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Nijisanji (hereinafter referred to as rainbow Club) has a new single player vtuber (virtual anchor) with a hundred days of original Salome. Within 14 days of its debut, the number of YouTube subscriptions exceeded 1 million (now more than 1.5 million), breaking the fastest million subscription record in the history of vtuber.

This is the third vtuber of rainbow club to reach one million fans. The growth rate of fans exceeds the amazing vox Akuma this year, which also makes this circle lively again.

Salome's initial letter of "barbecue (Chinese)" video hot review, source: station B

In the first live broadcast, the original Salome of one hundred full sky not only put the portrait of Tian Jiaolu, the president of rainbow club, on the loading page, but even took the initiative to "open the box". After the personal information has been coded in advance, it displayed its account page, resume, ID card, and even gastroscope photos. This also triggered a heated discussion in Japanese social media, and the number of subscriptions on that day exceeded 100000.

Source: Twitter

Salome has attracted many fans by virtue of her unique persona of the common people, her unique mouth habit (adding "desuwa" at the end of the sentence), her exquisite leather case, her high voice line and the role play that looks good.

Perhaps Salome's debut coincided with two major events: the official twitter account of rainbow Club broke through millions of fans and the parent company of rainbow club, anycolor, was officially listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Anycolor, which looks very popular, gradually shows its ambition.

Business composition of anycolor  

At present, there are two leading enterprises in the Japanese vtuber industry, cover (holoolive) and anycolor (Rainbow Society), and cover has achieved more outstanding results. Among the top ten vtubers in the total number of followers on the YouTube platform, in addition to the official account of hololive and the veteran vtuber, 8 are all under cover. It can be seen that the competition between the head vtubers is very fierce.

Source: user local

Perhaps affected by the traffic offensive of the major anchors of cover, anycolor chose to go public to accelerate the expansion of its own territory.

After the listing of anycolor, the market value of the company has exceeded 180 billion yen, which undoubtedly ignited a fire for the vtuber circle. However, it is unknown how long this fire will last.

According to its published prospectus, enterprise operation policy and data, anycolor was founded in May 2017, and its founder was Tian Jiaolu. At the age of 26, tankaku has built a virtual anchor kingdom with more than 100 vtubers. It is understood that he will be listed on Forbes Japan's "30 people under 30 who change the world" in 2020, and his assets have exceeded 120 billion yen.

The company has 206 employees and 107 vtubers (data as of January 31, 2022).

According to the company, vtuber's operation mainly consists of three aspects:

  • The role of vtuber interacts with users through live broadcast, improves audience participation, and expresses the "authenticity" of the role in combination with dynamic capture technology;
  • "People in the middle" means real people under the vtuber holster. They can move in the virtual world without considering their real appearance and life. Compared with the real people, the risk of personal privacy exposure is reduced;
  • The value of vtuber itself is similar to the role image and setting in animation, which can empower IP and realize commercialization, and further develop into advertising, commercial performance, TV programs and other fields.

Source: anycolor

The main business of anycolor is mainly vtuber's operation and planning rainbow club, which conducts live broadcast on YouTube platform to gradually expand the scope of vtuber activities. The company's business can be broadly divided into four categories:Online live broadcast, commercial sector (content sales, activity planning and management), advertising field, overseas business.

① Live streaming

Vtuber's holster, that is, after the character's appearance and character setting are completed, the company will release the recruitment revelation to the society, and select the appropriate middle person from the candidates who come to audition (as of the submission of the prospectus, more than 45000 people have come to apply, and the interview success rate is less than 1%).

On the basis of signing the business entrustment contract, the company will authorize the 2D / 3D image, name, social account, live broadcast tools (such as the 2D content creation tool using iPhone and the 3D content creation tool using oculus rift) required by vtuber activities to Zhongzhi for use. The company will provide various support for Zhongzhi.

The revenue of online live broadcast of anycolor mainly consists of three parts: Super chat, YouTube channel membership fee and Google Adsense advertising revenue, and its revenue is mainly from paid message (super chat).

