After the digital collection cools down, will the meta space be a new haven?

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Recently, many platform enterprises focusing on digital collections have begun to accelerate their pace and enter the broader field of metauniverse. Ibox and mangjing have announced the launch of metauniverse platforms.

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From the popularity of digital collections to cooling down, some platforms choose to withdraw, while others continue to advance and move closer to the meta universe.

Recently, many platform enterprises focusing on digital collections have begun to accelerate their pace and enter the broader field of metauniverse. Ibox and mangjing have announced the launch of metauniverse platforms.

Some metauniverse platforms are also actively developing digital collection business. Baidu Xilang yuancosmos launched Xilang mall, aiming to bring digital collections into the yuancosmos, and released the first digital collection of writer Feng Tang, "spring wind is not as good as you". Mossai metauniverse has also reached a cooperation with zebra China to open up the metauniverse space for cultural digital ecological industry.

Insiders believe that the explosive development of the industry in the early stage makes the digital collection lack of valuable use scenarios, and it is inevitable that it will fall into the stereotype of "electronic pictures", and the interactive and entertaining meta space will become the best carrier for the digital collection.

For the survival of digital library, the platform searches for meta space

In the middle of July, zebra China announced that it had settled in mossai Metaspace, which opened the business deployment of cultural digital ecological industry in Metaspace.

Guo Menghao, head of zebra China, said that as the target and value carrier of digital assets in the meta universe, the entertainment and social content and offline entity linkage value brought by digital collections in the interaction of the scene of the meta universe are the future development goals.

According to the observation of chain news, since June 2022, many platform enterprises focusing on digital collections have started to accelerate their pace and enter the broader field of meta universe.

On June 12, Ibox announced that it would open a new application platform of metauniverse and enter the next stage in the field of digital collections. Ibox said that it would actively explore more application scenarios to improve the use value of digital collections. In the metauniverse platform launched by Ibox, users can own their own land, build private digital spaces and families, and display their digital collections in personal space.

Mangjing digital collection also plans to start the limited test of its meta universe space "mangjing meta universe" in September. Mangjing explained that in this space, IP collections will have their own display and module definition, and digital collection buyers will also enter mangjing to manage and manage their own digital collections in the future.

Earlier, at the end of 2021, bigverse, a company affiliated to nftcn data collection platform, launched the open ecological zone "Dayuan universe", which is a virtual space integrating residents' life, leisure, creation and sharing, and commercialization. The residents living in it are called "Bodo".

The meta space "block paradise" on the virtual special data collection platform has also begun to explore the application space of digital collections, for example, the publisher displays the collections and enhances the interactive content of users.

However, it is worth noting that at present, most of the digital collection platforms exploring the meta universe are still in the early stage of R & D and publicity, and the meta universe is not really open to users.

The metauniverse platform that Ibox originally planned to open on June 15 has not been launched yet. According to the application interface of Ibox, there is no content update in the relevant meta universe. Ibox's previous claims to create a comprehensive digital experience scene and create a "meta universe virtual image" have not been realized.

The virtual special data collection "block paradise" meta space, which has been online for several months, has only the function of displaying digital collections, and users lack real interaction. A user of the virtual special data collection said: "I've been to the block park a little bit. I feel very elementary. It's more a gimmick."

Some people in the industry also expressed doubts about the development of metauniverse by the digital collection platform. A person in charge of a blockchain enterprise said that the development of metauniverse involves many aspects. Like game development, it needs to understand the role identity, entertainment props, content creation, economic ecology and other aspects. The main advantage of digital collection enterprises is in the content copyright. They obviously lack experience in the development of game interactive scenes and are cautious about the development of metauniverse on some digital collection platforms.

Meta space: looking forward to the addition of data collection

It is not so easy to build and advance the meta space.

In December 2021, baidu officially launched the metauniverse product xirang, which opened the exploration of domestic metauniverse and provided 3D virtual scenes and digital spaces for governments, enterprises and brands.

In the past six months, the ecology of Xijiang has been constantly enriched. It has welcomed the first meta universe fashion show of Dior, the auction of Chen Danqing's print works, and the animation screening of Kaka tiger adventure. Famous brands and cultural and artistic works have held press conferences and built marketing spaces here.

Relying on the data collection platform of Baidu super chain, 42verse and Xiaodu Xunyu have also connected to Baidu xirang. 42verse has an exclusive plot in xirang yuan universe to create a digital cultural center for displaying digital collections. The collections purchased on the Xiaodu search platform can be synchronized to the digital library and backpack in the xirang yuan universe.

But the dispute has always been accompanied by the Greek soil. At the beginning of the launch, the phenomenon of "jam" and "drop" of "xirang" occurred from time to time. Baidu officials also admitted that there is still a distance between the current "xirang" and the far space we imagined.

But the meta space also needs digital collections.

On July 8, author Feng Tang's first digital collection "spring breeze is not as good as you in ten miles" was sold in Baidu xirang mall. The collection can realize multi-modal display in Baidu xirang yuan universe, with free transformation of plane and three-dimensional. The display mode of digital art works is more diversified.

