New marketing volume, digital people rush to the beach Web 3.0

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Source:"Niutou society" (ID: neuters), author: Yi Yuan

Virtual marketing is a growing market. There is no doubt that digital people are already at the forefront of the tide, and they are bound to share the marketing market equally with real people in the future.

Which digital people attracted your attention from? It is Hua Zhibing, a Tsinghua student who plays the guitar, Liu Yexi, a beauty makeup expert who catches demons, or Deng Lijun, who has passed through, and Du Xiaoxiao, who became famous in the first war of the college entrance examination... Digital people have quietly entered people's lives.

The popularity of digital people has attracted many players. Internet giants such as Baidu, Tencent and NetEase have launched their digital people. According to the data of Tianyan, there are more than 380000 enterprises related to "virtual people" and "digital people" in China, including nearly 180000 new registered enterprises in 2021, with a growth rate of 155.2%.

Capital is also pouring in, accelerating the speed of the track. According to statistics, in 2021, there were 2843 financing of digital people related enterprises, with a financing amount of 254 billion yuan. In the first month of 2022 alone, nearly 100 financing projects were completed in the field of digital people, with a cumulative amount of more than 400 million yuan.

Virtual digital people inject new force into brand marketing. With the development of artificial intelligence, digital people have been upgraded from one-way virtual idols to virtual anchors and corporate image spokespersons who can interact with users. In addition to the first batch of beauty and FMCG brands, the traditional financial and automotive industries are also carrying out cross-border cooperation with virtual people.

Digital people are moving towards the stage and becoming a new turning point in the marketing era.

Is the emergence of digital people improving work efficiency or taking away people's rice bowls? How can manufacturers divide the 100 billion market? Can digital people break the to B marketing pattern? This article focuses on:"Digital people marketing"We hope to provide you with a new perspective to observe the industry.

01 digital player puzzle

Virtual digital human is a digital virtual image created based on CG technology and artificial intelligence technology. In terms of application scenarios, digital people can be divided into identity type and service type. The former is mainly used to create virtual idols or provide avatars for real idols. The latter mainly provides enterprises or individuals with office, escort and other personalized services to realize the replacement of some human resources.

Throughout the development of digital human technology, it was first drawn by hand. At the beginning of the 21st century, traditional hand painting was gradually replaced by CG, motion capture and other technologies, realizing the alternation from pictures to videos. In the past five years, thanks to the breakthrough of deep learning algorithm, digital people have more interactive characteristics.

The difference between digital people and players is more and more significant. After sorting out 44 virtual digital person manufacturers, Niutou society roughly divides them into three types: one is technology, the other is IP incubation operation, and the third is content creativity.

The first type of manufacturers have strong R & D and production capacity. According to the services provided, they can be divided into:

1. Artificial intelligence / graphic image service. Such as iFLYTEK, Shangtang, Xiaobing, etc. It greatly simplifies the production process of virtual digital people, and intelligent driven virtual digital people begin to emerge with stronger accompanying content.

2. Motion capture / real-time rendering service. Such as Shiyou technology and Yunbo technology. Unlike ordinary virtual people, it uses data to drive virtual images. Through motion capture, digital people can shake hands and hug each other, and have the ability of real-time interaction.

3. XR / 3D services. For example, Xiangxin technology, Yixian, Nuoyi Teng and Li Weike emphasize the creation of immersion and space.

The second type of players benefit from the development of the face value economy and the idol economy. They specialize in the operation of digital assets, including hyper realistic digital people, two-dimensional animation, etc., and have strong IP incubation ability. The link runs through the entire process of an image from creative design, copyright registration, marketing and powder absorption, brand authorization, and rights protection and anti-counterfeiting. Representative manufacturers: burning wheat technology and Wanxiang culture.

There are not many players in the third category. Currently, they are mainly distributed in the animation / video creation field and provide creation platforms for enterprises and users. Representative manufacturer: I'll draw it.

