ecosystem, and said that a large number of Indonesian game players have cryptocurrencies, which shows that they accept blockchain games. At the same time, Indonesian government ministers attending the NXC Summit said that more blockchain game companies would be created in the region.

[A breakthrough in the development of the game industry: 94% of the revenue in the first half of the year]

Recently, the Mobile Game Market Insight under the Metauniverse Concept (hereinafter referred to as the "Report") released by the game industry analysis agency Sensor Tower showed that the revenue of Metauniverse applications in the first half of 2022 was 650 million dollars, of which the revenue from game applications accounted for 94%.

[Sberbank, a Russian bank, will allow users to publish NFT on its blockchain platform]

Sberbank, one of the largest banks in Russia, now intends to allow users to issue NFT on its blockchain platform. The financial institution also plans to cooperate with art venues and galleries across the country. Sberbank created the blockchain platform after obtaining the authorization of the Central Bank of Russia to issue digital financial assets in March this year. At present, the platform is only open to legal entities, but in the last quarter of 2022, individuals will also gain access and allow the issuance, purchase and sale of digital financial assets (DFA).

[London Digital Collection Company Metadee issued five volumes of the world's oldest surviving manuscript of the Koran NFT]

According to arabnews, London digital collection company Metadee announced that it would release five volumes of NFT, the world's oldest extant manuscript of the Koran, written by Zaydibn Thaabit, the private scribe of the Prophet Muhammad. At present, the physical copies of Volume I and Volume II are being auctioned at a starting price of US $25 million per volume. The winning bidder will obtain the physical copies and NFT, while Volume III, Volume IV and Volume V will each issue 1 million NFTs, and each NFT will sell at US $200. Metadee said that this rare manuscript of the Koran was written in 632 AD and has passed the identification and certification of the Archaeology and Art History Research Laboratory of Oxford University. Any person who owns this NFT can use the blockchain ownership certificate to pass it on to future generations.

[Robolox: the number of active players in the Russian market exceeded 2 million]

Robox, a giant of the universe game, uses Electronic Arts Inc The opportunity for Ubisoft Entertainment SA (Ubisoft) and Nintendo Co. to withdraw from Russia has been actively expanded in the local market. At present, the number of active players has exceeded 2 million. In addition, they have also reached a meta universe advertising cooperation plan with Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Chipotle and other brands, including the launch of the luxury center Gucci Twon and the virtual restaurant Chipotle.

[Shinan City, Gyeonggi do, South Korea plans to build a meta cosmic city platform and grant citizens' rights through NFT]

On September 15, it was reported that Shinan City, Gyeonggi do, South Korea, announced that it planned to build a "Metacosmic Special City Shinan" platform in the first half of next year, and would issue NFT citizenship. Citizens could use this NFT to obtain municipal information on the Metacosmic platform. The service is planned to be completed in April next year and will start operation in May or June. Earlier, it was reported in May that Seoul, South Korea, had opened its Metauniverse City Hall to the public.

[The first NFT game launched by Epic Games game store, developer of Fortress Night]

On September 15, it was reported that the blockchain version of the "Sugar Bean Man" game, Blackos Block Party, was launched on the Epic Games Store, becoming the first Web3 game released in the game market. It is reported that the Blackos Block Party is a large-scale multiplayer online role playing game (MMO game) produced by the blockchain game company MythicalGames. Previously, in November 2021, the NFT game startup Mythical Games completed a round C financing of $150 million, led by a16z.

[DBS Bank announces cooperation with The Sandbox]

DBS Bank, the largest commercial bank in Singapore, announced a cooperation with The Sandbox, a meta universe game platform, to establish new services for customers using 3D virtual worlds of digital avatars. DBS Bank said in a statement that it was the first company in Singapore to sign a cooperation agreement with The Sandbox under Hong Kong Animoca Brands, and also the first bank in Singapore to enter the meta universe. In addition, DBS Bank will purchase land in The Sandbox to develop "DBS Better World" and establish a virtual community as part of exploring Web3 opportunities to benefit customers. It is understood that JPMorgan Chase, HSBC Bank and United Bank of India have all reached cooperation with The Sandbox to explore business opportunities in the virtual world.

[Meta disbands the responsible innovation team]

According to the Wall Street Journal, Meta disbanded its responsible innovation team, which was once an important part of its efforts to solve potential negative problems of its products. The team includes about 24 engineers, ethicists and others who work with internal product teams, external privacy experts, academics and users to identify and resolve potential problems with new products and changes to Facebook and Instagram. Eric Porterfield, a Meta spokesman, said that most team members will continue to work in other departments of Meta in similar jobs, but there is no guarantee that they will all have new jobs.

