The NFT project with the same name of "Wuliangye" was launched under the guise of "Wuliangye", with a volume of about 750000 yuan. The official has repeatedly refuted the rumors

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Source:Blue whale Finance

Author: Shi Yuning

On August 11, the NFT project "Wuliangye" with the same name as Wuliangye was suspected to have a rug pull. The account "wuliangyelabs" of the project on the overseas social platform has been cancelled, and the official website and discord community have been closed.

The blockchain address shows that on August 5, the "Wuliangye" NFT deployment address transferred 111316 usdts to the Yuan'an exchange, with a contract of 750000 yuan.

The project party has published publicity articles in the official name of Wuliangye for many times and claimed that it has completed round a financing, which was invested by Chengdu Shangtong Times Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as times digital technology) and other companies.

Time digital technology is a technology company invested and incubated by Sina group in Chengdu to provide digital asset operation services for the high-end liquor industry. is affiliated to this company and is also the official designated digital liquor license operation platform of Wuliangye.

However, in fact, Zhenjiu has repeatedly denied its relationship with the "Wuliangye" project. On June 9, the official website and Weibo account of announced that the relevant content of "Wuliangye NFT marching into the meta universe" related to was untrue. Chengdu Shangtong Times Digital Technology Co., Ltd., the operator of, has issued an announcement, hoping that consumers will pay attention to the official news of and avoid being deceived.

The controversial social media account "Wuliangye global" is bound to Some users reported that the account had published the introduction of the fake NFT project "wuliangyelabs". At present, this content has been deleted. It issued a document on August 10 saying that Wuliangye has nothing to do with "Wuliangye labs".

In this regard, blue whale finance made a phone call to consult the relevant personnel of times digital science, which said that Wuliangye did not issue NFT and did not have a relevant account. Subsequently, blue whale finance called the customer service contact number of to make inquiries. As of the press release, there was no response.

At present, the floor price of "wuliangyenft" on the overseas NFT trading platform opensea has been less than 0.01eth.

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