In addition, there are also some scene players, such as Baidu AI Cloud Xiling and Yaowang network, which focus on e-commerce live broadcast, Netease Fuxi and Alibaba Yuanjing, which focus on E-sports games, and blue cursor in digital marketing.

02 break the marketing pattern

The army of digital people has joined the marketing team of live broadcast, image endorsement, host broadcast and virtual explanation, and competed for resources with online celebrities, celebrities, hosts and video editors. The traditional marketing pattern has been broken. When the era of Web 3.0 comes, what new variables will digital people bring to to to B Marketing?

The end of digital people is live broadcast with goods?

Live broadcast is an important channel for enterprises and brands to obtain customers and transform, and is also the most widely used field of digital people. From daily necessities to high-end luxury goods, digital people are suitable for video recording in any industry. Compared with the live anchor, the digital anchor does not sleep, does not get angry, does not get paid, and is not limited by time and space. Its live broadcast form is more refreshing.

In the age of traffic, how long does it take to make a plain person famous? The answer is a short video. In August last year, "vivi Zihan" made his debut by playing "beat Saber" in Tiktok. His lifelike actions, clothes and hair texture instantly attracted nearly one million fans and became a hit. Vivi Zihan is an AI virtual human with 1:1 modeling of human reproduction developed by Qile infinity. It can be driven by human beings and AI, and can interact with users in real time in the meta universe scene.

After becoming popular, vivi Zihan started the "main task" of live broadcast and delivery. During the "double 11" of the same year, vivi Zihan was invited to serve as the "virtual recommender of JD import supermarket" to open the virtual live broadcast mode of metauniverse. During the whole live broadcast, vivi Zihan interacts with everyone in real time in the virtual live broadcast room. Users can watch directly on their mobile phones and computers. If they wear VR glasses, they can also walk into the live broadcast room to interact with the anchor at zero distance. They can also pick up virtual goods to try on and watch 360 degrees, bringing a new digital shopping experience.

Heavyweight players joined the track, and the live broadcast with goods was intensified. On July 26th, Baidu AI Cloud Xiling digital people live delivery platform was released by Baidu co creator technology, which launched a super realistic digital people driven by SAAS and supported 24-hour live broadcast. It is disclosed that the "monthly fee" of the super realistic digital people developed by Baidu will not exceed 5000 yuan.

It should be noted that the model cost of super realistic digital people is customized to hundreds of thousands of yuan, while the total budget of a live marketing activity can reach hundreds of thousands to millions of yuan, and the budget for one year of operation may reach five to six million yuan. The appearance of standardized, low-cost and fast delivery products indicates that hyper realistic digital people are no longer exclusive to brands, but can "fly into ordinary people's homes" and ordinary businesses can afford it.

Lighting "host broadcast" skill

Short video and dubbing are essential skills in broadcast marketing. An excellent short video creator can earn hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars per month through video editing. As a result, the wages of short video editors, dubbing engineers and other professions have risen. However, for novices and enterprises that need to reduce costs, this also means that the threshold for video production has been raised.

The emergence of video creation platforms such as flash clip and smart film broke this situation. Users only need to select the digital human image to be customized, and then add a specific copy to generate a highly realistic digital human image and broadcast all kinds of news in real time. According to the context and content of different news, the virtual announcer can automatically adjust different emotions, intonations and expressions, making the cold news push every day more affinity, and greatly improving the experience of users when browsing the news.

At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, more than 20 digital people will replace real people to provide service support for the event. Among them, Xiaosi, a digital broadcaster, is very impressive. It helps the audience understand the grand occasion of the Winter Olympics through automatic analysis of information content, intelligent creation and virtual broadcasting, so that the audience can quickly grasp the highlight information in the massive information of the Winter Olympics. Xiaosi Winter Olympics broadcasting is developed by the SaaS platform of topaz, integrating natural language processing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies.

Although there is still a long way to go before the digital virtual anchor replaces the human anchor, the digital anchor is fully qualified for independent hosting and broadcasting projects.

