From NFT to digital collection: who is swimming naked after the tide?

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Author: Shu Yier, Wei Yao, Jiang xiner

The success of NFT digital art, "boring ape" series, and the artist Huanghe mountain sold 360000 yuan of virtual real estate... One impact overlaps another. In July and August of last year, the Internet Product Manager "shopkeeper" bought his first digital collection on "Jingtan". "The price is quite cheap. It looks like more than ten yuan. At that time, I thought it would be great to sell one thing for hundreds." He became one of the earliest digital collection players in China and co founded "Yuanyi village", one of the earliest communities in the digital collection circle. At the beginning of August 2021, the first batch of "Thirteen invited vinyl records NFT" with a limited number of 300 launched by "magic core" sold out in one second. The prospect of the digital Tibet market looks very broad. Later, a slightly bitter joke also proved this point: "the owner" spent more than 20 yuan to buy the collection and sold it for 600 yuan. The last time he learned that the price was 350000 yuan.

In June 2022, many digital collections of "magic core" appeared unsalable. The update of the official account "Tencent magic core" stopped on June 27. On July 20, it was reported that Tencent planned to abolish the "magic core" business. As one of the pioneers, its temporary withdrawal marks the end of the first act of the domestic digital collection industry.

When I wake up, fleas are everywhere

According to the report of Beiqing daily, a digital collection platform of H5 webpage can be built with only 30000 yuan, and it can be delivered in about 3 days.

It's easy to run. Disbanding group chat, offline app, evacuating customer service, and platform running are three axes. What's more, there is no need to build a platformOn the "black cat complaint" platform, a buyer wrote: "the merchants have been delaying time and did not establish a platform. In the end, they ignored people directly. The official account was also gone, so they ran away directly and cheated us. The customer service directly said that there was no way to refund the money. We did not receive the goods. I also provided evidence and did not give me a refund."

Search for "digital collection" on the black cat complaint platform, and you can get 1502 results. Pengpai news counted the top 500 related complaints, excluding duplicate and irrelevant complaints, with a total of 310. Among them, at least 24 platforms are suspected of running away.

In the complaints about "false publicity", buyers often complain that the "empowerment" promised by the platform has not been fulfilled. To put it simply, "empowerment" means that the platform will promise some benefits to the owners of designated collections, such as snapping up one hour earlier and owning new collections for free. After the buyer bought these collections, he found that he was holding a blank cheque.

There is also a kind of propaganda that is false to the core. Although there are differences between digital collections and NFT, they are consistent in "authenticity", that is, the ownership of the collection is stated on the blockchain.However, many people wrote on the black cat complaint that "the collection is not linked"The most extreme example is: "contacting customer service to ask for the online query method is fruitless. The group chat of users of the platform does not allow users to express their opinions and have doubts. If you question the platform, the customer service of the platform will kick you out of the group chat and report your personal wechat to the black." I really only bought a picture after wandering around. The buyer has no more rights to this picture than the right-click download.

In addition, the technical problems of the Caotai team, such as the failure of the collection to reach the account, the disappearance of the collection for no reason, and even the destruction of the collection by the platform, are all borne by the buyer.

"Thousand Tibet war"

The NFT market data and analysis company non fungible released the data of the first quarter of 2022. According to the data, the global NFT market was depressed in the first quarter of this year at the same time as the sales volume, the number of active wallets, and the number of buyers and sellers.

The domestic Tibetan market is also cold. After the shutdown of the "magic core", the digital collection sold by the "whale probe" also fell into slow sales. But the number of data collection platforms is still increasing.

According to the incomplete statistics of the official account "data collection ship", as of July 9, 2022, there were 820 relatively regular platforms in the market, that is, at least with H5 or app login methods and supported by wechat official account.If we add the platforms that have only launched H5, the number will increase to about 1500.

Ali was the first "big factory" to enter. Its "whale probe" has explored a way to digitize the cultural relics in the museum. "Whale probe" and "magic core" changed the name of NFT to "digital collection", emphasizing its collection content without touching the red line of domestic cryptocurrency.

Jingdong, Baidu, Netease and other "big companies" subsequently entered the market. Among the successors, there are many digital collection platforms with central media background such as "shizang".

Data collection platforms backed by well-known companies are usually cautious and do not open secondary transactions. "Magic core" does not support circulation, and "whale probe" can only be transferred, and the first transfer must be 180 days after purchase.

But "small companies" are more aggressive. According to Huang Kai, the manager of the "digital collection ship", the "only art" is the first batch of platforms to open the secondary market in China. It has ignited a commercialization mode that has been imitated by many platforms, which is the so-called Chuangshi synthesis game: the buyers of the earliest batch of collections on the platform have "Chuangshi collections", usually with many rights and interests. At the same time, the platform also provides a way to synthesize multiple collections into one collection. The synthesis can be used for creation and other collections.

"Collection" is also an early platform for opening the secondary market in China. The price of the collection has been extremely high - a free gift, asking 250000 at the peak. "The shopkeeper said:" but many things promised by the boss have not been fulfilled. "

When the foam burst, it was more like the last straw was crushed: "the platform sold the IP that had been sold before the first phase, and then the price was very high, and one sold more than 800. The high price and the inaction of the platform caused a storm among the collectors. Its price kept falling, and finally, the things that were 250000 yuan at the beginning may now be received at 2500 yuan or less."

01 blockchain and forechain have counted the circulation of 998 domestic data collection platforms, and found that 301 have opened the secondary market, and 181 have been linked to the OTC trading platform.

However, sometimes the restrictions of the platform can not stop gold diggers.Some collectors disclosed that even if the magic core is not open for resale, the off-site transaction can be realized by packing and selling accounts.

According to the report of snow leopard financial news agency, after the shutdown of magic core, "some people have widely distributed purchase advertisements through post bars, groups and other channels, and bought out the right to use the magic core account through electronic contracts." They have made a good bet and are ready to enter the market to buy the bottom.

In this gray area, where the supervision has not yet arrived, there are thousands of data collection platforms competing. They are all actors who refuse to leave the stage, carrying people's money and aspirations, waiting for the opening of the next scene with increasingly calm eyes.

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