[The words "counterfeit coins" and "meta universe" were included in Merriam Webster's Dictionary]

Merriam Webster recently added 370 new words, including two words related to cryptocurrency industry: "Altcoin" and "metaverse". Peter Sokolowski, special editor of Webster's Dictionary, said that new words provide a window to understand our changing language and culture. Only when there is clear and continuous evidence that these words are used can they be added to Webster's Dictionary. According to Google trend data, "meta universe" has the most searches in five countries, namely, Singapore, TΓΌrkiye, China, Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates.

[A Korean man was sentenced to four years' imprisonment for sexual crimes in the universe]

According to the local Korean media, Moneys, a Korean man in his 30s was recently sentenced to four years in prison for producing and storing sexual content involving minors. In addition to being sentenced to prison, criminals must also participate in an 80 hour sexual crime treatment program and are prohibited from working in any entity related to teenagers or disabled persons for seven years. Last month, the Ministry of Science of South Korea announced the ethical principle of protecting minors in the meta universe.

[Ethereum has completely transitioned from PoW to PoS and completed the merger]

Ethereum completed the merger of the main network and beacon chain at 14:43 on September 15, 2022, marking the elimination of Ethereum Proof of Work (PoW) and the complete transition to Proof of Equity (PoS).

[Former Revolution executive: Web3 can solve the energy crisis]

Earlier this year, Tesseract, an energy startup founded by Alan Chang and Charles Orr, former Revolut executives, received a financing of $78 million, led by Balderton and Lakestar. Chang said in an interview that the company is exploring how to use tokens to offset customers' energy bills. Tesseract plans to purchase and build renewable energy and sell it directly to customers. Tesseract plans to use encryption technology to help solve the UK's energy crisis. This financing mode also means that energy users can directly pay fees to energy producers without having to go through one of the core large brokers of the company.

[National Copyright Administration: severely crack down on unauthorized use of other people's movies and other works to forge NFT and produce digital collections]

Recently, the National Copyright Administration, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security and the National Internet Information Office jointly launched the "Jianwang 2022" special action to combat online piracy, and the "Jianwang 2022" special action carried out four aspects of key rectification. First, special rectification was carried out in key areas such as literature databases, short videos and online literature, and centralized rectification was carried out for unauthorized and unauthorized use of literature databases to disseminate other people's works, unauthorized deletion and cutting of audio-visual works, adaptation and compilation of short videos, and unauthorized dissemination of online literature through websites, social platforms, browsers, search engines and other infringements. The second is to strengthen the copyright supervision of online platforms, investigate and deal with the sales of infringing products through short video platforms, live broadcast platforms and e-commerce platforms according to law, and resolutely punish the infringement of the "safe harbor" rule. Third, strengthen the copyright supervision of new online formats such as NFT digital collections and "script killing", and severely crack down on unauthorized use of other people's works of art, music, animation, games, films and television to forge NFT and make digital collections. Fourth, we will continue to strengthen copyright protection for cinematic films, live webcasts, sports events, online education, and news works.

[The EU proposes to use blockchain and NFT to combat counterfeit goods in 2023]

The EU recently announced that it is developing a system that will use blockchain and NFT as part of its fight against counterfeit physical goods. The proposed system will be designed by the EU Intellectual Property Office. A document released this month explains that the organization has selected a high-level architecture for this task and details how the system will work. Intellectual Property (IP) holders will create digital tokens (dual NFT) to prove that a group of goods produced is real. These IP holders must be listed as approved signatories in advance to create these products on the tracking blockchain. When products are transported through different checkpoints, the solution will allow supply chain tracking, so that IP holders can determine that the products arriving at the store are real.

[JPMorgan Chase: China's meta universe game market may surge to more than 100 billion dollars]

Analysts from JPMorgan Chase believe that although China has imposed strict restrictions on encryption legislation, there is a great possibility of explosive growth in this field in China, and the meta universe game market will also erupt in China, which brings certain difficulties to the adoption of meta universe games. Companies such as Tencent, Netease and Bilibili are JPMorgan Chase's choices in taking advantage of this potential growth. These companies may exceed the 100 billion dollar mark at most.