② Commercial sector (content sales, activity planning and management)

Source: anycolor

Anycolor designs original products for the company's brand, and sells its vtuber sound digital content products (including season / activity / customized limited recording, digital album, etc.) and physical surroundings through the official store of rainbow society. In terms of interaction, rainbow Club launched the "Rainbow Club fan club" app in 2020 to provide services for communication between fans, fans and vtuber (some functions need to be paid).

Source: anycolor

In addition to content sales, anycolor will also organize offline activities, mainly virtual concerts based on music activities. Vtuber will perform on the stage in 3D images. Later, due to the impact of the epidemic, offline activities were changed to online activities. The virtual concert "Rainbow Club ar stage 'light up tones' held in 2021 also used AR technology.

③ Advertising

The revenue in the advertising field mainly includes commercial cooperative advertising, IP licensing and media performance (TV, magazines, etc.). If vtuber activities increase, vtuber's awareness and IP value will be improved, and future activities and performance opportunities will also increase. At the same time, anycolor also said that it would pay part of the income of the enterprise project to the people in China.

④ Overseas business

In the world, the current vtuber industry is still in its infancy, but the similarity between the Japanese animation industry and the vtuber industry is very high. Most of the vtuber fans are acgn (animation, comics, games, novels) enthusiasts. At present, the market size of the Japanese animation industry in overseas regions is estimated to be about 1.2 trillion yen (the data is from the 2021 animation industry report released by the Japan Animation Association), and the overseas market potential is huge.

Source: anycolor

In order to expand the overseas market, anycolor began to pay attention to going to sea, and carried out vtuber activities centering on the English circle and China. In the English circle, it carried out activities centered on the "nijisanji en" planning, and established a joint venture with station B in China. The joint venture participated in and operated the "virtuareal project" planning.

Accelerating the development of anycolor 

With the help of overseas markets, the vtuber business of anycolor has developed rapidly in the past two years.

In April 2020, the sales volume was 3.479 billion yen, the operating profit was 440 million yen (the operating profit rate was 1.3%), there were 99 vtubers, and the YouTube broadcast time was 270 million hours; In April 2021, the sales volume was 7.636 billion yen, the operating profit was 1.45 billion yen (the operating profit rate was 19.0%), there were 103 vtubers, and the YouTube broadcast time was 496 million hours. Sales and Youtube play time increased significantly, while operating profit margin also increased significantly.

Source: anycolor

Anycolor said that in the sales volume in April 2021, about 30% of the revenue was from the top 10 vtuber, and about 50% of the revenue was from the top 25 vtuber.

The above data are from the prospectus of anycolor. On May 17, ichikara, the parent company of rainbow society, announced that it was renamed as anycolor. Less than a month later, it was officially listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on June 8, becoming the first listed company in Japan with vtuber as its main business.

The successful expansion of the business led anycolor to plan to further expand its vtuber operation:

In the aspect of cultivation of middle school studentsAnycolor said that in order to bring more attractive, capable and popular vtuber to the audience, the company launched in 2021The virtual talent Academy (VTA) training college was opened to provide pre career training for the candidates of the middle school.

Source: anycolor

The training will be carried out around the improvement of the personal ability of the middle-aged people, and respect the development / activity direction expected by each middle-aged person. During the training, zhongzhiren will receive live broadcast training, voice and singing training, dance and movement training, how to communicate with fans, video editing and other training. In the training process, vtuber with excellent performance has the opportunity to make a debut first.

On the role image of vtuber, anycolor also intends to maintain balancePreviously, most of vtuber were female roles. In the future, anycolor has plans to increase the number of male roles. In addition, in consideration of more diversified vtuber images, the characteristics of the characters also need to be balanced. The characters to be released in the future may be artistic, Idol style, or comedy.

For the live broadcast of vtuber, anycolor will leave the live broadcast content to the people in China.On the other hand, considering that Zhongzhi people also need to maintain the interests of fans and constantly produce content, in order to reduce the creative burden of Zhongzhi people, the company can provide some live content support, including reaching cooperation with game companies and music companies to obtain content licenses such as live games and songs.