It is reported that xirang mall is an important function of Baidu xirang recently. Its purpose is to bring the hot digital collections into the virtual space-time of the meta universe and create a new application scene and interactive experience for digital collections.

The person in charge of related business of Baidu xirang told chain news: "digital collections and the NFT technology applied by them are one of the core elements of metauniverse in terms of content innovation, user co creation, economic system, etc."

The person in charge of Baidu xirang business said that with the advent of the era of the meta universe, the meta universe has become an excellent carrier of digital collections, and bringing "digital collections" to the "meta universe" has also become a strong demand of many "co creators" of the meta universe and public users. The launching of digital collections in the universe will create conditions for accelerating the construction of the meta universe ecology and integrating the core technologies and new scenarios of the meta universe such as blockchain.

This idea of Baidu has been reflected overseas.

In March 2022, decentraland held the first meta universe fashion week, which attracted the participation of many global physical brands and digital fashion brands. Fashion brands have brought their own wearable NFT. The user can view the product rendering map, purchase these NFT fashion products, wear NFT on the virtual image, and obtain the real objects of fashion items.

In July, the "14th five year plan" for the development of Shanghai's digital economy was released, in which the "meta universe" was taken as an important content to promote the new digital infrastructure, and it was proposed that "we should encourage the creation of new platforms with more diversified content scenes, and cultivate new formats of digital entertainment consumption such as virtual concerts, virtual idols, and virtual sports." "Develop the blockchain business model, focus on the development of blockchain open source platform, NFT and other business models, and accelerate the exploration of digital transformation and digital technology applications in the fields of virtual digital assets, art, intellectual property, games and so on."

The above-mentioned person in charge of Baidu xirang business said: "the combination of digital collections and meta universe can also bring a positive and profound impact on artistic creation.

It is believed that the meta universe will promote the integration of virtual reality and human-machine cooperation in the field of artistic creation. It will not only bring "original" meta universe art, but also make the public more convenient and deeply participate in the creation, appreciation and circulation of art, and become the "co creator" of the whole meta universe world.

The future of Digital Library: breaking the stereotype of electronic pictures

What the meta universe can bring to digital collections is a question that everyone cares about.

The common answer of the aforementioned digital collection enterprises is to endow the digital collection with application and social attributes through the rich scenes of the meta universe.

The digital collection industry, as the first subdivision track of the domestic yuanuniverse, has experienced explosive growth in the past period of time. According to incomplete statistics of 01 blockchain and forechain, from the beginning of 2022 to June, the number of digital collections issued in China reached 15.3692 million, an increase of 551.67% over the previous month, and the total issuance reached 653 million yuan, an increase of 1735.16% over the previous month. However, according to the analysis of Dongwu securities, the total number of existing digital collection trading users in China is only about 3 million, and the growth rate of industry scale is greater than that of new users.

The rapid expansion of the market scale has led to some doubts about the digital collection.

In the stereotype of many people, digital collections are just small electronic pictures, which makes the market full of speculation and speculation. The uniqueness and clear ownership value based on blockchain technology have not been fully brought into play. As an important element of the meta universe, its immersive experience is far from enough.

Guo Menghao, head of zebra China, believes that the reason why most of the current digital collections look more like "electronic pictures" is in the final analysis the lack of use scenarios. This development mode will make the industry full of irrational speculation, and users do not really expect the value of the digital collections.

Guo Menghao said that as the target and value carrier of digital assets in the meta universe, the entertainment and social content and offline entity linkage value brought by digital collections in the interaction of the scene of the meta universe should be the future development goal.

"The supply of digital collections that can issue certificates on the chain is unlimited, but human emotional value and social activities are limited. The development of digital collections in the next stage should focus on providing these values." Zhang Yuanjie, co-founder of conflux, said.

Zhang Yuanjie believes that digital collection will have two new business directions to explore. One is to make digital collections around physical commercial brands, turn users into brand members and loyal fans, and let users participate in the process of joint creation and sharing of brands; The second is to create the original Web3 or NFT IP and reshape the brand-new digital IP to help the promotion and dissemination of the real economy.

However, as the first element in the meta universe, digital collections can not be rushed to meet new opportunities with the help of the meta universe, which is mainly restricted by the multiple underlying technologies needed to construct the meta universe.

A Technical Executive of a metauniverse startup company mentioned to chain news that there are still many difficulties to be solved in the implementation of metauniverse. For example, the efficiency of 3D modeling technology is low, and it is difficult to produce virtual assets on a large scale. At present, the computing power of terminal equipment is far from meeting the requirements of high-quality real-time rendering of large scenes.

Ma Jie, vice president of Baidu and head of Xilong, also mentioned that under the current network technology conditions, vision, hearing and interaction are the three mountains hindering the development of the meta universe, and the technical difficulties bring great challenges. The way to solve the problem of meta universe needs to break through a series of technical bottlenecks and strong basic technical capabilities.

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