News of the week at a glance


  • Meta and Meity Startup Hub, an entrepreneurial ecosystem in India, launched an expanded reality promotion program.
  • Diver-X will introduce the tactile feedback glove "Contact Glove".
  • Peel 3d, a professional 3D scanner developer, introduced two new 3D scanners that can be used in VR/AR.
  • Somnium Space, Prusa Research and Vrgineers cooperate to develop open source VR head displays.
  • Tencent Cloud and Strange Universe Singapore Web3 signed MoU to jointly build an immersive VR platform.
  • Tobii eye tracking solution company cooperates with the American startup HeadVantage to provide eye tracking technology for the sports industry.

NFT/Chain Tour

  • Report: The trading volume of Cardano NFT has reached $459 million.
  • Queen E, the Ethereum NFT project, announced the last Gen1 art auction after the Queen's death.
  • Sky Mavis will launch Axies accessories, mini games for land owners and offline land alpha games.
  • The total sales of NFT on Avalanche chain exceeded 400 million dollars.
  • Enthusiast Gaming, a game entertainment company, will build its chain game products with the help of Coinbase.
  • The Chicago Bulls of NBA will launch the NFT series "The Aurochs" of its landmark logo in Coinbase.
  • There are more than 40 UK Queen related Tokens and hundreds of NFTs in the market. Please pay attention to the risks.
  • Data: The trading volume of Ethereum NFT fell below 1 million in August.
  • Nike's RTFKT modifies a CloneX element as the only attribute related to James.
  • GAP conducts crowdfunding for the design of its NFT products.
  • Aptos provides users with NFT series APTOS: ZERO.
  • American director Quentin and Miramax reached a settlement over the NFT auction lawsuit of the vulgar novel.
  • SimpleHash, a multi chain NFTAPI project supported by YCombinator, goes online for testing.
  • NFT project y00ts announced that the art exhibition will be postponed to September, and the specific date has not been determined yet.
  • Disney: It is "paying close attention" to blockchain technology, but there is no NFT or chain game plan at present.
  • Musician Steve Aoki becomes the brand ambassador of DraftKings trading market and will issue NFT Pass.
  • Men's wear brand Psycho Bunny launched NFT.
  • Catharsis by Dario Lanza series NFT has the largest 24-hour trading volume in OpenSea.
  • Yoga clothing brand Alo Yoga and MoonPay jointly released the first NFT of ready to wear series.
  • Comedy star Kim Carey used an alias to secretly release NFT.
  • Rapper Tyga was sued by NFT platform Kreation and was accused of failing to perform the agreement.
  • The current NFT market sentiment index is 11, rated as "Cold".
  • On September 7, the new NFT volume on Solana reached 312000, a record high.
  • The global game company SquareEnix has joined the game blockchain Oasys and is committed to the development of blockchain games.
  • Data: The NFT casting volume on Solana reached a record high, with a turnover of $11.5 million.
  • The first E-sports hotel in Malaysia, SEM9 Senai, launched the NFT series "99LIVES" for the first time.
  • Technology company TXPC and Art Tokyo Global have reached a cooperation to jointly build Movie+NFT.
  • PixelVault, the NFT publisher, officially launched the NFT market.
  • EIP-5375 has entered the review stage and will be used to track NFT author information.
  • Malaysia's largest collector auctioneer launched NumisArt, a coin NFT market.
  • Data: In August, the total financing amount of Web3 game and meta universe projects reached 748 million dollars, and it is expected to exceed 10 billion dollars in 2022.
  • The producer who worked with Beyonce and Rihanna will work on the new album of Kingship of BAYC band.
  • The head of GameStop blockchain resigned.
  • A car wash in the United States launched NFT based promotional activities, and its customers have forged more than 10000 NFTs.
  • MagicEden launched MetaShield royalty protection tool.
  • Multi chain DEX ApeSwap has opened NFT casting for BAB holders.
  • NFTSTAR under Jiucheng will launch four World Cup series products, including Linkou and Neymar NFT.
  • The monthly sales of Ronin's NFT chain fell below 1 million dollars for the first time in 16 months.
  • In NFT market, Rarib cooperates with Immutable to expand its game NFT products.
  • The NFT lease agreement Rental announced its closure.
  • The number of pending orders of the. bit domain NFT in the Element self owned agreement has exceeded that of OpenSea.
  • Security team: BAYC # 8941 is suspected to be stolen.
  • SyncSwap released its first community proposal on the snapshot, and voters can cast NFT badges on Galxe.
  • Flow proposes to set September 20 as the International NFT Day and launch a free commemorative NFT for this purpose.
  • The DOSI Beta version of NFT platform of LineNext, a NFT subsidiary of Japanese communication giant LINE, will launch the first NFT series "Hell".
  • Mrs. Trump is launching the Christmas NFT to help foster children.
  • Payfoot, a football NFT startup, received a $50 million investment commitment from GEM.
  • Sotheby's will hold its first live NFT auction.
  • DWF Labs has reached strategic cooperation with NFTY Finance, the NFT lending platform.
  • A16zCrypto released the NFT "Proof of Merge" commemorating the merger of Ethereum.
  • OpenSea announced the launch of the NFT rarity open standard, OpenRarity, next week.
  • Atem Network content publishing platform AtemReview introduces social incentive system.
  • ConsenSys celebrates the successful merger of Ethereum with NFT series "Regenesis", which has been opened for casting.
  • Ancient8 has launched GameFi Launchpad Dojo in Solana ecology.
  • NFTGo will open source self developed NFT rarity algorithm code and connect it to OpenRarity rarity model.
  • The last block before Ethereum merger was used to cast the "The Last POW Block" in the Vanity Blocks of NFT project.
  • GOG will launch new playable NFT roles based on e-sports teams.
  • Yuga Labs may launch a new NFT series Mecha Apes and raise $50 million through the project.