A reef under a giant ship 

There is no shortage of miracles and negative news in the circle of vtuber (including the negative news directly or indirectly caused by the behavior of the virtual anchor himself and the fan group): for example, Lauren iros, the anchor of rainbow news, once showed the information of the non copyright film in the live broadcast, which led to fans being attracted (originally referring to the flame burning upward, now refers to the collective criticism within a short time), and received a lot of criticism and accusations; After the luxiem group of rainbow Club en settled in station B, some fans of its members showed "fanatical pursuit of stars", which once caused a heated discussion

In view of the negative events in the current industry, anycolor listed several potential risks of the company and proposed its own solutions. Of course, this is also a problem that the entire vtuber industry needs to face.

Excessive "dependency" on platform and header vtuber

At present, the live broadcast activities of rainbow club mainly rely on YouTube platform to provide services. Once the platform service is terminated, most of the company's business will be difficult to continue. Anycolor believes that it is more important to stabilize fans. Therefore, it no longer relies solely on the video distribution platform and gradually establishes its own fan operation system (such as fan club of rainbow Club).

Rainbow club part head vtuber (image source: user local)

Anycolor is aware of its dependence on popular vtubers (it is mentioned above that about 50% of the revenue of rainbow club comes from top 25 vtubers) and the high difficulty of training vtubers. The strategy at this stage is to increase the number of vtubers in a stable manner while maintaining and increasing the popularity of the fan community.

On the one hand, vtuber may suspend / stop its activities (e.g. unable to renew its contract), or be affected by scandals, scandals and verbal attacks, or reduce vtuber activities due to the company's strategic adjustment, which will have an impact on the reputation and business development of vtuber or the company.

On the other hand, there are potential risks in controlling the live broadcast content. Anycolor will not interfere too much with the live broadcast content of vtuber, which will easily lead to problems in the live broadcast without audit. The reputation of the company, vtuber itself and its affiliates will decline, and there is a risk of litigation.

Hidden danger of reward for minors

On the issue of reward, a message earlier caused a heated discussion among netizens. Several vtubers of station B said that they received refund demands from minor users overnight. The system will deduct the live room consumption of the minor users from the income of the anchor (golden hamster, virtual currency used between station B and the anchor). Because the expenses deducted are not equal to the actual income, many vtuber said that as a "small V", they not only have little income, but also will bear a debt of tens of thousands of yuan.

Source: Network

In May this year, the central civilization office and other four departments jointly issued the opinions on standardizing online live broadcast rewards and strengthening the protection of minors. The opinions proposed that minors should be prohibited from participating in live broadcast rewards. Although there are explicit provisions, it is still difficult to control the consumption behavior of minors in the live broadcast room, and the corresponding regulations are expected to be further improved.

Regarding the reward for minors, although it is not explicitly prohibited by anycolor, it also restricts minors from giving rewards only with the consent of their parents.

Aggression by "extreme fans"

Who is paying for vtuber? I'm a fan. Fans' love for vtuber is the main driving force to promote the industry. Anycolor also intends to balance the relationship between vtuber and fans.

Anycolor believes that derivative works of official works make the fan community more vibrant, and sometimes support official products and "official colleagues". Some of the content is even based on two-way activities with fans and forms a new culture. To this end, a secondary creation guide has been formulated to encourage more excellent creation based on legal basis.

Source: anycolor

However, not all fans are friendly and friendly. In the face of the improper behavior of "extreme fans", anycolor established the "aggressive and defamatory behavior response team" in 2020 to collect feedback on defamation, privacy infringement, copyright infringement, threats (such as death threats), tracking staff and other behaviors, and take measures (warnings or prosecutions).

Vtuber is out of circles frequently. How long will it last?

This is a dynamic market, which not only has great room for growth in technology, but also combines VR / AR technology, dynamic capture technology, holographic technology, etc; There are also rich forms in the content, including the slices (clips) of the Chinese group, the stems and emoticons derived from the live broadcast, which are more conducive to the expansion of the circle; The same is true of Zhongzhi people. Everyone has a unique personal charm.

The premise of "going on" is that the industry needs to be more transparent and standardized, the company's risk awareness and crisis public relations ability need to be improved, the rights and interests of the people in the middle and the staff need to be protected, and the reasonable demands of fans need to be respected

As long as the stage is still there will always be people who will continue to shine.

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Prospectus of rainbow Society:

Salome initial distribution video:

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