The company has a new employee

Press conference and exhibition hall are important scenes of to B marketing. Under the background of digital acceleration, the digital exhibition hall welcomes a new face, that is, the participation of digital employees. In terms of customer value, the virtual employees in the digital exhibition hall can provide low-cost and high-quality services. While communicating with people face-to-face, they greatly improve the communication efficiency and service stability. Moreover, the flexible configuration capability of the platform can support real-time business updates, saving a lot of human training costs, and becoming a new contact for enterprise information and manual services.

The automobile industry is the main landing scene of the digital exhibition hall. On June 8, Dongfeng Peugeot's new 408 debut broadcast conference, the virtual digital person "little lion sister lea" under blue cursor gave a product explanation in the capacity of brand virtual spokesperson. With the new and concrete virtual human, it has communication and emotional links with young users, and finally broke the circle with more than 10 million spectators throughout the network.

At present, the easy way to realize large-scale is the digital people's screen. Through the built-in digital human service on the large screen of the offline exhibition hall, based on the expression, action and graphics and other display forms of the digital human, it provides active welcome, exhibition hall explanation, interactive question and answer and other services to realize the intellectualization of the exhibition hall. The image of digital employees is very professional. It can be predicted that in the future, there will be more digital people + real people interaction in the field of to B, which will bring accurate introduction and product explanation to exhibitors.

IP image conveys brand concept

As the representative of the brand symbol, IP image builds the invisible marketing network into the hearts of customers and obtains the recognition of customers. To B manufacturers are also joining the army of digital people to establish their own virtual IP image and embody the brand concept of the enterprise.

In March this year, Yibai Technology launched the virtual IP "medical Walker". It has the appearance of a monkey and has a lovely and flexible personality. Medical practitioners wear headphones to symbolize the information connection in the digital era. The Yb logo on their heads conveys the brand identity of the enterprise. The design of its cartoon image expresses the care of medical enterprises to customers.

IP image brings vivid and interesting elements, but for to B manufacturers, brand marketing is still a long-term and lasting process.

03 the future belongs to SAAS and UGC

In the market, there are usually three ways to realize virtual people. The most common way is to help enterprises establish virtual digital people, to promote their marketing, and the enterprises pay for them. The current forms of cooperation include customization, IP authorization and agent operation. The relevant person in charge of a manufacturer said that the prices on the market are not the same now. The customized Q version may be more than 100000, while the customized hyperwrite may require millions. IP authorization refers to the kV cooperation and short video soft implantation with the head virtual human IP. The charge depends on the specific situation and has a great relationship with fans.

Another way to realize this is to directly sell live broadcast tools to enterprises, similar to SaaS services. The difficulty lies in getting through the technologies inside the integration and whether the accumulated technologies and samples are sufficiently diverse. When SaaS is realized, enterprise brands can use SaaS platform to establish digital digital people, with simple operating system and greatly reduced cost. From the market quotation, the monthly fee ranges from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan.

The third is the creator economy of UGC, which allows users to participate in the creation and share profits with manufacturers. The development of the digital people track requires a large number of users to enter and assume different roles, not only because the creators and service objects of the digital people are people, but also because there will be more marketing methods of digital people + digital space and more grand narratives in the perspective of the future meta universe, which is bound to generate a large amount of content demand. Only when more people work together to build an ecosystem can the platform have stronger vitality and imagination.

In the realization idea of the manufacturer, creating a nearly perfect IP personal device is only the first step. In the future, it will eventually move towards the standardization of SAAS and the scale of UGC.

04 summary

Virtual marketing is a growing market. According to Citibank's prediction, by 2030, the total number of users of the meta universe will reach 5 billion, and the potential market size of the meta universe economy may be between $8 trillion and $13 trillion. There is no doubt that digital people are already at the forefront of the tide, and they are bound to share the marketing market equally with real people in the future.

However, the current threshold for the use of high-quality digital people is still high, and the actual image of ordinary digital people has not reached the ideal level of customers. For manufacturers, it is necessary to start from the actual pain points of customers, settle down and polish products, constantly optimize the experience of users, and build their own moat step by step in the actual battle.

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