  • Hunan Big Data Exchange Cultural Big Data Trading Center went online.
  • Zhengzhou was approved to create a national blockchain development pilot area.
  • Suzhou, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Kunming were approved to build national blockchain development pilot areas.
  • Guangming Online launched the "Guangming Shuzang" platform.
  • Binance Labs is planning to establish a Web3 developer community.
  • The collection of "Little Vault Cup Β· Summer Games" series of gold collection was officially launched.
  • Dropp Group acquired the social meta universe platform Flyy for $25 million.
  • AmberGroup, the digital asset platform, began to lay off employees, and the proportion of layoffs in some teams exceeded 50%.
  • Moralis, the Web3 API provider, now allows developers to self host Moralis servers.
  • Data: There are 26 A-share companies involved in digital collections, but only 3 companies disclose relevant revenue.
  • Solana Labs has partnered with Android smartphone manufacturer OSOM.
  • Chongqing Jiangbei Culture and Tourism Commission responded that the platform was suspected of illegal fund-raising: an investigation has been carried out.
  • Cross chain interoperability agreement Nomad: The bridge is currently in the upgrade phase, and it is expected to restart the bridge in early October.
  • Roblox plans to allow brand partners to advertise in the meta universe.
  • Cardan o Ecological NFT Loan Agreement Aada Finance launched vulnerability reward plan.
  • Cross chain Web3 identity protocol. bit has a cumulative registered account of 138000.
  • The Shanghai Museum released a series of digital collections with the theme of "The Moon Lives on the Sea".
  • Xiamen: Increase the cultivation of digital talents and accelerate the development of the meta universe industry.
  • Uniswap is recruiting Apple iOS mobile senior engineers.
  • Currency Works, a Canadian listed company, has been renamed MetaWorks Platforms, Inc.
  • Web3 information infrastructure RSS 3 has established a strategic partnership with LensProtocol.
  • Eight new institutions including the Bank of France have joined the Blockchain Open Ecology Hyperledger Foundation.
  • Starbucks launched the Web3 platform of Starbucks Odyssey.
  • United Square Venture Capital: launched the "2022 USV Analyst Plan", focusing on Web3 and other fields.
  • The U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee will hold a legislative hearing on the Digital Commodity Consumer Protection Act on September 15.
  • The international weekly index of digital collections fell to 14.5 points.
  • Consulting industry giant Gartner released six major trends in the short-term adoption of meta universe technology.
  • Tencent Cloud signed a memorandum of understanding with Web3 company Strange Universe Technology.
  • JPMorgan Chase will hire an encryption and meta universe executive.
  • CEO of Celsius proposes to transform Celsius into a digital asset custody company.
  • Twitter shareholders voted in favor of Musk's $44 billion acquisition offer.
  • Two new funds under Moadrona have raised US $690 million, focusing on investment in fields such as Web3.
  • Meta cooperates with India's IT Department to launch the Metaverse Accelerator Program.
  • Laughter Fruit Factory released the digital avatar series of "Laughter Fruit Talk Show New Treasure Star".
  • PS integral system "PlayStation Stars" will be launched in some regions in late September to disclose examples of digital collections.
  • The Sandbox suspended the main functions of the website at 0:00 on September 15.
  • Nansen launched the Web3 research portal, Nansen Research Portal.
  • The trading volume of OpenSea Seaport exceeded 1.4 billion US dollars, a record high.
  • CBA Zhejiang Guangsha Men's Basketball Team's debut digital collection.
  • Bank of China launched "Fuzai" digital collection.

Investment and financing news

  • Web3 infrastructure Rated Labs completed seed round financing of 2.5 million dollars.
  • NFT collector Cooper Turley launched a $10 million Web3 music fund.
  • The first fund of MetaWeb, a venture capital firm, raised $30 million to invest in DeFi, games and DAO.
  • Whampoa Group plans to launch a $100 million fund to invest in digital assets in the next quarter.
  • Bessemer Venture Partners, a venture capital firm, launched a $3.85 billion early-stage fund.
  • Blockchain Solution Studio B+J Studios completed financing of 10 million US dollars.
  • FTX Ventures will acquire 30% of SkyBridge Capital.
  • DWF Labs, a Swiss Web3 venture capital and market maker, has entered into cooperation with PUML Better Health.
  • KNN3 Network completed seed round financing of 2.4 million dollars, led by HashGlobal, etc.
  • Revolving Games completed the seed round financing of US $13.2 million.
  • NEAR Foundation will jointly launch a $100 million Web3 fund with Caerus Ventures.
  • The Web3 infrastructure project SINSO completed a new round of financing with a valuation of $150 million, led by Qian Zeyou.
  • ThunderCore, 886 Studios and Outliers Fund launched a $100 million Web3 fund.
  • NEAR Ecological Wallet Sender completed financing of 4.5 million dollars.
  • Northzone, a London based venture capital firm, launched a 1 billion euro new fund to invest in web3 startups.
  • The meta universe aggregation platform BeaconGlobal completed the financing of 1 million US dollars and GDCapital participated in the investment.
  • Multidimensional public chain WormholesChain completed seed round financing of 10 million dollars.
  • Stella Fantasy, a PRG game, completed a round of private placement, with a total financing amount of 6 million dollars.
  • QLC Chain has completed financing of 15 million dollars, led by Dawnstar Capital.
  • Doodles of NFT project has completed financing of 54 million dollars, and FTX Ventures and other investors have participated.
  • COSIMO Ventures launched a fund focusing on PoS network, and plans to raise $200 million.
  • Cryptographic venture capital firm North Island Ventures raised $125 million in new funds.
  • The Web3 development platform Alchemy is raising $12 million for a new venture capital fund.
  • NFT game development company BRAVO READY announced its strategic investment in Sino Global Capital.
  • Inery completed the financing with a valuation of $128 million, led by Metavest.
  • MetaFi, a start-up company of Metauniverse, completed the financing of 3 million dollars.
  • Cognitive3D, a Yuanuniverse analysis company, completed seed round financing of 2.5 million dollars, led by Konvoy.
  • Ternoa, a decentralized data transmission blockchain based on NFT, completed seed round financing of 7.3 million euros, and Omnes Capital and other investors participated.
  • Binance Labs makes strategic investment in Aptos Labs.
  • Web3 music creation platform Arpeggi Labs completed a seed round financing of 5.1 million dollars, led by a16z Crypto.
  • VR content studio SmoblirStudios completed the seed round financing of 1.2 million dollars.
  • Cognitive3D completed the seed round financing of 2.5 million dollars.


  • British official: I hope the UK will become the first choice for talents in the field of encryption.
  • Chief Security Officer of Polygon: Web2 has frequent security vulnerabilities. Web3 should hire traditional security experts for this purpose.
  • Source: Most Twitter shareholders agreed to sell the company to Musk.
  • CEO of Ubisoft: its NFT project is in the research stage of Web3 related technology integration.
  • He Yi: BinanceVC will focus on the start-up Web3 project in the Indian market.
  • Foreign media: Y Combinator is focusing on web3 infrastructure startups.
  • Guidance of the five departments of Xiong'an New Area: improve the construction of green financial infrastructure by multi-dimensional use of blockchain and other information technologies.
  • Cardano's founder said that Musk's acquisition of Twitter was "like a flash marriage".
  • Disney CEO: Over the past year, he has been exploring how to use Web3 technology.

More news details follow us:

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